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  2. Judge Neil Gorsuch. The left is determined to deny president Trump a second and third nomination. The alternative was___________ . Interesting times.
  3. I wonder if no-hitter/perfect game odds are posted anywhere.
  4. Welcome. Do you know this guy? Neighbor? Buddy?
  5. The entire Ubaldo debacle has continued far too long. Big Dan and Peter Angelos need to suck it up and release him.
  6. Yes, he should be sent to the free agent market. I have no doubt he'll still hurt this team more in the long run than help them...
  7. An outsider...YES....and idiot NO. I don't like the idea of leaks...not one bit. BUT seeing as how real information coming from our so called leaders ALL is far an few between. Well as I see it. In a few years we more than likely would be converting dollars to rubles and the oligarchy would be official in the US. When/what was the last (or the first for that matter) legitimate verifiable fact that has come out of the White House. Other than they found the light switches? And they fired some cruz missles.
  8. Yanks won today so ummm yeah
  9. From I have seen, you sure do your share amount of trolling .
  10. Best thing I've heard all day!
  11. Saw this on the news. Man goes off on guy speaking to his mother in Spanish.
  12. No Jim Hunter? There is a God!
  13. Time will tell? Bwahahaha. good one.
  14. You would think, wouldn't you? But clearly, you don't think.
  15. The comment makes sense to normal people. She was saying there was no reason to visit dictators and potentates first. It makes no sense even if the countries were visited in alphabetical order. It looks especially bad given these are the folks that brought us 9/11. It's a terrible message to our allies or to democratic countries in general. That aside, I find it surprising the classless pig didn't visit Putin first.
  16. "Trump made it clear during his weekend speech in Saudi Arabia that the United States would not allow human rights concerns to bog down cooperation with authoritarian governments. “We are not here to lecture,” Trump said Sunday before an audience of about 50 political leaders of Muslim nations, many of which are led by strongmen. “We are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do..." "The United States has now signed up for Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy — a relentless series of battles against Shiites and their allies throughout the Middle East. That will enmesh Washington in a never-ending sectarian struggle, fuel regional instability and complicate its ties with countries such as Iraq that want good relations with both sides. But most important, it will do nothing to address the direct and ongoing threat to Americans — jihadist terrorism. I thought that Trump’s foreign policy was going to put America first, not Saudi Arabia."
  17. Game is on Fox. No Thorne malapropisms!
  18. You'd think she'd know without having to check right from the get-go, rush or no rush.
  19. Show me evidence from someone other "anonymous sources"... have charges filed and a trial and I would agree with you. So far this looks like a tit for tat between the media and the administration. Not surprised at the Dems doing what they are doing as the republican ( I am one) did to president Obama, but this "people close to the investigation", as told to by a "friend of a friend" bs is hurting the country. The establishment and MSM do not believe an outsider like this should be in the whitehouse. Time will tell.
  20. The "point" is that is was so named in 1912. Attitudes and opinions of both Custer and native Americans were much different then than they are today. Wouldn't you agree?
  21. You're lying, saying that Trump told dictators that they could do what they want and fueled violence and terrorism. You're also avoiding addressing the FACT that Nancy Pelosi just spit out a bunch of gibberish that revealed unorganized thought and made no sense whatsoever no matter how you try to spin it. So yeah, I'm not really complaining about Pelosi, the leader of the Democratic Party minority, but pointing out that she seems genuinely out of it and unable to put together a coherent response and doesn't seem to know what in the world she thinks she's talking about. She's getting worse and it might very well be age-related. That was pure gibberish that poured out of her mouth.
  22. See that is the problem. Years ...not days or weeks. Lets say you or I worked for IBM....we decided it might not be a bad idea to link up with HP behind the to speak. You may not really do anything wrong (transferring docs, diagrams etc.). And IBM found out.....if you don't think that the hammer of Thor would not have fallen on your head from are sadly mistaken. See that is the point and the festering pimple that gets worse and worse everyday. Joe-six pack screws up he gets punished almost immediately. The thems .....well it seems almost never. I truely hope that justice will be served and he has a nice big cell room-mate whose name is Bubba. BTW that name can apply to both races. Figured I cut that path off at the root.
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