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  2. LOL by George I think you've got it. That all makes a lot of sense.
  3. I agree with that. I think the way the NFL ranks defenses is misleading. The Patriot's defense is based on allowing 17 points or less. They don't care about yardage. They figure their offense is good for over 20 points so if their defense does it's job and allows 17 points or less, they win. In 18 games this year they were held to 20 or less points only twice. After the first 4 games, in which their defense was truly bad giving up over 30 three times, the defense gave up over 17 points only twice more in the regular season and once more giving up 20 to the Jags in the playoffs. Yet, by yardage standards, they are ranked 29 out of 32 teams.
  4. OK, some advice: when an article by a hyperpartisan like this woman{C6FC983D-8534-46D0-BF2C-7606617CDECF} references a report (2014 WH report) but provides no link to that report, red flag. Look at the actual report.
  5. So you’re saying Donald Trump’s Justice Department is rife with corruption? If they committed all these supposed crimes, why isn’t Jeff Sessions doing anything about it?
  6. Why do "some folk" insist on abusing the English language for some sort of dramatic cultural effect? It diminishes their perhaps otherwise valid arguments. Is it a Negroid denial mentality?
  7. Please provide proof, your word just will not cut it or your wishful thinking, but it does fit your agenda
  8. It passed the Dem controlled House but died in the Dem controlled Senate In 2013, a broader immigration deal passed in the Dem controlled Senate and didn’t even get voted on in the Repub controlled House. That’s why I don’t have much confidence that Congress will pass any significant immigration reforms anytime soon...
  9. They agreed to spend the next two weeks negotiating DACA and the Senate has until Feb 8 to bring it up for a vote. I don’t think Schumer would’ve rejected that offer had it come up last week. Trump acted like he wanted to negotiate DACA as part of the CR deal then backed off.
  10. According to the article in the link he has not been deported. It sounds like he has some good arguments to present when he goes before an immigration judge. Let's hope that good sense takes over in this man's case and he is permitted to retain his green card status.
  11. Oh they did something, they failed.
  12. What was the difference between the deal dems agreed to and the one they rejected other than a verbal agreement to discuss DACA?
  13. That’s fine. I was just pushing back against the often repeated claim that Dems did nothing on Immigration when they were in control of Congress.
  14. Do you have a link to that? Every republican I saw interviewed said they agreed to take it up on the floor, I saw nothing about a guaranteed vote. I hope you're right, I'm just saying I haven't seen that.
  15. How do you know that? Esau had a soul, didn't he? Read the biblical descriptions of Esau and how Jacob disguised himself to fool their blind father to steal Easu's inheritance. Some believe that Esau's descendants, the Edomites, were what we now refer to as "Bigfoot". .
  16. That's what I said, Dems dropped the ball.
  17. Come on Ken. You know that the deal they agreed to yesterday would’ve been agreed to last week if Trump didn’t want to shut down the government. Both sides are playing politics. The republicans just have a better hand because they control the White House and Congress.
  18. They got in in public, from the leader on the Senate floor.
  19. CHIP is a good thing so I'm not mad about that. My point was dems got nothing from the shut down. CHIP was already there.
  20. Red State Dems voted against it. I do think the politics have changed enough over the past 7 years that the Dream Act would easily get 60 votes in the Senate now
  21. That's essentially the foundation of Trumpist thought.
  22. FCS -- FBS , no relevance to HIGH SCHOOL football. What, you wanna 20 team high school playoff or 4 team pick for a national high school championship....
  23. Sessions pulled in front of investigators last week. Hope someone kept count of the "I don't recalls".
  24. It's the moron left wingers who truly think they are superior. Only the "progressives" know what's best for everyone, as viewed through their prism.
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