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  2. YOU brought up minority status. NYC isn't a completely Democrat or black controlled city like Baltimore, so instead of insulting maybe try to find a more comparable example. Baltimore hasn't been thriving for years. We're not talking about countries either. We're talking about cities and your comment where you said it'll be interesting. Now you're upset because I gave you a perfect example and you can't deny it.
  3. The fact that political expression is not generally protected is true but not the point. The point is that once you state that the holders of political expression must be accommodated, a precedent is being set, not just for the holders of other political expression but for the expression itself. Hence, the scenario of a Jewish owned print company being forced to print Neo-Nazi posters.
  4. Exactly, she’s pretty obvious. The reality as I posted in another thread is that NY turned it around by focusing on keeping repeat criminals locked up longer. The Baltimore leadership needs to get that.
  5. Is it a fact that the city is in crisis because it is run by people of color?
  6. Political expression is generally not protected. Just pointing out it's not just Trump supporters who could be shown the door.
  7. Glad someone is watching. Read the book. Amazing.
  8. Agree. Hogan has more in common with old school Democrats that used to lean moderate to conservative than he does with today's Republican Party of Trump but you'd have to be a Marylander to understand that. I'm waiting to see who will be the first candidate to use KevKam's "MY JOB IS TO TALK AND YOUR JOB IS TO LISTEN" video in the campaign.
  9. Michael Avenatti just got another gift from Trump and Fox and Friends.
  10. Baltimore sucks because the people in charge suck. From mayor down to the trash collector. It also doesn't help that many of its citizens also suck. NYC is thriving and has been for years. Countries with one-party stranglehold governments are thriving. You're hung up on the color of people's skin, not the fact that they all suck at their job, but maybe you think they all suck at their job BECAUSE they're black.
  11. Could be problematic, but then should printing services be forced to create posters for political parties or philosophies they oppose? Should a Jewish owned printing service be forced to print Neo Nazi posters?
  12. There’s nothing wrong with a mobile qb as long as he’s not run first. Russell Wilson averages over 500 yards rushing per season.
  13. Actually this is the most sensible post that has appeared here. In my experience very few physicians have good management skills, whether in a small office setting or in a large organization. The relatively small number of M.D.'s that pursue education (such as economics, personnel management, a good MBA program, etc) as opposed to concentrating solely on medical training means that very few physicians are equipped to run a business of any sort. This particular nominee was a poor choice for this reason before all of the accusations (whether valid and proven or not) about his persona were even mentioned. What I find unfortunate is that the focus of his lack of qualification moved so quickly away from that reality and into the personal attack and mudslinging mode, aimed more at making the nominator look bad (perhaps deservedly so) than the nominee. The lesson to be learned here is that any future nominee by Trump for just about anything would be well advised to decline the "honor" in order to avoid similar exposure of any possible part of their prior life that is less than angelic.
  14. Let's see, McNabb, Vick, Steve Young
  15. Zito is leaving JC? He was only there for a couple years. Byers and Gulekin coming back so they could be ok. Is he headed for The Hall?
  16. We already have a Dez, his name is Crabtree.
  17. They didn't have a bad showing. 3 SB's, one win. Should have been two. Could have easily been 3.
  18. You know why you left the city too if you ever lived there. I guarantee you won't be moving back anytime soon if you did. Many of the city's biggest defenders admire and defend it from a safe distance outside the city line. Some are even biding their time until they can admire it from across the state line. Name one that is controlled to the same extent as Baltimore, with policies in place along with race and gender-specific departments created, and I'll consider whether Baltimore is a fluke.. Baltimore's policies are Democrat policies. Meanwhile, I stand by my comment that Baltimore is THE perfect model of a city run by and for Democrats as a one party government when it comes to government at all levels, schools, quality of education. What makes Baltimore unique is the demographic breakdown and the lack of diversity in its schools and crime statistics. The OP comment was that it's going to be interesting when minorities become the majority and take control. I gave a perfect example and you and several others are now confused because you know you won't agree and have a difficult time admitting that Baltimore's problems stem in no small part from dysfunction in the family unit and dysfunction in its government and leadership.
  19. They have Jordan Matthews, younger and probably better at this point in their career. Dallas certainly did him no favors waiting to cut him this late.
  20. Apparently the Don just exposed another one of his lies while talking to his Fox buddies...he now says Cohen did represent him in the Stormy deal.
  21. It needs no alert. It's stupid on contact. Me thinks Gweeds went into a food coma after too much Pioneer pit beef.
  22. As they should. The so called "Red Sox Nation" evaporates pretty quickly when they aren't at the top. Or when they switch to being Yankees fans.
  23. I don't think Cali should secede nor be allowed to secede. I believe in state rights (as long as it doesn't involve slavery or any other barbaric methods of gov't), and if they want to do what they do, fine, but they also have to observe federal laws as well, which applies to immigration. Guido made jokes about rotating statues based on the beliefs of the people in charge, but what you're suggesting and supporting via the CSA is a rotating list of states in the USA based on whatever they feel at the moment.
  25. I get it, but what confuses me, and maybe I need to read more about the though process and logic that exists, is the anger towards Lincoln and the North. Slavery needed to end, even if it happened in a way that impeded on the south state rights, or whatever other reasons southern sympathizers say the war was about, and why the north was evil. Is slavery not evil? Are state rights more important than the rights of slaves? What if Texas or Arizona started enslaving illegal aliens, their economy boomed, and they wanted to break away from the USA? How would that play out now? Would it still be about state rights and denying them their "natural right" of government of choice? Would the President who went to war with them be a tyrant?
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