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  3. Well, let's say you are right. The NFL is made up of 32 owners who participate in a revenue sharing program. It is in everyone's best interest for the NFL brand to be as successful as it can be. The NFL gets over a billion dollars league wide in television revenue each year. The players, by contract, are allocated a share of that money under the salary cap. That cap not only limits teams on how much they can spend on player salaries, there is also a minimum cap amount to prevent teams from simply not paying players to reap a profit. The networks pay that money to the NFL because they know millions of fans will be tuned in for every game. They profit by selling advertising to cover and exceed the money spent on the NFL contract. The advertisers pay the money based on the fact that they know their product commercials will be seen by those millions of fans every week. Anything that hurts the brand and might cause viewership to decline causes advertisers to cut back on their NFL visibility. That in turn causes networks to not want to engage in those billion dollar broadcasting rights. That means less revenue for each team, and less of a cap for salary expenditure. So owners have a right to be concerned about anything that might cause a decline in viewership. If Kapaernick was blackballed, it wasn't because of what he did. It was because what he did resonated with the fans in a negative way. He brought it on himself. He could have been an activist for his cause in a way that wasn't as detrimental to the business of which he was a part. He chose not to and now he faces a landscape that includes 32 owners who are concerned about declining ratings. Actions have consequences. He chose to do what he did, now maybe he is paying for it.
  4. I don't necessarily believe he should resign unless there is a huge movement in Minnesota for him to do so. That's up to the people in that state to decide. As for congress, I doubt there will be a big deal made of it because like you said, there are probably a lot of people from both parties sweating it out that some of there past indiscretions don't see the light of day. I would be very surprised if the great majority of people holding elective office don't have things like this in their past that they want to keep buried. It's what politicians as a whole are these days. If you actually have a clean, honest one, hold on to them. It would be a rarity.
  5. That's ridiculous. Did the GOP put this picture out? If they did, and it was from that long ago, why not bring it up when he ran for senate? As I recall, he won in 2008 by a very slim count. That picture would have probably caused him to lose. Why not use it then? It came out now because the woman in the picture wanted it out. The Franken picture has nothing to do with Roy Moore. His fate will be decided by the voters in Alabama. The Franken picture doesn't in any way excuse Ray Moore for what he did in the past. Franken's fate will be determined by the voters in Minnesota. But I'm not going to feel sorry for Franken on the premise that he was simply called out to take attention away from someone else. The picture is there and he has to answer for it. If the people of Minnesota feel that it doesn't matter to them, so be it.
  6. The difference being Rice was a football player employed by the Ravens at the time. If there was a video from his college days of him doing something similar, do you think he would still have been released? Of course not. I still think he learned from it and is a good person overall. That's more than I can say about other players who have done much worse but were still allowed to play. Now the Franken picture admittedly was in bad taste, but there is no reason to believe he touched her - it's clear he was just mucking; finally, it happened in the days when it was his job to be cutting edge funny and offensive. This pic has also been around for a long time. Why was it brought up now? It was brought up so the GOP can now go ahead and use false equivalencies so their pedophile can be elected.
  7. Shepard Smith has never impressed me, and there are still many unanswered questions. How much were the donations to the Clinton Foundation after the deal was approved, and who were they from? How many speeches did Bill do? Blame Benghazi on a YouTube video? On the 11th anniversary of 9/11? No anticipation of acts of violence on that date? Right. The SOS got caught with her pants down, and Americans died needlessly. Softball investigations with a Democratic Party paid for, and in her pocket. Where there's smoke, there's fire. In her case, I'd say a bit of brimstone too. Please excuse me, I need a shower after thinking about the Clintons so much.
  8. There certainly is. Most people don't even watch the debate because they know that the answers will usually be rehashed talking points. I certainly don't waste my time on them. Rigging elections with help from another country is way worse.
  9. I have no "friends" who are actually total strangers. Who they "say" they are on social media, I take with a grain of salt.
  10. Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill Could Be Worse Than We Thought Kent Moeckly, a nearby land owner and member of the Dakota Rural Action Group, told VICE News he’s concerned that the spill could be much larger though, in large part because the computers used to detect oil pressure drops don’t always detect small leaks. “Transcanada thought it was 200,000 gallons. What we found out working with Transcanada, it could very well be 600,000 gallons,” Moeckly said. His concerns aren’t unfounded. After the last major Keystone oil spill in South Dakota in April 2016, Transcanada revised it’s initial estimate of the spill from 187 gallons to 16,800 gallons after the company started digging up the field where the spill occurred. Because diluted bitumen is so dense, it seeps into the soil and river beds rather than rising like conventional, lighter crude, potentially masking the full spill. In 2010, when over 800,000 gallons of tar sands oil spilled into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, the clean-up took nearly three years and cost the company in charge, Enbridge, over $1 billion, making it one of the most expensive clean-ups in history. Enbridge also had to pay over $60 million in civil penalties for violating of the Clean Water Act, which the Trump administration wants to dismantle. That could make spills less costly for oil companies like Transcanada but more expensive for landowners and communities.
  11. Is that legal? And who pays the check?
  12. 4A West #4 Quince Orchard 31 #10 Northwest 20 This rivalry may not rank among the longest in Maryland, but it does rank among one of its fiercest. This battle for Gaithersburg began 20 years ago, shortly after Northwest opened its doors, and 40+ years after then Gaithersburg Coach John Havrill began his legendary career at Gaithersburg, before the suburban sprawl. Havrill won over 300 games, and won 4 state championships for the Trojans before hanging up the whistle in '99, after 50+ years in the game. Since then, the G has been all about Quince Orchard and Northwest. Over the last 14 years, one of the two has been in the state final, and in four them, one of them has won it. As for this region, one of these two have won the last 6 4A West regional championships. This rivalry started in earnest shortly after the turn of the century, when a sophomore quarterback took the reigns at Northwest by the name of Ike Whitaker. By the time Whitaker was a senior, he was a veteran of the rivalry, winning a 21-14 slugfest before taking the Jags to the state title, with Coach Randy Trivers. In 2006, the two played in their first playoff game, after Northwest beat Quince Orchard, 19-7, in the regular season. In the inaugural playoff matchup between the two, the Jags jumped out to a 35-0 lead in the first 21 minutes of play, thanks to 3 first half turnovers by the Cougars, leading to 21 points. The Jaguars would cruise to a 56-35 victory. Josh Volpe threw his 31st and 32nd touchdown passes. The Jags would go on to meet Sherwood in a All-MoCo state semifinal, falling 27-24 to Deontay Twyman and the Warriors, with Volpe throwing his first pick of the season. In '07, the Cougars stopped the Jags 6 game streak, dropping their arch rival 41-12, in their regular season and only meeting, on their way to their second state championship, coming back from 23-7 down to Arundel, before winning 36-30 in one of the wildest state finals in MPSSAA history. The Cougars scored 29 4th quarter points. The two didn't meet again in the playoffs until 2012, when the Cougars won their 6th and 7th in a row over the Jags, winning 24-10 in the regular season, and blowing their nemisis out in the post-season, 41-7. The Cougars would go on to the state final, losing to Wise, 12-7. 6 straight for the Jags, then 7 straight for the Cougars. In '13, the Cougars carried their streak as well as a 8-0 record into their week 9 matchup, before Mark Pierce threw 4 TDs and the Jags broke up the Cougars streak and removed them from the undefeated. In the regional final, the Jags completed a two game season sweep at the Cougar Dome, as Matt Watson ran for 3 TDs. The Jags would go on to win their second state championship, beating Suitland, 9 years after Whitaker (Va Tech), Tony Nelson (Clemson), and Derrick Brownlee (West Virginia) won it all. In '14, it was the Jaguars who came in 8-0, before the Cougars flipped the script and took a 42-14 halftime lead in the week 9 matchup, before settling in on a 52-27 victory. But then, in the regional final, the Jags EJ Lee took the first carry from scrimmage 73 yards for a touchdown and the Jags went on to a 28-21 victory, and a back-to-back regional title over their heated rival. That back-to-back wasn't the end of it, as the Jags took home the 4A state title for a second year in a row, topping Old Mill, 34-31, in the state final. In '15, things see-sawed again between the regular season and the playoff games, with Quince Orchard winning easy in round one, 28-7, and headed into their 4th straight regional title game with Northwest having won 10 straight, with a +37.1 point differential. For the second time in the rivalry, the two produced a 90 point game, with Northwest winning, 50-40, and for the third straight year over their arch rival. Quince Orchard had a 21-7 lead, when sophomore Doc Bonner took a 71 yard run to the house. Pierce brought Northwest back and tied the game at 21 with a 70 yard pass play to Ibrahim Konate. Bonner, who finished with 206 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns, gave the Cougars a 33-28 lead with a touchdown run heading into the fourth quarter. Pierce hit sophomore Alphonse Foray for a 34 yard TD, and the Jags retook the lead, 36-33. Cougars countered with a TD of their own - 40-36, QO. Then, Pierce produced some more heroics, keeping a game-winning drive alive on a 4th down in his own territory. The Jags added to their 43-40 lead after Sam Pagella intercepted a Bonner pass and returned it to the Cougars 1, before punching it in. The Jags went on to lose to Wise, 37-15, in the semis. Pierce finished 11-1 in his playoff career as the Jags signal caller. Last year, the Cougars won their 9th game in their last 10 regular season meetings v the Jags, 24-21, and Northwest was upset in the first round by Robert Montgomery, after beating the Rockets by 35 in the regular season, preventing a 5th straight regional final matchup. The Cougars lost to, guess who, Wise, 42-7, in the state final. 16 days ago, the Cougars raced out to a 31-17 halftime lead over the Jags, after trailing 17-7, scoring 24 unanswered points in the half. The Cougars went on to win, 38-29, as Bonner rushed for 84 yards and 2 scores, and hit on 7 of 9 passes and a score, and giving the Cougars a 11-10 overall edge since Whitaker first took snaps for the Jags. Last night, the Jags ran out to a 13-0 lead before losing their lead and their quarterback, Chris Craddock, who left in a wheelchair. Quince Orchard took a 14-13 lead with 10 seconds to go in the first half, and a 17-14 lead on a 35 yard FG midway through the third. The Jags countered with a TD, putting them up, 20-17. A 75 yard pass play from Bonner put the Cougars up again, and for good, before settling on a 31-20 victory, snapping the Jags 3 game regional final hold. Bonner (Dartmouth), who, like Whitaker, started behind center in this rivalry as a sophomore, finished 4-1 against the Jags in his 3 year career, accounting for 927 yards and 14 touchdowns. Juwan Farri, who was also playing in his 5th game in the rivalry, rushed for 125 yards and a score for the Jags. The Cougars have unfinished business to tend to, but for early birds, tickets for next year's regional final game between the Cougars and Jaguars are on sale now.
  13. Interesting findings.
  14. Take a look at KSP, it's really Fun & it Hooked me. With the MechJeb autopilot plug in it's much easier to get around the Solar System with the Docking & Refueling. You learn to build these Humongous ships by Trial & Error with all the Staging and what not to get progressively larger ships just into Orbit, then refuel and get to the Mun (Moon) and then outer planets. Takes Time though, you'll spend a good Hour just getting to the Mun & back even with the Fast Forward that you have to keep an eye on or Overshoot. It really Hooked me for the last 3-4 years but they Upgraded it and I just can't get it to work on this New PC I got like it worked on my older one. You Learn by Trial & Error what Works for you and Doesn't! It's Fun!
  15. I don't think Roethlisberger is done, but he clearly can't do what he did 10 years ago. His arm strength and accuracy long range is not what it was. A lot like Tom Brady. Brady can still dissect a defense, but he isn't going to beat you 30 yards down field very often anymore. He gets a lot of YAC. I think the problem with Pittsburgh is more that they really don't seem to know what kind of offense they want to be. One game they will feed the ball to Bell 30 times, the next game Roethlisberger is throwing it 40 times. If I were Todd Haley, I would use the up tempo, no huddle offense to open the game where the plays are already scripted, try and get the early lead, and then use a heavy dose of Bell the rest of the way. Pittsburgh seems to want to be one offensive team in one game, another in the next and I don't think that helps give them any kind of continuity. As for comparing Roethlisberger to Flacco, it's not really fair. Roethlisberger reads through his receiver progressions much quicker than Flacco, he seems to have a knack for finding an open man no matter who it is. That's why Pittsburgh's stat sheet after a game shows a lot of different receivers being targeted and getting catches. Flacco has much better accuracy and arm strength down field. Some of the long passes that Roethlisberger misses on would be TDs if Flacco were throwing them. Where it is unfair is that Roethlisberger has a set of receivers that get separation, and work back to the ball if the play extends. Flacco has nothing like that to work with. His receivers are pathetic at getting open, and once the rout is done they don't give much help. I can't imagine Roethlisberger doing much more with the Raven's than Flacco has. A QB needs the talent around him to be successful. The Raven's simply don't have that. Oh, and by the way, the receivers have to catch the ball also. Look at the last drive Pittsburgh had to win the game last Christmas day. Roethlisberger threw a high pass to Eli Rogers on a crossing route that he went up and came down with. That was mostly Rogers making a play. By comparison Flacco throws passes that hit people like Perriman between the numbers and they end up being dropped or turned into interceptions. Unless the Ravens find a way to bring in some competent play makers I don't know how Flacco will ever look any better than he does now.
  16. Benghazi? Seriously? 11 investigations AND one being Republican finds no wrongdoing. Shepard Smith debunked the uranium deal. You have not substantiated any of your claims.
  17. What kind of idiot cheers the to have extremely inexperienced, unfit people in our countries highest positions.
  18. for you and those of your ilk who want to take the country back to pre-civil war times.....why expect a president to appoint judges with experience when he can fill the courts with do realize judges can be impeached? so given the paucity of this one judges experience, he will eventually do something stupid enough to be removed...he's already proven he is a liar, which makes him perfect for the current circus that passes for the current administration...why have judges that display any modicum of integrity?
  19. Take your pick. Exposing the SOS email correspondences via a private (and hacked) server. Manipulation of the Democratic Party to gain the nomination. Cheating during Presidential debates. Money laundering with the Clinton Foundation (nice wedding, Chelsea! Where did all that money go for the Haitian earthquake relief?). Don't forget Benghazi or the Russian uranium deal. I'm sure there's more.
  20. I don’t think what Franken did is the same as physically assaulting someone. However, if there are other women who have similar stories about him then he should resign or at least announce that he won’t seek re-election. I admit that I’m not really sure the best way for Congress to handle this kind of thing. There likely are other Congressmen in both parties with similar sexual harassment issues. If the offense happened before the person went to Congress I’m not sure if resignation should automatically apply.
  21. Thing is...Once Trump gets briefed on logistics, the first chance he gets he brags to the press like he knows something that others don't know and it comes out like "It's a big ocean." He's such a dag-gummed fool.
  22. ? They will likely vote for a dem. Most are dems and on top of which Trump blew this disaster relief. He actually had a record of doing well at this going until he forgot PR is a US Commonwealth and it’s citizens are US Citizens
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