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  2. Lineup shuffle = malaise
  3. Ahain, who is for open Borders? How can intelligent conversation proceed when such useless rhetoric is Involved? This man was recently deported. "Roberto Beristain arrived to the United States in 1998 through a Mexican border crossing, Ansari said. Helen Beristain told WSBT they met in a restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ...Their family quickly grew from raising a child from a previous marriage to sharing three children, all US citizens.He didn't seek legal residency through his marriage because he was afraid it would require him to go back to Mexico for some time, Beristain said. ...For the last few years, Beristain had been working as a cook in Eddie's Steak Shed in Granger, Indiana, Ansari said. In January, he became the restaurant's owner. "He has employment authorization," said Ansari. "For five years he had been voluntarily showing up at the ICE office in Florida, where his immigration attorney lives. This year when he flew down to Florida, he was sent back to Indiana. He drove to the ICE office in Indianapolis and that is where he was detained." From Indianapolis, Ansari said, Beristain bounced between detention facilities -- Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas -- making it more difficult for his attorneys to file legal motions in one jurisdiction. Then on Wednesday, as his legal team was expecting a ruling, they got the news: ICE had deported him to Juarez in the middle of the night." (Emphasis mine) Is this the kind of person we want our government spending it's time and resources on?
  4. That's simply not true... the majority of the undocumented here are folks who at some point came here legally and then just overstayed. So ti's very possible for someone to be here and have a job or run a successful business without having a stolen identification
  5. I had several county kids in my classes at poly a course when I went ......
  6. Yeah but ya know whats facts
  7. It's so complicated, thats why the best our "leadership" can provide is "build a wall!" Or leave illegal residents alone. The details you and others have brought up are beyond the intellect and moral abilities of our elected officials. (to be honest, they reflect our standards as well) As for breaking up families, yes that suks. But that argument is rarely brought up when it comes to our homegrown badguys. Folks like Hst are against deporting illegal residents if they "have a job, or run a successful business". The only way thats even possible, is by using stolen identification. Since 1998, thats a federal crime. Nice illegal residents get a pass? If I stole Hst's identity and booked a cruise, he'd likely want me charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent, and who would walk my dog? People commit felonies every day, they get sentenced and serve time, and we have no problem with their families being torn apart. Little concern on that front for actual US citizens....and rightly so. Every illegal resident knows, and lives under that cloud, back of the mind, knowing they are violating this country's laws, every second of every day. As a country, we need to establish a base. We're either a sovereign nation with citizenship requirements, or we're not. I think open borders would be a terrible fail, but let the masses decide. We are not moving forward with any sort of plan for either reality.
  8. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.
  9. DJ my boy an I were talking about this the other day. I was telling him back in my day the capital all star game was the biggest. But is the McD game an the Jordan all star game the same thing? Don't follow like I use to.
  10. Ohhhh not a real factoid....just journalist spouting off. Got it. Actually it would nice to have some real substatiated facts. We'll find out.....dang you have such a way with nailed it. KIDDING. Seems the biggest complaint I am hearing is people are being thrown out of years maybe decades old routines. And that is not unusual, humans don't like change unless there is immediate positives for them with little effort. So like you said....We'll find out. I did glance at the 'maps etc.' seems to make a heck of a lot more sense than what I tried reading and gave up several years ago. But honestly, from you experience....what do you think.
  11. Before i call BS id like for you to show me wjere you and i have ever agreed on patience regarding the team
  12. What did we do before the internal combustion engine? That make motorcycles go vooommm vooooom. One horse power....was that better should we have stayed with that? Same t thing.
  13. 3-3 in the mid 5th!
  14. I did not say that I condoned their illegal actions. I said that I didn't want them deported. There are other remedies. With your line of reasoning, we may assume that you would have supported sending runaway slaves back to bondage. They were law breakers as well.
  15. Smith, RF Machado, 3B Schoop, 2B Jones, CF Trumbo, DH Mancini, 1B Castillo, C Rickard, LF Janish, SS Bundy, RHP Smith, CF Dickerson, DH Longoria, 3B Morrison, 1B Souza, RF Ramos, C Peterson, LF Beckham, SS Robertson, 2B Faria, RHP
  16. Hi Ken We don't care about the cost or the taxes, our plan is a beach place in OCNJ, and it's really just to escape the density here, and the stuff that comes with living 10 min. from an urban center. I want to bich about the tourists in the summer, and enjoy the peace of a coastal town the rest of the year. Until we're killed by a hurricane. That place floods bad in a thunderstorm.
  17. Only 3 runs so far today!
  18. What are the chances that Quickley and Jalen Smith will be McDAA's?
  19. Today
  20. And it does have an edgy charm. Anyone thats been going to OCMD for more than a decade knows exactly what the deal is, and how the town has evolved, for better or worse. There's some grungy, but if you check out the available boardwalk live cams, it's tons of people enjoying themselves. We've been tree times this year, very nice. Off season. Ocean front, balcony rooms can be had very cheap in the off months, and most businesses are open year round. We're bikers, and off season just works best, with the reduced crowds. We love an empty winter beach.
  21. It was in the OP. The last sentence in the quote. I was down for two nights, Sunday - Tuesday. I was interviewed on Channel 2 news: The guy with the hat, "We'll find out" @ 1:45.
  22. Wrong guy. I'm paying for a house in Delaware as we speak. Not because of high city taxes, but because Maryland taxes retirement income. When I decide to retire, I'm out.
  23. I've said it a thousand times. DD needs to go.
  24. That's like saying a mechanic is really good except he sucks at assembling engines. It makes him a bad mechanic.
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