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  2. They do not say only black lives matter. That is a blatant untruth. Black Lives matter movement only has a problem with All Lives Matter when it is used to diminish the meaning of Black Lives Matter. All Lives didn't matter during Slavery, post slavery, the early 1900s, during Jim Crow Laws, the Nixon era, the Reagan and elder Bush years. All lives don't matter in the trump years.
  3. Of course not but your statement bears no resemblence to the hypothetical i laid out or the circumstances involving trump campaign operatives and russian intelligence agents
  4. Ross Grimsley on The Fan criticized Weiters a lot for the way he handled the pitchers. I trust his opinion. On another note Caleb Joseph has not gotten enough credit for what he's done this season. He'd get my vote for top 3 for team MVP.
  5. Add to the list below Jeremy Hellickson and Jason Vargas (currently third in the AL in ERA). Miggy is also a free agent after this season, but unfortunately for him, is not having a particularly good year thus far.
  6. Here's a better comparison, although this speaker doesn't ramble so much.
  7. UPDATE 7/24: Here's a list of dates I'm still missing (doesn't necessarily mean a school is open this week, might just be missing the game from the schedule): - Calvert Hall: Weeks 8,10 - Loyola: Weeks 9,10 - Annapolis Area Christian: Week 4 - Mount Carmel: Weeks 1,4 - Fort Hill: Week 6 - Northern Garrett: Week 5 - Dunbar: Week 5 - Benjamin Franklin: Week 1 - FAET: Week 1 - Southwestern: Week 1 - Sparrows Point: Week 7 - Central Maryland Christian (Home School): Weeks 0,8 - Maryland Christian (Home School): Weeks 7,9 - Hancock: Week 9 - North Hagerstown: Week 1 - SEED: Week 8 - Avalon: Weeks 0,2,7,9 - Green Street Academy: Weeks 4,7 - National Christian: Weeks 5,8,11 - Fairmont Heights: Weeks 1,8 - Parkdale: Week 1
  8. They do not say that only black lives matter. In fact, they have demonstrated against the police killing of Justin Damond.
  9. So you're one for two. That's good in baseball.
  10. He should not be allowed around children.
  11. Are you not familiar with Mr. Trump?
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  13. The BLM folks are the ones that go into convulsions when you say all lives matters...they are the ones saying only black lives matter. is that afroturf PAC money fake movement even around any more or did it go the way of Van Jones's other money grab Occupy Wall St? The age of Obama and trust fund activists ... good riddance.
  14. Why can't Trump manage to just read the damned tele-prompter speech that his people wrote for him? He constantly wanders off into Bizarro Land, saying things thing that make rational people squirm. (And what does that say about the scouts who acted like they were at a hate-Obama rally?)
  15. went to Artscape Saturday, enjoyed it and it seemed larger than last years. The misting stations helped. Also the band 8ohms was on point, could have listen to them all day.
  16. I hadn't even thought about that, definitely worth some analysis. Difficult to say though since most of the Oriole starters lack control and routinely throw batting practice b/c they can't overpower anyone (with the exception of Bundy although he may be beginning to tire a bit). But who knows maybe Wieters departure has something to do with this complete debacle that is Oriole Starting Pitching 2017
  17. Friend of mine actually said something different he thought the staff would be better now that the lack of framing by weiters hell if I know I just know that at times (most times) they look like crap
  18. We've looked at the starting pitching problems from so many different it possible that the loss of Weiters has had an effect on the pitching staff? The reason I ask is that I was listening to Dempsey do some sort of pre-game pitch variety analysis, and it made me wonder if the calls from behind the plate regarding pitch type are impacting these pitchers negatively. Just a random thought.
  19. Even the homer announcer tonight said that the O's would need to get THIS kind of start from Gausman and the rest of the SPs CONSISTENTLY or their words...the O's are in trouble. That's what's so nerve wracking with this pitching staff. Sometimes they demonstrate that they can pitch, but they don't or can't do it consistently.
  20. Game. Set. Match. That is the story of Jimenez in a nutshell.
  21. I was actually shocked to see the O's are only seven back of the Red Sox. Figured they were 12 or so back. And if Sox lose tonight they'll be six back of first place. That certianly isn't an insurmountable deficit, but you'd need a team capable of overcoming it and unfortunately the O's don't have the personnel
  22. It's not hard. Stick to the teleprompter. The political stuff when he should be talking about the thing he's at (CIA Memorial, Coast Guard graduation, etc.) is just kind of stale at this point. The really weird part about this is how creepy he got talking about his friend with the yacht and implying the sexual piece to them, and then just really stringing it out. Hopefully the Girl Scouts will keep him away. He'd probably start making remarks about how he would be dating them in 10 years.
  23. 5-0 O's lead in the 9th. Probably won't be sellers now lmao
  24. People will overreact and treat this like some sort of fascist youth brigade thing, but seriously this speech was completely ridiculous and everyone should be able to agree on that. For comparisons sake here is Bill Clinton's: George H.W. Bush's: George W. Bush's (ok, he threw in a little bit at the end supporting the war on terror)
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