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  2. See, this is what happens when people spend 45 seconds “researching” something and posting about it. This was neither a personal business, nor a religious holiday, nor a charity. The poster drew no personal benefit from this but rather, defended the integrity of her office. But hey, you keep trying. Smarter people than I can read your postings and perhaps find ways to relieve the symptoms of TDS.
  3. While I agree with you, Walgreens made it perfectly clear that the pharmacist did nothing wrong in refusing to fill her order based on his beliefs. He was within his right to refuse service based on his beliefs. It has nothing to do with what the pharmacist feels she should take. Apparently we now live in a country where you can refuse service to anyone based on any number of things. I don't agree with this premise and I believe it is only going to lead to a more divisive society, if that is possible. But this guy had every legal right to not fill her prescription. Crazy, yes, a fireable offense, no.
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  5. Looks like most people are going to Baltimore Sports and Life.
  6. But that is the issue it isn’t the pharmacists job to decide what she takes. That was her docs job and hers. She shouldn’t have had to be humiliated begging for the meds legally prescribed to her. Honestly she would have a good case for mental anguish
  7. Racism is not the answer. I guess that’s a hard lesson for some of us to learn
  8. Another thread painstakingly explaining things to Papi that were obvious to everyone else from the beginning.
  9. No Roseanne, there's always more to lose. Every Trump voter should learn that.
  10. Carpenter? I think you meant Carlson But yeah, that was a huge signing. Caps should be in great shape to re-up Wilson too, and hopefully Kempny, who I think was really key. They also look like they're bringing Orpik back at a discount, and maybe they can convince Smith-Pelly as well. As for Trotz, it's a shame, but honestly you can't give a 55 year old coach that kind of contract he wanted(and got from the Islanders). I think the Caps will be fine with Reirden, whom they were grooming, and also who built the defense to be what it was...that is if Reirden winds up being the guy, though I don't know who else they'd possibly have in mind.
  11. I doubt Roseanne has the gas Kathy has to even launch a tour. Who would go see Roseanne? Kathy is selling out fine on her own.
  12. Where is everyone was a decision made on the next site to migrate to?
  13. Everyone thinks they can be Donald Trump but even Donald will have a price to pay before it's all said and done.
  14. Penn could be great. Just haven’t seen it. Lee is the top ILB in the country, that’s political? Lee was the best LB at Gilman his ninth grade year, on one of the best teams in Baltimore history. Penn wa the third best on a mediocre to bad McD team. But he had a better year? Makes zero sense!
  15. Penn will be able to play. Lee is young, with a late birthday.
  16. Quite true. When is your side going to stop blurring the lines between legal and illegal immigrants then?
  17. You draw pictures there too? This is very strange and revealing.
  18. I'm enjoying the spectacle of you dropping your pretense of civility because the board is dying and now even less moderated. Delightful.
  19. As always, it's necessary to explain even the most basic aspects of civics to Papi.
  20. Talking with my old friend the other nite and we both wondered why Imprison the Illegals and separate the families and why don't they just shove them all Back across the Borders? Just toss 'em back!
  21. I believe it is the same medication used to induce a miscarriage or abortion which is why some object to giving it out. The pain prior to miscarrying can be very intense. The medication speeds up the process.
  22. Duh .... You post stuff that proves you wrong..... ...such as charitable events, etc .... Like I said before pops, screaming it in larger font doesn't make you any less wrong .... Now it was the post office, right? ....
  23. Thank you. It actually is on topic since the pharmacist refused to fill the medicine for the woman was suffering due to going to miscarry.
  24. you are correct about he should have been fired..... does anyone know which religion/sect objects to gving a woman who is miscarrying medication to combat the affects?
  25. I know it's not on point with the topic at hand, but I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I cannot imagine how gut wrenching that must have been.
  26. start here: An employee should recognize her responsibility to protect and conserve government property and resources, and to make an honest effort to use official time and government property only for official business. 5 C.F.R. § 2635.704 through .705 Use of Government property, and Use of official time. Department of Justice employees are generally authorized to make minimal personal use of most office equipment and library facilities where the cost to the Government is negligible and on an employee's own time. 28 C.F.R. § 45.4. This is the Department's de minimis use policy, and would permit an employee to send a short, personal electronic message to another individual. However, personal messages sent to large groups of people and messages sent to disseminate information on non-Governmental activities, such as charitable events and causes, commercial activities such as personal businesses, and religious observances, are prohibited. have fun.....
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