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  2. So she decided to try and ruin a man's life because of that? Unfortunately there are probably men in prison because of false accusations like this. Glad she was exposed before she became a cop or some part of the judicial system. She should've gotten as much time as the cabbie would've gotten.
  3. I am proud to tell you, and you'll be relieved to hear, that you fit the profile of a non-liberal
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  5. He hasn't done so overtly but the parallels are pretty obvious. The big one for me is that if you don't understand the country or it's people, you're going to get yourselves into trouble. We made that mistake all over again in Iraq coupled with the same arrogance that got us into trouble in Vietnam.
  6. I don't like the dude at all, however if it came between you and the hate fueled crap that you and your buds spew here every day, day after day, I'd vote for Jack the Ripper before i'd ever vote for any liberal ever again.
  7. you can stream the first several episodes on pos. I just finished the episode that talks about the Tet offensive. Incredible emotional whallop at the end of that one.
  8. I'm not much of a supporter of the present POTUS, however, it's my suspicion that the forum rubes have a serious problem with President Trump being the wealthiest president ever to hold the office, second only to JFK. Take a look, kiddies, it's all out there on the interweb. There are a few forum witches in particular who seem not capable of understanding any type of trust that The Donald has arranged. It's literally none of their business, if if was, Congress would have jumped his stuff long before this. (Jealousy, perhaps?) It's all to easy for anyone to point out on an internet forum that "OMG, he owns stuff everywhere" and try to make it some sort of issue, particularly since their favorite loser hides behind a "foundation" of "charity" that didn't exist prior to an unnamed "presidency" and profited from the taxpayers left and right. Don't forget, folks, the Clintons were broke before the White House and claimed to be broke after. Just the kind of manager's that we all would love running a charity for us, right? I don't like the guy in the least, but we're stuck with him for a little while. (be careful) Come on, Dimocrats, if you're so freakin' good, run someone against him that can beat him in the next election. In the meantime, try writing a book about why your candidate didn't win. There's lots of excuses, lots of books and lots of bored readers out there. Who knows, maybe one of you may get your 15 minutes of fame on the Today show or something like that.
  9. Hey, If you want to side with the ignorant, bigoted, self-professed sexual assaulter who had help from the Russians, that's your choice but I can't not call it for what it is.
  10. Well, given that opinion, I think he should thumb his nose at you and say, "nope, give me the $400k taxpayer funds you owe me." WEvery other president has taken a salary. But a grifter declines? LOL.
  11. LOL. You are a bald faced liar. Where the hell did you get the "anzee?" Did you personally make that up? Talk about exposing yourself! I am quite certain that even the lefties are embarrassed by your naked lie.
  12. You guys are beginning to sound like a TV insurance advertisement.: "It's what you do."
  13. And not ONE word about the current POTUS in the entire article, not even in the link. TDS is a treatable disease, Your hatred may not be. Seek help. God knows you need it.
  14. Perriman put up solid stats last year as the #3 receiver. He's still the #3 receiver. You can't expect him to put up 1st round numbers when he's the #3 receiver.
  15. Which move are you referring to?
  16. Four of the guys in tonight's lineup--Schoop, Machado, Davis and Jones--came here before Duquette. ******* that MacPhail!!
  17. So he deserved to die in custody?
  18. For the record , I don't keep you on ignore. I just refuse to respond to your comments, except on rare occasions like now. The FACTS don't say the police did nothing wrong. The facts show a civilian dies in police custody and a judge decided they weren't guilty of a crime. That's a big distinction. Two bit drug dealer or not, he was still human. Other humans like me think there's something wrong when a person dies in police custody. Questionable humans like you don't care. Unless of course it was a white meth dealer who dies , then maybe you would probably give a damn. The bigger issue with Gray's death is not that he was a drug dealer who got what he deserved(your opinion), It's that a civilian died in police custody with no repercussions.(my opinion). Now back to ignoring the dumbness that you'll respond to this post with.
  19. They don't care. They're desperate to defend Trump so they'll lie, obfuscate, and deflect. It's what they do.
  20. I didn't realize that was on. I never miss a Burns doc
  21. This is the make-or-break year for Perriman. He's a first-round pick in year three of his contract, which means he could begin to sniff the bigger bucks in his fifth year if the club picks up his option. That decision, however, has to be made after this year. If Perriman doesn't start showing something, there's no way the Ravens exercise that option, and Perriman could be playing for his NFL life next season.
  22. Damn, they must have been really old when they coined the term "Hispanic."
  23. It's just amazing to me (as a season ticket holder who actually pays to watch this crap) that the Orioles scored zero runs tonite --- in extra innings --- and it's Showater's fault. Ha. It's comical.
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