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  2. Rick Scott? LOL, Nelson ain't going anywhere.
  3. Mr. Bartlett, a conservative and former Reagan official,, sees the party selling off its most important conservative principles, many, now, portrayed as "too liberal", and for the sake of political power. One thing he left out was the GOP's abandonment of free trade. The Trump train has turned them all into protectionists - for now.
  4. Prayers for the victims especially the one in critical condition.
  5. Your kidding right? They do a lot.... the file lawsuits, stage protests and whine a lot.....about anything they can point the finger at that they believe is the white mans fault. Pointing fingers at black thugs etc etc....'meh'
  6. Yeah they were certainly scum. As for the victims, not much they could do.
  7. Reagan and Nixon would be the left wing nuts in a modern GOP debate.
  8. That is good. Many of the skilled trades have a massive need for employees. These are the middle class blue collar jobs that they say don't exist. Truck driver, mechanic, HVAC, electrician, all that stuff.
  9. Do you deny that Nixon supported many of the ideas we now consider liberal?
  10. So, in your opinion, the Russians did not affect the election?
  11. From my link: "Paul was booked at the Orleans Justice Center jail at about 6:30 p.m. with second-degree robbery and possession with intent to distribute false drugs, according to jail records." So the idiot had fake drugs in his possession when he turned himself in?
  12. And you should take 8th grade economics. I can recommend a book. "The Undercover Economist." You might learn something about what you pretend to pontificate about. You probably want to get it on cassette tape so you can listen without moving your lips.
  13. I love New Orleans. But these attacks are just too frequent and viscous. That last guy that comes up to search the victim is just heartless.
  14. Nelson is popular in Florida and has a huge warcheast in an expensive state. His only real threat is Scott who drank the Trump Koolaid.
  15. You are so far off from understanding the conversation that it's not even worth the effort. Just go watch cartoons.
  16. Remember Hiedikemp is extremely popular along with Tester and Manchin. If the senate swung it would give those states a bigger voice than a double R senate team. The two big worries are Donnoly and McKaskill who are both well liked but won because their opponent opened their mouth about rape and grabbed the third rail with both hands. Equally Heller and Flake are going to have troubles as this election becomes a referendum on Trump in states that are becoming Purple. As well as the guy from wisconson. A one seat net flip to 51 49 gives Murkowski and Collins all the power and that will force the GOP to moderate Long run of it doesn't 2020 looks really bad for them if they don't. The best the dems can get is a 50 50 of course the GOP could PO Collins and Murkowski that they flip.
  17. That is unnceccessarily restrictive. Who outside of Americans want to pay more for what they need? That is a human trait, not an American trait.
  18. Sure. Of course they would all like to be investment bankers on Wall Street, but the problem is getting hired. If jobs in Seattle dry up due to high wages, good luck. You might be forced to find a lower paying job in the countryside.
  19. Try reading the story that someone links once in a while before going off on an angry fit of rage without even knowing what people are referencing in a story they're talking about.
  20. Cowards
  21. I'm waiting for naïve to show up on this thread real soon and brag how he once had jambalaya in a restaurant and he wasn't scared at all.
  22. Actually, there is a biker lifestyle.
  23. Looked like a couple of cowards to me. One should always be aware of their surroundings when in any city. Never trust anyone.
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  25. The "main attacker" in a brutal French Quarter robbery and beating has surrendered to New Orleans police, and officials urged three other suspects to do the same. Dejuan Paul, 21, a Kenner native who lives in New Orleans, turned himself in shortly after a Monday morning news conference (June 26) about the case, police said during an afternoon update outside of the Eighth District headquarters. The Saturday night attack on two visitors from the Boston area involved four perpetrators and injured both victims, one critically, in the 200 block of Bienville Street. The victims were walking back to their hotel room when the attack occurred shortly before 9 p.m., Police Superintended Michael Harrison said. In surveillance video, one of the victims appears to get punched in the face and is left lying on the sidewalk as blood pools around him.
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