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  2. What a sad life you must lead. Regurgitating this useless crap 24/7.
  3. Same here. I saw it getting dark. I went outside. All I saw were a bunch of clouds. Now I have to wait until 2024. (Maybe by then the O's will have some starting pitching.)
  4. We need to start looking at next season.
  5. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Well if he's from Euro or Asian descent he might have modern luxuries. Outside of that...............
  6. Well it might as well be............ What do big city mayors all have in common???? Hint (D)
  7. give space to those “who wished to destroy.” Gee, what could possibly go wrong???
  8. Lol, and if one isn't a law abiding citizen or at least try they shouldn't be fit to live. Why blame the cops when they're playing a game of futility? Cops back off because they might not want to be sued or fired by lying garbage???
  9. Lack of discipline in their lives couldn't have anything to do with growing up stupid. Nawwwww
  10. Sale is not only the front runner for the American League Cy Young, but he'll likely garner some MVP attention as well. I believe Jose Altuve wins the MVP award, but I don't think there's any question Sale has had the best season of any American League starter to date. Kluber has been on fire recently, but what might hurt him is having spent almost a month on the disabled list back in May.
  11. A chap named Justus Sheffield, a pitcher who is now in the Yankee organization as a result of the Andrew Miller trade last year.
  12. Trumbo's only had three sacrifice flies over the last three seasons, so it's not as if this is some recent trend. What would be more telling is, how many chances has he actually had over that period of time?
  13. Thanks for the info , was just wondering because I know he can toss the ball all over the place. Didn't know if maybe offense didn't fit his skill set . Sounds like he will be there soon
  14. He sucked for a lot of different teams, before and after his one year in Baltimore. He's only had about half a dozen ports of call since the Orioles, so obviously a number of other teams felt they could get by without him as well.
  15. No idea of what spell it is that you speak of. Didn't go to wedding, never touched her and didn't start the thread.
  16. Maybe if I clap three times it will break the spell you are under.
  17. And he's just learning! Who was it again that went to his wedding and gave instructions?
  18. I hope she outlives me, Id hate to see the made for TV movie autobiography! >puke<
  19. Because the guy that was injured had actual playing time in games. Here's an article:
  21. So only reports from 2 teams so far? Where are you Oily ? Anything regarding River Hill?
  22. Perhaps the underlying reason for destroying Columbus statues is jealousy and a inferiority complex? Some in their feeble minds think they have nothing to match the great explorers and they just want to destroy the history of the luxuries they fell into. Next week deSoto week after Vasco Da Gama after that Cortes Should the evil islamist have their way Jesus Christ
  23. And people avoid them like the clap. You'd think the publishers would know that.
  24. He behaves like a demanding toddler, a needy demanding toddler.
  25. Trumps lies everytime he opens his mouth. You were saying.......
  26. A liar, senile or just a snake? Admission of forgetfulness On July 1, 2013, Clapper apologized, saying that “my response was clearly erroneous—for which I apologize.”[43] On July 2, Clapper said that he had forgotten about the Patriot Act and therefore had given an “erroneous” answer.[44] Clapper and NSA director Keith B. Alexander (left) were both accused of lying under oath to Congress.[45][46] On December 19, 2013, seven GOP members of the United States Senate's House Judiciary Committee called on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Clapper, stating "witnesses cannot be allowed to lie to Congress."[47] In January 2014, Robert S. Litt, general counsel to the Office of the DNI, stated that Clapper did not lie to Congress,[48] and in May 2015 clarified that Clapper "had absolutely forgotten the existence of" section 215 of the Patriot Act.[49] In January 2014 six members of the House of Representatives wrote[50] to President Obama urging him to dismiss Clapper for lying to Congress,[51][52] but were rebuffed by the White House.[53] Caitlin Hayden, a White House spokesman, said in an e-mailed statement that Obama has “full faith in Director Clapper’s leadership of the intelligence community. The Director has provided an explanation for his answers to Senator Wyden and made clear that he did not intend to mislead the Congress.”[53]
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