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  2. Donny could have easily nipped this in the bud. He should have come clean with the whole mess and accepted his fate. It's not like his ratings could be worse than they are now. It would probably have helped him in that respect. And his wife could not possibly think less of him. I really don't get why he let this get so far out of hand.
  3. Relocate the 95 corridor to the Eastern Shore as a very limited access road from Delaware to South of Cambridge. There it turns West to a bridge/tunnel crossing the Bay to around St. Leonard, continuing Southwest, tying into 95 South of DC. A separate bridge/tunnel from East Baltimore County to the Shore that meets the new 95. Interstate travel is routed away from the Baltimore/DC bottlenecks, relieving some traffic. Baltimore has it's own Bay crossing, and DC continues to use the current crossings.
  4. The lack of fiscal responsibility has a rich bipartisan history. The cure is publicly financed campaign money. The supreme court took that away from us and the politicians have too much self interest to change it. They are not about to bite the hand that feeds them. The birth of representative government was the death of democracy.
  5. You can thank your fellow Republicans for this. Remember the Patriot Act?
  6. You are upset with a perceived insult. My comment was about your last sentence. But you don't mind insulting me because I made a joke about your sentence. Interesting. It's OK. I won't cry about it.
  7. I think it would be clear to most people with any intelligence ..... But of course most people with any intelligence wouldn't be posting a dozen times on a thread without a basic understanding of the topic ..... You're in joba territory there ......
  8. Well, at least I got one bite on it.
  9. Can he pitch?
  10. I don't have any. Not even a slingshot. Never owned a BB gun. But how do you feel about the Feds spying on thousands and thousands of Americans with literally no oversight every year? And laughably, they get a warrant on an Annapolis grad who gave a speech in Russia. Uh, I think the Clintons did that too. But no warrant on a guy the FBI has evidence against who posts that he is going to be a school shooter. If you can lose your 4th Amendment, do you really think there is anything that makes the 2nd chicken little material? Really? Or the 1st? We need to shut down hate speech.
  11. You have to admit that last sentence made no sense. That you took it as in insult says more about you than it does me.
  12. The last gasp of the deseperate when they have nothing of substance..... Autocorrect changes comey to come and you claim victory and hurl personal insults ...... Too funny .....
  13. I'm all for sensible changes. Sensible to me doesn't include violating the constitutional rights of Americans
  14. The Post is still one of the better newspapers in the news division. In fact, newspapers are a whole are usually better than any TV media or partisan sites. Fox news is mostly a right-wing partisan site and we all know Brietbart is completely partisan. Newspapers all have editorial departments but they usually have some really good reporters on their staff.
  15. It depends. I know a few cops, golf buddies. I would trust them. But probably not the "at large" population of cops. We all know there are bad cops. Things are different now than they were when I was a kid. Mass shootings in schools were unheard of. Murder was rare. We all had guns, mostly for hunting. I distinctly remember the day JFK was assassinated. You get the picture,right? We can pretend there is no problem regarding gun violence. I get why people want to do that. I basically do that myself. I live in a place where crime, and especially violence, is rare. But I sympathize with others that aren't so lucky. The bottom line is, we can continue to accept the violence and associated carnage or, we can change paths. You and others seem to be reluctant to accept those changes. I get that. I wish it wasn't necessary.
  16. I didn't make the accusation. Why should I be the one doing the legwork? You also must be gullible if you believe this adminitration's official explanation of the firing. Another need to work that last sentence a bit. It sounds like you are drunk.
  17. You must not watch the news. Or is that what Faux News is reporting?
  18. They're all the same in both parties, they buy votes with tax dollars .... but this thread and the thread title is about trump and he's no conservative......
  19. So are quite a few other news outlets.
  20. I don't know anything happened other that they were both ticketed. Yeah the 390 wasn't really all that but Ford stuck it in the smaller Fairlane fastback and with the Auto trans it was badged GTA. Mr.W also had the 1st model Charger 66 or 67 fastback before they went with the newer body. I do remember a Senior who drove a yellow SS396 convertible, his last name was Earlbeck who auto enthusiasts will know, they were on Pulaski Hwy and made intake manifolds & headers. They became a quite famous outfit, still around I believe, the SS was their Tow Car for their Drag cars. A good buddy of mine got a Mach 1 Mustang with the 351 Cleveland after one of his "Friends" stole his 57 Chevy and wrecked it. I just drove an old POS 63 Chevy Biscayne with a straight 6 & powerglide tranny. I was Poor! I did have a good 8 track player though driving a set of 8" woofers & smaller tweeters in there though. I would blast the music in the days everyone hung out at the Perring Pkwy shopping center at nite.
  21. Come on woman, stop with the pesky details.
  22. You’re probably right, but I thought I would give the Post the benefit of the doubt.
  23. Do some legwork before you post a dozen times on a thread .... This is most of the articles .... Consider also that although Sessions made the ultimate call to fire McCabe, the public record shows that the process resulting in the FBI deputy director’s dismissal involved career Justice Department and FBI officials—rather than political appointees selected by President Trump—at crucial points along the way. To begin with, the charges against McCabe arose out of the broader Justice Department Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. And he brought come up in his own statement saying come approved of his leaking ......
  24. What's sad is I had to google him
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