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  2. OMFG, why does he keep re-playing the same audio clips over and over? Is the target audience for this "expose" so dumb, they can't be trusted to actually hear and understand what what is in front of them the first time around?? I've seen this before in right-wing media, it makes me wonder. But to the content in the video: Yeah, the journalists at the NYTimes hate Trump. Big deal. They have damn good reason to and, anyway, they're entitled to their political beliefs. If one wants to actually "prove" bias, the only way to do that is to pour over thousands of non-editorial articles and draw conclusions. That would be far more work, however, than a smear-job video intended for morons to watch. But hey, there's plenty of garbage click-bait-y alternatives: Fox News, Breitbart, and InfoWars. I suspect that a quite a large portion of the folks at those organizations ALSO hate Trump, sadly for them "it's a job" to fake it and pump out disinformation. I predict that in a few years we'll be watching a magnificent PBS Frontline documentary on right wing disinformation outlets and how they were able to force people to "tow the line."
  3. And the auto manufacturer for supplying a high performance vehicle capable of such speeds to a person with no legal way to drive 100 MPH
  4. Plus the idiot in Perry Hall. Hey, if the bus works for you great! I hope everyone else rides the bus. I'll pass.
  5. There's a detainer on him in case he makes bail in Delaware; he'll be held for charges in Maryland pending bail hearings here.
  6. $2.1million in bail - hope he doesnt make it! needs to put down 10% right?
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  8. I remember all the ignorant comments by folks on this board claiming men couldn't be Girl Scout leaders. This was back when they were debating gay leaders in the Boy Scouts. Yes they can.
  9. Yes, but road rage incidents tend to involve auto drivers.
  10. No, not laughing. You recognize how important show business has become in our political arena. Trump has certainly proved that. While it doesn't bode well for our democratic system, I think we have hit rock bottom with Trump. Although what knows, President Kid Rock could be next. However, with that in mind, and we've sort of been around and around with this, while you blame Democrats for not nominating an entertainer for president, I blame the American people for rejecting a stateswoman. Either well, it doesn't bode well for our republic.
  11. Aren't buses on the road too?
  12. There are very few Black teachers in our county.
  13. There is offensive, and then there is racist.
  14. The Congresswoman has been friends with the family for a very long time. She cared too much, one might say.
  16. Are road rage incidents reasons to discourage driving?
  17. The one thing Andy Reid should be thinking about is how the Raiders decided on 4th down to take a FG to cut the lead to 6 when they were down by 9. He had the same option last week and decided to go on 4th down. If the Raiders go for it and miss, that ending probably never happens. Sometimes you just take the points and hope that it works out. In this case it did for the Raiders. It didn't for Andy Reid last week. As tempting as it is to think you can make it on 4th down, when you are in FG range it is most of the time better to take the points and see what happens. Tonight was a good argument for that.
  18. Any other human being would know what not to say
  19. Won't deny that. Trump will never admit he is wrong. And it won't change because he is incapable of changing.
  20. I agree. Any other politician would have realized what not to say. Trump is simply not at all good at being presidential. He's really not good at much of anything outside of being able to work up the people who support him. The fact that he can't get anything done with a congress of his own party proves that. Although quite honestly I'm not sure his party is behind him either. I think most of them now regret that they didn't push harder for the RNC to deny him the nomination when they had the chance.
  21. Obama wouldn’t have done what Trump did The closest example to Niger is Benghazi, which Obama addressed immediately. He didn’t wait two weeks like Trump All Presidents tend to have huge egos but Trump’s inability to admit he ever screws up is unmatched by any prior President
  22. He needs to be removed from office. He's unfit for the job and it is becoming worse every day.
  23. I think the point is Obama wouldn't have gotten himself in this situation. Nor Bush nor any other POTUS. But I agree, at some point people have to start acting like adults. The Congresswoman should have kept her mouth shut.
  24. He could tell them whatever he likes. If they say no, what’s he gonna do? These aren’t minor bureaucrats. We’re talking the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy, the attorney general, and two others.
  25. I brought them up as examples of persons whose names are plastered on schools, streets, airports, and various other public domains. They may certainly be offensive to some out there. They should all be removed. It would be the best way to insure that we no longer offend people.
  26. Guys want to take a knee, let them. If they don't, that's fine too. People are too easily offended Me? My big complaint is at Heinz Field there are only a couple places where you can get an IPA. And none close to our seats. Damn.
  27. I think you are wrong, her actions were politically motivated. Trump's statement included a line that you just can't say to a grieving family. Even though I don't think he meant it the way the press is building it up to be, you just don't even go there. For that he was wrong. Not that he hasn't brought it on himself or deserve it, but she jumped on it for political reasons. It's not surprising that Trump mishandled the entire thing from the beginning, but I have a hard time believing her reaction would have been the same had it been President Obama who made the exact same statement.
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