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  2. What can the government do to alleviate that kind of racism?
  3. What's your point? He looks like a choir boy next to Trump. Stormy Daniels Has Talked About Trump’s D i c k In Excruciating Detail Before
  4. According to Wikipedia, Jim Palmer will be 73 this year. TM
  5. When did Bill Clinton ever deny what Paula Jones said? Instead Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones about $850,000 dollars to avoid the issue. Likely Monica saw it enough times to be able to say "yes" or "no" to Paula's claim. Like I said, many people still love Bill Clinton no matter what. .
  6. Everything you just stated is reasonable. My big issue is the action taken by the court. If a Black boy had beaten a teacher badly enough to be put on life-support, the odds are he would have been charged as an adult and would have been denied bail. That is my opinion, and the ever-growing number of instances in which I see unequal treatment under the law is making my old counter-racial mentality resurface. Racism, bigotry, and prejudice isn't dying through attrition like I originally thought. It has been incubating in the closet - just waiting for the right moment to hatch. Subtlety is no longer required. I still have White friends - real Friends. But I also know the difference between Friends, Acquaintances, and Foes.
  7. Nor should it be. Business sets down a code of behavior that it's employees need to follow. Just interesting that people want to condemn the NFL policy and yet say nothing about the NBA policy which is much more restricting.
  8. The Independent's account? How would they know? That's Paula Jones' account. The Trump habit of lying even when you don't need to is contagious.
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  10. I agree, but some posters only post about one issue - - race. We don't even know if race was a factor in this incident. Every time a black guy and white guy have a fight, it's not necessarily about race. The former principal, who was herself attacked, described this school as a prison.
  11. What?! Me worry how you count? This forum wouldn't survive without posters' opinions.
  12. Purely it counts for nothing.
  13. Many people are still in love with Bill Clinton and would still vote for him in a heartbeat. From the article... Thanks to various sex scandals, we have detailed descriptions of Bill Clinton’s penis. According to Robert Bennet, Clinton’s lawyer in the Paula Jones case, “In terms of size, shape, direction, whatever the devious mind wants to concoct, the president is a normal man. There are no blemishes, there are no moles, there are no growths.” The Independent offered a more prosaic account: “His erect penis is about five inches long, has the circumference of a quarter ... and heads off at an angle, presumably rather like a finger bent at the joint.” I think Bill paid Paula Jones hundreds of thousands for his pig behavior. .
  14. Racism is a more extreme form of prejudice, or what I refer to as bigotry. I try my best to avoid labeling posters as racists, and I sometimes categorize their wayward comments as bigoted. Notice the only posters being called racists on this thread are "Black" posters. How telling...these defensive, socially-conditioned knee-jerk reactions...
  15. Every single one? There are no black people who think they are superior to white people?
  16. Probably because that policy hasn't been challenged.
  17. Former Principal Calls Mpls. School Where Teacher Was Attacked A ‘Prison’ Back in December of 2015, the principal of Harrison Education Center was assaulted by a student and suffered a concussion. “The environment is not an environment conducive to learning,” she said. “It is called an education center, but what it is is a prison.” Months after that, she filed a complaint with the Civil Rights Office of the U.S. Department of Justice, asking them to investigate the Minneapolis school district’s special education policies and the conditions at Harrison. “Someone is going to die in that building if the district does not stop collecting money and start serving children,” she said.
  18. 200 yrs, 16 floods Generation after generation, people rebuild and rebuild again. Such is the life of a mill town on the river.
  19. so even now, Americans, or enough of them, don't seem to mind. Although I suspect those days are numbered. A last gasp, we can only hope.
  20. Not a restaurant, but stormwater management/TMDL credits...
  21. "fellow" ? You mean Trump, right. The article includes Trump. .
  22. Notice the difference in time? C’mon 2 years??
  23. I suggest it is because they know they are equal.
  24. I like that. Its so paternal. Its like "the white man" has finally granted them their legal equality, and so any demand beyond that is yet another imposition on the Great White Father. Its like they're fraying your last nerve: "Don't push me too far or I'll put that monster, Donald Trump in the White House." Oh, they've done it now.
  25. Seriously? Are you telling me that black people can't be racist because they know they're inferior?
  26. Seems like there are a lot of dummies interfacing negatively with non-whites these days. I'll stick with my comment. And so I'm speculating that this was a white girl instead of a white boy. Key word = white. The odds are clearly in my favor.
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