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  1. Thanks Cheer for clearing that up.
  2. I was not there and the WaPo article leaves a lot to be desired. What happened during the Wise game that led to the cancellation of the last few minutes? I understand it was a fight but what led to the issue?
  3. PF, watched the same thing and will never watch Channel 2 news again, honestly I rarely do already. It was a poorly done infomercial for the locally insane
  4. Mamba, I am sure you know a lot of old WLHS folks. They tell me all the time about the fantom clipping call against them when Zach Brown ran in for the game winning TD at RHHS in '06 I think. LRHS still brings up the slide tackle by Hostettler that costs them their game in 2004. Howard's O-line coach has been there through the last three head coaches producing great offenses. His name is Greg Prestel and could not be a better role model for the kids. He is beloved.
  5. Player was suspended for using racial language.
  6. Howard up 41-6 with 9+minutes left in the first half wins 41-6. Never say that the Lions run up the score.
  7. Proud of Howard alum Coach Parrish. Great video
  8. I have spent time working with Coach Poggi in the past, camps and all star events. He is a class act who loves football more than any other person I have been around. Mamba you may have a point about race as a factor, I have always seen it as elites versus the masses rather than race. As an OM grad I have heard much of the loaded rhetoric for decades. You make a great point. I still think it is inappropriate to compare the two academic institutions but the football appears to be very one sided. It would have been great to actually hear what was going on in those Gilman offices when Poggi was sent on his way.
  9. Now the Post is on it. I am sure when the Sun catches up they will just bash lacrosse. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/recruiting-insider/wp/2017/09/06/youth-sports-study-declining-participation-rising-costs-and-unqualified-coaches/?utm_term=.5c0dface02f3
  10. http://time.com/magazine/us/4913681/september-4th-2017-vol-190-no-9-u-s/ Very interesting article about the "cashing-in" on youth sports and high school athletes. "A volleyball dad from upstate New York spent $20,000 one year on his daughter’s club team"
  11. Coach Singleton's was a great coach and neighbor, lived across the street. He will be missed by all. Just a side note Mamba, Korey would have broken every record that year. He didn't start the first two games of the year and missed games 10+. Eric Graham and PW Brooks both ran for over 100 yards behind an outstanding offensive line (I helped).
  12. Did anyone see the incredible game between Severna Park and Churchill last night. SP was the most dominate public school in the state and was pushed to the brink by a strong Churchill team. It is online, please watch. Next year the state goes to four divisions so this was the last 4A-3A state championship and it was amazing
  13. Match up of two super public school programs tonight as Howard travels to South River. Always a great game and turning into a nice rivalry. Howard has been to the last three state championships losing to South River in 2014 at UMBC.
  14. Saw Glenelg play Hebron yesterday. The Glads are very athletic and have an excellent goalie.
  15. Thanks Guru. I really wanted to see how the Hill did against the Cards. I follow The Hill Academy on social media and they have an outstanding athletic program.