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  1. Sad times in Baltimore. smh
  2. It seems every time the Ravens lose a regular season game to the redskins something special happens.
  3. Anybody who can win in the SEC at Vandy is a hell of a coach.
  4. Still waiting on Texas first. San Diego wants no part of this. A lot more areas in Cali as well that people underestimate.
  5. This had to be tough for the POTUS. The birther issue was beyond the craziness of politics.
  6. Amazing. Two things I thought I would never see. A non-white president and a independent President. Trump is pretty much a 3rd party POTUS. He is a liberal, conservative, hawkish, anti war, non religious, christitian. All in one. Let's see how this rides out.
  7. Clinton's are to blame. The people wanted Bernie. Not saying Bernie would have won. But he definitly would have Michigan, Wis and maybe Ohio. Republicans went with the people's choice. Shame on Elite on the left!
  8. Clinton's are slipping. In the ole days, Weiner would have committed "suicide" along time ago.
  9. I thought it may have to with suspension because of the handshake issue at happy valley during his last yr at college Park. Maybe harbaugh that it could possibly be an issue
  10. Seems the new coaches are up to the chance then the coaches from the 70s 80s and 90s. Maybe because of the High power offences nowadays
  11. Question. How the heck did UMD get the best football player out of Alabama? Not Montana, New Jersey or connetcuit.
  12. Was he even on the Ravens draft board? I think of all the wide receiver draft picks we wasted over the years. Wasn't he drafted in the late rounds. Wierd, because the Ravens are known for taking fliers on local kids after the First two rounds.
  13. Amazing how many times Messi misses.
  14. Yes. Just like a bad person can be a great, Boss, CEO, Commanding Officer, etc.
  15. Anybody who has logged into to watch RT, knows it is the biggest leftist, commie loving propaganda you can find on the tube. A little surprised he would speak to them. Larry King is a legend, but the platform is not the best for a US presidential candidate.