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  1. That excuse doesn’t make any sense. If there was ballistic damage on the car that was stopped it could mean the vehicle was shot at intentionally or maybe caught a stray bullet.
  2. It’s so easy nowadays for anyone who is offended by anything to get News Media attention. I remember a while back watching a lady on a morning News show talk about how Yoga pants are offensive. 😄
  3. “The Great Divide” could be interpreted many ways. Blue Bell probably likes the controversy because it probably helps their brand
  4. Sad story all around. The cop who shot the teen apparently had been on the job for only a few hours...
  5. The “Compromise Bill” is a compromise between Republicans. They aren’t voting on anything that might get Democratic support...
  6. Trump will still blame Democrats of course
  7. Legally, Border Patrol must accept Children at the border. So maybe the smuggler assumed correctly that the border agents would take care of the kid.
  8. It means both are bad things but ripping children away from their parents is worse...
  9. I didn’t type anything close to what you wrote
  10. Yes
  11. No. You’re being dishonest as usual. Unaccompanied children are dealt with separately from what Trump is doing now.
  12. Children shouldn’t be separated from their parents. Period. That’s inhumane. The conditions of the places where the children are held is a separate but also important issue...
  13. Under Trump’s policies, children have been snatched away from parents who are seeking asylum...
  14. It’s not as inhumane as putting 8 month old babies in Jail...