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  1. The justice system worked. What kind of response are you looking for?
  2. I don’t see Dems spending the next three years talking about this the way Repubs did with Benghazi
  3. There’s a lot of smoke surrounding Oswald’s time spent in New Orleans and Mexico City in the months before November 1963. It has never thoroughly been investigated I assume because he came into contact with individuals involved with anti-Castro plots. There’s some conflicting evidence that Oswald was in contact with Castro’s spies too around that time. New Orleans DA Jim Garrison was a strange guy but declassified docs show that the CIA was very concerned about his investigation opening a can of worms on the secret stuff they were doing in New Orleans. The remaining classified files may shed some light on those kinds of things. Or maybe the new docs would just expose the FBI and CIA lies told to investigators. The CIA and FBI had a lot of info about Oswald before JFK was killed and maybe lied about some things to cover their arses. As for Oswald eventually confessing, I’m not sure he would have. The motivation question has always been interesting. It’s unusual for terrorists or radical political types to not take credit for their crimes or not leave a manifesto behind (ie John Wilkes Booth’s diary). I don’t think he personally disliked JFK based on everything I’ve read about him. It’s possible that he was a hired gun. I do think the State of Texas would’ve been able to convict him though regardless of the problems with the evidence.
  4. Again, you refuse to admit that Trump and Kelly are responsible for the mishandling of this controversy. I’ll give Trump the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t intend to offend Johnson’s wife and family. But Johnson’s mother has confirmed that the Wilson’s description was accurate and the family was offended. Kelly also indirectly confirmed that Wilson told the truth. Kelly lied about Rep Wilson’s FBI speech. He shouldn’t have attacked her and spread false information. There’s video of Wilson’s speech. It contradicts his description. This all started with Trump’s lie about calling the families of fallen soldiers. He doesn’t often do it but he claimed he does and dragged former Presidents into his lie. Kelly tried to help Trump by saying he never received a call after his son was killed, omitting the fact that Kelly met Obama at the White House for a ceremony honoring his son and other fallen soldiers. Knowing all of that, why you keep defending Trump and Kelly? They’re scum
  5. Games 1 and 2 of the ALCS could've easily gone the Yankees way. Both were low scoring one-run games.
  6. He may have had accessories though (I'm in no way suggesting Ted Cruz's father was a co-conspirator but who knows? )
  7. I haven’t defended Rep Wilson’s action. I said she shouldn’t have gone public with the story. Several times However, she didn’t lie. Trump and Kelly lied. It has been proven that they’ve been dishonest about the situation. Kelly used his dead son to score political points Yet you have not criticized them...
  8. I agree. Young talented team. They have every reason to feel confident about their chances for next season
  9. They’re fast. The only slow Astros are McCann and Gattis
  10. It’s one of those events where there’s enough smoke to say there might’ve been a conspiracy but no one can prove it. I doubt there will be s smoking gun in the next batch of JFK Files. I can’t imagine why the CIA still wants to block the release of files from 50 years ago.
  11. It’s not over but the fat lady is warming up
  12. Both teams are playing great defense so far
  13. Most Trump supporters probably believe Obama founded ISIS