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  1. It's possible to oppose those things without siding with White Supremacists
  2. The Hill: The Secret Service is nearing its spending limit for protecting President Trump and his family, the agency's director told USA Today. Secret Service Director Randolph "Tex'' Alles said that 1,000 agents have already hit their annual salary and overtime limits. Alles added that he is in discussions with lawmakers to increase the pay caps for agents from $160,000 to $187,000 per year. The increased spending is due in part to Trump's frequent travel from the White House to his properties along the East coast. He returned to D.C. late Sunday from a "working vacation" at his New Jersey golf club. Trump's family also is a factor. "The president has a large family, and our responsibility is required in law,'' Alles told the newspaper. "I can't change that. I have no flexibility.'' The Secret Service protects 42 members of the Trump administration, according to USA Today, including 18 members of the president's family. Thirty one people were protected during the Obama administration, by comparison. Trump's family has put a strain on the Secret Service since it began protecting him during the election, with coverage for his adult children and their families.
  3. A broken clock is right twice a day
  4. Probably another Troop surge
  5. University of Texas removes Confederate statues
  6. It has more to do with Demographic changes Millennials are more racially diverse than prior generations. Non-Whites tend to be more Left-leaning. White Millennials lean Republican (51-49). Dems have a huge advantage with non-White Millennials (70-30). Brookings Institute: ...millennials are 55.8 percent white and nearly 30 percent “new minorities” (Hispanics, Asians and those identifying as two or more races). Back in 2000, when millennials were just beginning to impact demographics, this young adult age group was 63 percent white, whereas in 1990 it was 73 percent white. Quite a few states exhibit more diversity in their millennial populations than the national numbers show (see Map 1). In California, less than one third of millennials are white, and more than 60 percent are new minorities. Minorities comprise more than half of the millennial populations in 10 states, including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey. In 10 additional states, including New York, Illinois, Virginia, North and South Carolina, minorities comprise more than 40 percent of millennial residents. Other states have whiter millennial populations, but only nine states are home to largely (over 80 percent) white millennial populations (e.g. Wyoming, Iowa, West Virginia, and Maine).
  7. It's amazing isn't it? The Right is as powerful today as they were in the 1920's yet they are the ones angry and depressed
  8. It sounded like he was mainly criticizing the actions of the US government, not so much Americans in general
  9. I don't believe criticism and hate are the same. Love for one's country doesn't need to be unconditional
  10. Criticizing America isn't remotely the same as chanting "Jews will not replace us". Try again
  11. Great speech explaining why the Monuments should go
  12. So you're okay with Nazis killing people in the name of keeping these statues? You seem to be selective in your outrage
  13. Wrong. No one would care about this if Nazis didn't protest against Charlottesville removing the statues. People have been trying for years to have the monuments removed.
  14. There's no "fine people" among the Nazis and related Hate Groups
  15. Exactly and he was rightfully roasted for that comment