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  1. All the Law does it seems is attempt to keep the things that people like in Obamacare while cutting the Taxes that pay for the things people like
  2. Neither do I but it should be more limited for non-citizens
  3. Distraction
  4. I think there should be exceptions for refugees but outside of those cases, immigrants should not come here to be a burden on our welfare state
  5. I think the House is winnable for Dems if they stop trying to take the High Road all the time
  6. Stupid national Dem activist groups They really wanted a Win in one of these special elections to send a message to Trump but special elections rarely work out that way. Trump appointed Republicans who come from Safe districts
  7. The GOP health plan cuts taxes but doesn't do anything that would lower healthcare costs
  8. Dems need younger leadership in the House but I don't blame Pelosi for the Dems losing elections in Republican Districts
  9. Both parties suck at the moment. Just for different reasons
  10. What's the difference in terms of the Law?
  11. If Trump had a competent staff, they would've told him what he proposed is already the Law While Trump seemed excited over the plan, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act already makes it illegal for immigrants to have access to welfare benefits during their first five years in the United States. The bill was passed in 1996 during former President Clinton's administration. This isn't the first time Trump has seemingly come up with an idea that mimics a pre-existing notion...
  12. CNN's agenda is ratings
  13. I repeat, Handel had the momentum in the polls in the last few days She was ahead in the polling averages on election day
  14. The polls got it right. They showed momentum for Handel in the final few days