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  1. Yes. Good program. But right now today u have to go a long way to top Towson. Best of luck on Saturday Tigers!! I will be there.
  2. Not quite. Towson plays in the BCS National Championship this weekend. Calvert Hall Alums Emanuel Holder and Stefan Janik play on the team. Go Hall. Good luck to the Tigers!!!!
  3. You bet. I'll look for u there. You can go yo the River Club in the Stadium or The Towson Alumni Tailgate in the Tailgate lot. Just look for the Tiger Flags.
  4. What a game. Towson now goes to the Champiomship game in Frisco Texas. Local press coverage still misqued. Randy Esdall the coach of Maryland had more coverage in The Baltimore Sun the next day than Towson. Biggest football news to hit this area in years but yet MD gets more coverage. Go figure!!
  5. Very nice article in today's Baltimore Sun. It snowed last nite in Chendy, WA. These young men will be ready and hopefully headed for the National championship game in Texas in a few weeks. Go Tigers!!!!
  6. It's still the best show in town. We were there last nite 49-39 Towson won. Freezing cold but the young men played with great passion and beat an excellent EIU team. They will play Eastern Washington in the semis.
  7. Too bad you're so sad. Your post is a reflection of your sorry demeanor.
  8. In these days and times your attitude is puzzling. Your view does not change the fact that Towson, their coaches and most importantly the young men on the team are being dissed by the local press. It's a shame that a 11-2 team in the best FCS league in the country can't be treated with respect.
  9. UMD and Navy Football. Who cares!!!They get top billing in this town. Why I don't know cause the best Team probably on the Norteast Coast is Towson. Needless to say the local coverage stinks come on Man get off you fat duffs and give the team a break with better coverage. They deserve it.
  10. As I watched from the press box I was struck by several things. The CHC side was almost full the Loyola side quite empty. Hum???!!! CHC' long snapper was at best mediocre.special teams cosch need to find other options here. Frankly I'm surprised that every punt and PAT was not blocked. With a kicker like CHC has it's a shame that the long snap could not have been executed better. Not surprised by the blocked EP. Nichols is a star it will be interesting to see where he ends up at the next level. A pedestrian passing game at best. Loyola OL was very good. Wore down CHC's DL. Surprised by the lack of rotation of the DL by CHC. Until CHC gets serious about their weight training and conditioning program they can expect more of the same in years to come. They were consistently out muscled line to line. Take nothing away from Loyola they wanted this game more than CHC. I'm a CHC fan and hopefully this loss should make the program better. I know I will get slammed by this post but maybe this is the type of shock therapy will cause some positive action in years to come.