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  1. Can't say I've ever seen a personal attack from hst...not to say it hasn't happened, but I've never seen it.
  2. Just as we'll miss your insider info on Connecticut and Havre de Grace!
  3. I blame the damn Canadians...buying all those shoes and scuffing them up!
  4. Is being convicted of aggravated manslaughter the same as being a convicted murderer?
  5. troublemaker!
  6. Another classic read.
  7. I'd think he's at least 17 by now.
  8. Forget it, he's rolling. And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...
  9. It's the Don's plan to get the D's to pay for his wall that Mexico is going to pay for.....
  10. You'd be bitter too if you dust off an new ID just to find out the board is shutting down.
  11. Change in policy, they're going to lock up all the little martians in cages and blackmail the democrats into paying for it!
  12. Mar-a-Lago would be an educated guess.
  13. Clearly there are a hell of a lot less real names than there are posters.