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  1. Apparently The Don think it's good...(never mind it's a rasmussen...)
  2. Trump’s Budget: The Math Is Phony but the Cruelty Isn’t
  3. Spicer is on the trip, he just didn't get to meet the Pope. Scavino got to meet him even though he took shots at the Pope previously on Twitter.
  4. Or at the very least, a dumpster fire sort of way.
  5. At my house I could use a can of peas from my hammock on the deck. They're worse than the geese.
  6. Della!!!!!!
  7. Good lord! It's let's post every thing three times day!
  8. The general assumption is that any new poster is a former poster that had been banned coming back with a new name. Welcome to the board! Do you prefer to be called Pete, Peter or Mr. Rabbit?