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  1. His point is that mystery posters didn't complain and were all for the mystery people being deported.
  2. Jerry Sandusky denies it... he totally denies it
  3. Speaking of which....I hear people are marching to MaL as we speak.
  4. That certainly would seem to be the decent thing to do. Doubt it'll happen under the current regime.
  5. Off topic, among other things. Seriously though, JMO, but it's pretty lame to tell somebody else to put you on ignore. If you don't like her replies, you should be the one using ignore....otherwise-man up!
  6. It's interesting to compare this thread to the Frankenthread.
  7. Apparently nobody told him it was Pres Bush that took them off the list...he never would have bothered if he knew it wasn't Obama.
  8. You're killing me!
  9. Typical smokey