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  1. Bill Clinton took nekid pics and used them to blackmail his mistress to stop her from admitting their affair? Really?
  2. Yes, that's exactly what I said. Good lord.
  3. I'm from NY and always thought of Maryland as a Southern State. Below the M-D line. Weird thought, but I think I had some association of MD growing tobacco making it a southern thing too.
  4. Of course the experts here assured me that Trump would never get the nomination to begin with.
  5. Trump’s Nominee for Indian Health Post Withdraws Journal articles alleged Robert Weaver overstated work experience
  6. Couldn't really figure out which thread to post this on....but here's a news bit on some possible school shooting interventions: One part really caught my eye... could be the photo, but none the less... CALIFORNIA The Associated Press reports a 17-year-old student at El Camino High School in Whittier, Calif., was arrested Wednesday after a security officer allegedly overheard a student threaten to open fire at the school. The teen was arrested on suspicion of making a criminal threat, and his adult brother was arrested on five weapons charges after two assault rifles, 90 high-capacity magazines and other handguns were found in their home. 90 high-capacity magazines...what the heck
  7. Don't worry, a teacher will do it.
  8. Very insightful, thanks! Hey, I always wanted to ask, is that an actual picture of you next to your name?
  9. Sure you do, how else can you attend those Johnny Reb costume parties you go to?
  10. Do you wear your confederate costume when you do?