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  1. I've been running after work...very hot but I'm so much out of shape it's only 4 miles.
  2. If you mean my shirt... Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada
  3. We'll miss you spicey!
  4. All this dripping makes me have to pee.
  5. During ‘Made in America Week,’ President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club applies to hire 70 foreign workers #MAGA!
  6. Gonna be a hot one. I'll be at the bottom of section 10 with a beer in my hand.
  7. I still have my NJ EZpass transponders...I moved from there in '99...I think the fee is a buck a month.
  8. You'd never know it from all your threads! Perhaps this should be a poll......
  9. Eh, don't do the crime if you can't ....
  10. He'da been a cinch for The Vatican if the Newts wife hadn't just snagged it!
  11. Suddenly? There's only been like two or three new votes in the last few hours...???