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  1. Thank the men of Twitter for this one. 11 guys in the box.. one guy out wide.
  2. This is a TERRIBLE excuse. A ridiculous amount of murders are a part of Baltimore City every year... should the city just let a couple more slide because its just what happens here? With the inability to have replays in High School, HS referees almost need to be just as good, if not better, than the pros. Even with replays at the next level, most penalties cannot be reviewed. However, the number of players on the field at the time of the snap is one of them. I haven't seen the video of the Damascus/Walkersville game yet, but if that touchdown was for sure 12 on 11, every official that worked that game should never be allowed to work another playoff game. Who cares if Damascus was only 12 yards away? Referees can call an official time-out at any time to count the personnel on the field... What if it was 3rd & Goal from the 12? A situation changes play calling drastically in some cases. What if they don't convert after the penalty is marked off and are forced to kick a Field Goal? One HUGE issue with referees in this area is their "that penalty wasn't in my area" excuse when confronted for keeping a flag in their pocket when they saw the infraction occur. Referees here use it ALL THE TIME. There is NO rule that forces referees to only throw flags on their side of the field. My assistant principal of the school that I work at is also a long time referee and said it himself. I read an article on "officiating philosophy" not long ago mentioning that referees choose not to throw flags on the opposite end of the field of the direction that the play is going because its not demonstrating an "advantage gained" situation because of the infraction. This does NOT mean that a referee that sees a blatant hold/horsecollar/etc. on the opposite end of the field when the play is going that same way shouldn't throw that flag. Now here we are, in the state playoffs... for the regional championship... deciding whether a team goes to the state semi-finals or packs it up and calls it a season... and the officiating in some instances is getting WORSE than Week 1. The MPSSAA takes the gate money for every state playoff game... shouldn't they be using that money to make sure that they have the most qualified officials working these games?
  3. So much for an easy win...
  4. Welp... I never got around to answering this in time, but.... *shrugs*
  5. Please, don't be naive. This argument wouldn't be so lengthy if the reason most of our area's top student-athletes transfer while already in high school wasn't so apparent. I can run out of fingers counting the players at Dunbar alone that transferred in from another area high school since 2010. This include kids that left better schools. I also read that article and can think of a few student-athletes that transferred INTO some of the schools on that zero proficiency list. Parents and kids go through the struggles of life EVERYWHERE. If you go east-bound from the city on Route 40 all the way up to the Hatem Bridge that separates Harford & Cecil counties... look to your right, and realize that a very large chunk of that entire stretch from that side of 40 to the Bay contains section 8 housing.
  6. I stated it in a post at the beginning of the season... Baltimore County is WAY down this year. Milford is tough (despite losing Week 1 to a 4-6 Tuscarora), but that is it. Literally. Baltimore Co. HS Football Programs (23) - Baltimore Co. Teams in Week 12 (2) Harford Co. HS Football Programs (10) - Harford Co. Teams in Week 12 (3) North Harford (4-6) beat Hereford (one of BalCo's 2 teams left) by a TD this year before proceeding to get blown out by C. Milton Wright, Edgewood, Elkton, Bel Air & Havre de Grace. Yikes...
  7. Highly doubt that Havre de Grace goes down to Bo Manor. Edgewood's a completely different story, they have a good amount of athletes on the field. I've seen Bo Manor this year... if HDG can stop Bo's QB it'll be a running clock before you know it...
  8. DayWalker, we're on the same page, and you're absolutely right. My post was in regards to those saying that ANY transfer in-season automatically makes you ineligible, which is not true. I'm not saying that its a great idea to bring someone on that late... but the kid would've been eligible had his home address changed.
  9. This is both true and false. Ineligibility only comes into play when the transfer is not the direct result of a parental change of address (in this case, the kid came from a boarding school in VA, not a zone school). So, had the kid actually moved from a VA address back to the Overlea zone, he would actually be eligible to participate right away. Define "move"... you and I both know that a large handful of student-athletes in this area that transfer don't legitimately relocate.
  10. From what I've heard from a pretty credible source... the kid in question actually lives in Overlea's zone (which brings up the question of how in the world did he ever play for Dunbar in the first place...) so when he came back from Episcopal to Overlea, everything checked out... except for the fact that his residency never changed at any point in time, which prompted Baltimore Co. to deem him ineligible to participate. Seems like an oversight IMO, but seriously... the "free agency" issue is very real... Kids leave their designated jurisdiction all the time to go to different schools. Regardless, its a terrible situation and I feel horrible for all of those Overlea kids who aren't getting the chance to move forward...
  11. Holley is also the shooting guard on the Gators' state champion basketball team... just throwing that out there...
  12. "The Deen" lost a lot last year... over half of their team last year were seniors, including the QB, and since his departure, that's the position where they've struggled the most. Starting QB Weeks 1-2 was pulled off the team for off-the-field issues and I believe they pulled their JV QB up to finish the season. Not overly surprised with the score given Aberdeen's misfortune. HdG is very athletic. I'm probably more shocked at the Elkton/Bel Air score to be honest. That pretty much leaves the top two teams in the UCBAC right now to be 4-0 Havre de Grace and 4-0 Harford Tech (yes, I really said 4-0 Harford Tech).
  13. I mean no disrespect, but you can't call teams with a handful of successful seasons "perennial playoff teams." Let's go back 3 years ago, to 2014: Dundalk - this was the year before the state finals run... they went 4-6. Highlight of that season was probably beating a 9-1 Patapsco team that failed to make the playoffs because they played a Baltimore County Division III schedule. Annapolis - they went 5-5 that year... backtrack two more years... back-to-back 1-9 seasons. Like I stated in an earlier post... Nearly all of Baltimore County is down this year, and the only somewhat "perennial" playoff team in the big classifications in the county right now would be Franklin.
  14. That sounds much better... Dundalk has a new coach and is way down from the past couple years... the old Dundalk OC is now at City and the old HC is at Curley. For them to only be up 20-0 on a terrible Patapsco team (whose first win was against an Owings Mills team that hasn't even scored yet in two games) when the game was called 3rd qtr. is not impressive at all IMO (regardless of it being the "Dundalk Classic") Almost ALL of the upper half of Baltimore County is down this year. As much as I don't want to admit it... Perry Hall just may be the top dog in Baltimore County this year.