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  1. "The Deen" lost a lot last year... over half of their team last year were seniors, including the QB, and since his departure, that's the position where they've struggled the most. Starting QB Weeks 1-2 was pulled off the team for off-the-field issues and I believe they pulled their JV QB up to finish the season. Not overly surprised with the score given Aberdeen's misfortune. HdG is very athletic. I'm probably more shocked at the Elkton/Bel Air score to be honest. That pretty much leaves the top two teams in the UCBAC right now to be 4-0 Havre de Grace and 4-0 Harford Tech (yes, I really said 4-0 Harford Tech).
  2. I mean no disrespect, but you can't call teams with a handful of successful seasons "perennial playoff teams." Let's go back 3 years ago, to 2014: Dundalk - this was the year before the state finals run... they went 4-6. Highlight of that season was probably beating a 9-1 Patapsco team that failed to make the playoffs because they played a Baltimore County Division III schedule. Annapolis - they went 5-5 that year... backtrack two more years... back-to-back 1-9 seasons. Like I stated in an earlier post... Nearly all of Baltimore County is down this year, and the only somewhat "perennial" playoff team in the big classifications in the county right now would be Franklin.
  3. That sounds much better... Dundalk has a new coach and is way down from the past couple years... the old Dundalk OC is now at City and the old HC is at Curley. For them to only be up 20-0 on a terrible Patapsco team (whose first win was against an Owings Mills team that hasn't even scored yet in two games) when the game was called 3rd qtr. is not impressive at all IMO (regardless of it being the "Dundalk Classic") Almost ALL of the upper half of Baltimore County is down this year. As much as I don't want to admit it... Perry Hall just may be the top dog in Baltimore County this year.
  4. Although I know Meiko didn't play high school sports in the area, I'm sure everybody in the area knows the Locksley family, and this is a huge tragedy for them... My condolences go out to Mike, Kai, and the rest of the family...
  5. Nope, senior. I believe he played center the years prior.
  6. This.
  7. How the heck does a Week 14 scores thread turn into a thread full of banter about Gilman... For Christ's sake, cut it out... they haven't played a game in 4 weeks. (side note: Being impressed with a team is WAY different than being impressed with a game.)
  8. Friday, November 20th - Allegany at Fort Hill - Broadneck at Old Mill - Dunbar vs. Patterson (at Poly) - Dundalk at Franklin - Cambridge-South Dorchester at Havre de Grace - Elkton at North Caroline - Glenelg at Reservoir - Sherwood at Howard - Walkersville at South Carroll - Forestville Military at Manchester Valley - Eastern Christian at Silver Oak - Seneca Valley at Damascus - Northwest at Quince Orchard - Gwynn Park at Patuxent Saturday, November 21st - FAET vs. Edmondson (at Poly) - Wheaton at Potomac - Roosevelt at Wise Sunday, November 22nd - Good Counsel vs. DeMatha (WCAC Championship at Byrd Stadium)
  9. That's all that matters in the end, regardless of venue. The playoff atmosphere and the chance to make a run to the Bank in December is what we all look forward to in the long run. Good luck to your Clippers.
  10. I'll give you one simple "MPSSAA" answer. They don't want to pay for field usage if they are already paying for M&T. It would be nice, though.
  11. I've apparently struck a nerve... It's funny how nobody argued just a few years ago when Poly was the only turf field and the Dunbar's, Patterson's, Edmondson's, etc... all played their playoff games @ Lumsden-Scott... when Hereford was up in 3A and the 1A South was all Baltimore City + Forestville/Surrattsville and they always had to make that trip to get smacked at Poly. (That same year Patterson went to Urbana, didn't y'all play at Poly the week before vs. Thomas Johnson? Wasn't that a rematch of a playoff game the previous year @ Poly?) I'll agree that Dunbar & Mervo is just as good of a facility to use as Poly (which is 28 minutes from Hereford and 22 from Patterson, pending traffic) and I'm not sure what the city's rationale for using Poly instead of Mervo/Dunbar (who are both in the playoffs but have away games) might be, but I don't know WHY Patterson hasn't hosted a playoff game in 20 years... I'm just stating the facts. Don't shoot the messenger. DayWalker, as long as they're accessible, it counts. I don't know the full list of venue requirements, but I know there's an extensive list.
  12. Don't be naive... Patterson doesn't have the facilities required per the MPSSAA mandate to host a playoff game. As far as I know, they never have. I know it doesn't require lights and I'm not sure about expansive parking, but it does require locker rooms (or a field house), restrooms/port-a-johns, and certain amenities for both teams and their fans to have access to. I don't remember the last time they have. When I was in HS, Patterson always played their home playoff games at Lake Clifton. The home team usually has a choice as to where they want to host a neutral-site game, even if they have the facilities to host it themselves. A couple years back, Overlea played Lewis in the first-round of playoffs at home, then was the home team against Northwestern and Dunbar, but chose to use CCBC-Essex instead. It's not about schedule flexibility. The MPSSAA wants the most suitable sites possible for the playoffs because they inventory the tickets sold and collect the gate money for each game. I'll be honest. I'll kinda miss the opportunity to see those triple-header playoff games at Poly on Saturdays (before more city schools got turf and better facilities)
  13. I believe a newly-eligible athlete can start to practice the first day of the new quarter, he/she is not eligible to dress or play, however, until report cards are released and the athlete has 10 practices. We never have this issue with the start of football (or any sport for this matter, regardless of season) because the first day of the season and the new quarter is wayyyy after 4th quarter report cards are distributed. I've seen a kid who was ineligible almost the entire wrestling season become eligible after 2nd quarter ended, barely get his 10 practices in, and wrestled two matches (only because his team made Regional Duals) before the postseason tournaments, and he ran the table to win County, Regionals and States. The quarter just ended in the city, though... last Thursday. Most of the counties' first marking periods ended October 30th. It's impossible to gather 10 practices for Friday's game since Monday.