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  1. Fort Hill 42 - Holidaysburg (PA) 10 Between the sophomore kicker from FH and the senior kicker from Holidaysburg, there was a total of seven touchbacks.
  2. After defeating Dunbar last week, Allegany loses to Chestnut Ridge of PA 38 - 23.
  3. Fort Hill 59 - 0. Dan King just had a kick off out of the end zone.
  4. Fort Hill over Keyser (WV) 38-0 at the half. Sophomore kicker, Dan King, with three touch backs and a 45 yard field goal from the left hash mark. Keyser was the last team to beat the Sentinels two years ago. Allegany is losing to Chestnut Ridge (PA) 22-15 at the half.
  5. Yep. Fake news you brought to the table. Haha.
  6. Yep! Ha ha.
  7. Huh? That is the name of the school.
  8. If MD is smart they will be looking at the sophomore kicker from Cumberland. He can consistently put the ball 5 yards deep in the end zone on kickoffs, kick 45+ yard field goals, and punt the ball high and deep. He is currently 6'-1".
  9. Say what you will about Edsall, but Ty Johnson would not be at MD if it wasn't for Edsall giving him a shot.
  10. Proud of the Terps, especially Fort Hill grad Ty Johnson who is continuing where he left off last year: 132 yards on 12 carries 63 yard kickoff return 40 yard TD run
  11. Fort Hill 75 - Obama Academy of Pittsburgh 8 Oh...and Ty Johnson...12 carries for 132 yards, one TD, and a 63 yard kickoff return as MD defeats Texas. 🙂
  12. Heehee...🙂
  13. Allegany 49 - Dunbar 42
  14. I agree, MD Mountaineer. It almost seemed as if the Poets could turn it on defensively at times, but the consistency was not there. It will be come playoff time. The Poet's QB is something very, very special! He threw some completed passes when he was in the grasp.
  15. As C-Ville mentioned, it looked like the Poets did not know how to defend the Wing-T. As a potential point of interest, the Dunbar-Allegany state championship game 10 years ago established the most points scored in a MD state championship game (58-34). This one seemed very similar.