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  1. ...and the MIAA hubris is alive and well.
  2. As a point of reference, Fort Hill split with MSJ in 2009 and 2010. Yes, a mere 8 and 9 seasons ago - within the last decade, and prior to Fort Hill's championship run. In 2009, the Sentinels beat MSJ 22-12 only to lose to crosstown rival Allegany in the 1A West Final 35-14 after beating the Campers during the regular season 17-7. In 2010, the Sentinels lost to MSJ 10-7. That same year, the Poets beat the Sentinels in the state semi-final 20-14. Of course the local MIAA contingent on this board said, "Oh, MSJ was way down both of those years." Well, MIAA football programs are either consistently good or they are not. You can't have it both ways. To say that the Poets could not compete with teams in the MIAA on a consistent basis is ludicrous. The MIAA hubris some bring to the table is rather humorous. Aside from Saint Frances, there is little doubt the Poets would win some and lose some against MIAA foes.
  3. Let me mention that when I say “credit” I simply mean what you inferred, but I also credit Coach Nazelrod for resuscitating a program that was on life support four years ago. Kudos to him and the program. Hey, you asked for the 12 closest schools. I provided 17. It is what it is. FH does not have the power to relocate to a metro area. You say teams such as Boonsboro and Southern “SUCK” - both teams made the playoffs with 9-1 and 8-2 records only to be 35 point ruled in the playoffs by FH and Allegany. If one of those two teams would have lost another game Northern would have been in the playoffs - another team that would be placed under your definition. The AMAC was created for football less than 10 years ago. It is made up of 8 schools from Allegany, Garrett, Mineral (WV) and Hampshire (WV) counties. Each school recognized it would benefit from the gate of playing a FH, Allegany or Keyser (WV). The AMAC still exist for every other sport with the exception of football. If it’s about relationships, why do the AMAC schools play each other in all other sports? Simple answer... because they can compete. FH would love to play other teams in its region. Perhaps you should inquire as to why those teams don’t want to play FH. Trust me, if those same teams knew they could beat FH or any other team on a consistent basis, they would schedule them in a heartbeat. Regarding scores: Should a team that fields 50+ players simply lay down when second, third and fourth team players play the entire second half? I think not. Do Allegany and MR pay teams to play? No, they have teams such as Northern, Southern, Frankfort, Hampshire, etc. on their schedules, so they don’t have to do so. It is very easy for folks from the metro area to question why FH consistently has scheduling issues without considering all factors that come into play.
  4. To Coach Nazlerod’s credit, Southern is back on the schedule next year. I do believe FH would be much more willing to play Martinsburg each year and/or other competitive schools if there was any point value in taking a loss. FH is not afraid to lose a game or two, but due to FH’s location, success, and not being in a league make it very challenging to find opponents that won’t schedule FH out of the playoffs. FH is playing the same scheduling game as the other schools you state are not worthy opponents. The only major exception is FH has to pay schools to come to Cumberland. I ask this with all due respect: What other public schools in MD have to pay schools to play a football game? Again with respect, what do you suggest would be a good regular season schedule for the Sentinels? Then, can you convince two or three tier top programs, regardless of classification to play them? Keep in mind, while the Sentinels might not consistently beat a top tier 2A, 3A, or 4A team, there is the potential it could happen, and I am not certain there are such teams that want to take that risk year in and year out. I am not one to profess to have the answers to the current situation, but location, not being in a league (check out my comments in a recent thread about the AMAC - an area league originally created for football), and FH’s consistent success are all factors that come into scheduling play. Heck, perhaps they can join the Baltimore City League. 😃
  5. Yes, but teams such as Boonsboro, Northern, Southern, North Hagerstown, and South Hagerstown will not schedule FH on a regular basis because during most years it is a loss, and those 1A teams schedule to make the playoffs, too. Just as FH will beat those teams most years, Martinsburg will beat FH most years. FH has become a victim of its own success. As I mentioned in another thread, FH’s location is also an obstacle. FH is not located in a metro area. All the while, teams such as Boonsboro will show up in the 1A West playoffs to be hammered by FH or Allegany. Why should FH have to pay to play a team from FL when teams in their own region won’t play them? Yes, FH can schedule itself out of the playoffs on a regular basis if they load their schedule with FC, the FL team, Martinsburg, Damascus, Allegany, etc. Regarding understanding is the team had a very limited # of players- not to mention Westinghouse was pounded by a PA team FH pounded.
  6. More than 12... Northern Southern Frankfort (WV) Keyser (WV) Hampshire (WV) Hancock Clearspring Boonsboro North Hagerstown South Hagerstown Smithsburg Martinsburg (WV) Jefferson (WV) Morgantown (WV) University (WV) Bedford (PA) Saint James Range from 5 - 80 miles.
  7. Yes.
  8. Sorry...a post came about while I was typing... The last non- Sentinel head coach was Mike Calhoun. He graduated from Beall High School (now Mountain Ridge) where his father was the football coach for several years. Prior to Coach Calhoun, Jim Chaney, also a Beall High School graduate, was the only other coach during my lifetime who was the head coach at FH who did not graduate as a Sentinel. Unfortunately, he followed Coach Charlie Lattimer, and had a very short stay at the helm. He moved to, I believe, St. Mary’s County where he eventually became the Supervisor of Athletics. Coach Chaney is a good person who, from my perspective, was not given a fair deal at FH.
  9. #7...impressive!
  10. Let me preface my comments by saying Allegany and Garrett Counties are unique in that the population center (Cumberland) has about 20,000 people. From Cumberland, you can be in nearby WV in 5 minutes and nearby PA in 10 minutes. Cumberland is only 60 minutes from VA, too. There are a limited # of schools in this geographic area, and I will be the first to say some of the schools are very small and would have no business scheduling FH. There are schools in nearby WV and PA that won’t play FH due to league play, and because 9/10 times they get it handed to them. Keyser (WV) is only one of two schools to beat FH in the regular season during this run, and, after 50+ years of playing each other, Keyser is dropping FH next year because an annual loss impacts their playoff chances in WV. FH had a two year deal with Sherando, a state contender in VA, and beat them both years. Well, Sherando dropped FH after the two year contract to protect their playoff hopes in VA. Then there is the issue that there are multiple 1A schools in the west region that will not play FH because they, too, are looking to sneak into the playoffs. Should Hancock and Clearspring be considered in the mix? No, but Boonsboro, Smithsburg, Northern, and Southern should be. To Southern’s credit, word on the street is they will be on FH’s schedule next year. There will always be the debate that teams in a specific region should play each other during the regular season. The bottom line is when teams in your geographical area (60 miles west, east, north, and south) won’t play other teams because they are all protecting their right to schedule to get into the playoffs, that forces a quality program such as FH to schedule a team from Florida, Friendship Collegiate, and teams from Pittsburgh during the regular season. A league was created that was made up of schools from far western MD (Allegany County and Garrett County) and Mineral and Hampshire counties in WV ten years ago. It still exists for all other sports with the exception of football - the initial purpose of the league. Again, teams now schedule to make the playoffs. wrap it up: Geography, a limited # of schools, schools in nearby WV and PA and in the 1A West Region scheduling to make the playoffs, and FH’s successful program has led to a lot of scheduling frustration in recent years.
  11. The Dunbar - Fort Hill game was a great championship match-up. Dunbar was penalized 9-10 times for 80 yards. Fort Hill was penalized 7 times for 65 yards. Penalties are one part of the game. Again, congrats to the Poets and Sentinels for displaying excellent sportsmanship throughout the game and for providing high school football fans with some entertainment on a Saturday afternoon.
  12. Congrats to the Poets and Sentinels on a well played championship game. There was a lot of sportsmanship shown throughout the game. Dunbar’s defensive adjustment led to the FH FG at the end of the first half. Prior to that series, FH was getting 6-8 yards a clip. That same adjustment held FH to 41 yards of offense in the second half. Great game!
  13. Congrats to both teams! Dunbar did a great job with the defensive adjustments at the end of the first half and throughout the second half. Regarding penalties: Dunbar had 9 for 79 yards, and FH had 7 for 65 yards.
  14. Great game! Congrats to the Poets and Sentinels for a great season! Too many missed tackles by FH. Dunbar made some good defensive adjustments from the end of the first half and throughout the second half.