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  1. Recognizing the racist history of the country, and ongoing racism, is white guilt? I think it's recognizing reality.
  3. Bannon lying so it looks like he wasn't canned.
  4. They're gone. Thx to the idiocy of the alt right.
  5. Oh he will, you know that. The interesting part will be to see who he takes down with him. Amazing how yawn inspiring this is, at one time big news. Now? Just another day at the monkey house.
  6. Suspect Bannon isn't a go gently into that good night kinda guy.
  7. these cops need to be in jail. For a long time.
  8. I love how the alt right tries to make this only about monuments. Trying to connect the dots between marching with Nazi flags to a statue of Lee? Wait, because Nazis were big proponents of...what exactly?
  9. My favorite part of Trump's comments is where he said there were "good people" on both sides. How many "good people" march with people flying Nazi flags? I'm going with zero.
  10. Fine tuned machine? What a mess.
  11. Oh I think we all know the answer to that.
  12. Trump's "weeks" remind me of days of the week panties. (Do they still make those?) Gimmick that only he really seems to be aware of. Oy.
  13. How long before Trump starts with the birtherism stuff again?
  14. Questions Trump's competence and stability. Worth noting Corker heads the Senate Foreign Affairs committee. As such he's privy to a lot of intel and foreign govt communications. God help us.