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  1. Here's the AP story.
  2. The big issue is Trump et al denying this happened. What happened in the past can't be undone. But if we want to arrest this going forward, we need the exec and legislative branches to recognise the problem and address it. The 2018 election is about 16 months away.
  3. It also rescinds the requirement that employers with more than 50 employees provide health insurance. Also rolls back requirement that insurance coverage include things like maternity care and mammograms. Cool.
  4. Well this experience might come in handy going forward.
  5. You're missing the point. They've had 7 years, 7 YEARS to come up with something. Governing is harder than obstructing. Go figure.
  6. Where I vote they don't look at my voter registration card. Match my ID (driver's license) to their master list. If I'm not on that, I don't vote.
  7. And he was not the first. But as you say: blatant. Sending money, resources etc is an old game. Illegally breaking into data bases is a new game, covert, and an attack. What's interesting about this new report is that the CIA has had this info for a while. They would have briefed the new POTUS on it. Yet he continued for months to loudly doubt the whole notion that the Russians had hacked our election. Wonder why.....
  8. Not really. One of the hacks (Florida) got into voter registration records. Could have deleted files and voters would not have been allowed to vote by paper ballot or otherwise.
  9. Simply because there is no evidence it didn't work doesn't mean the attempt shouldn't be punished. While "crime of the century" is arguable, and I note you left off the "in political terms" qualifier, it's pretty staggering. 20 states have now reported attempted hacks into their voting systems. And of course, you still have Trump acolytes simply denying there was any hacking.
  10. They were damned if they did and damned if they didn't. In hindsight, should have came out with it. If for no other reason than to give the Russians pause.
  11. Trump is infuriated by anyone who isn't intimidated by him. Which is why Mueller is his new fixation.
  12. So cops get nervous when people have guns? Do you support laws allowing people to carry guns? Isn't it fairly common? If this makes a cop "nervous", and he reacts like this, he had no damn business being armed. I didn't say he was racist, could be. But he was criminally incompetent.
  13. Yes indeed. Because Trump has clearly--and consistently--laid out his agenda. Like not cutting back Medicaid, right? Like draining the swamp, right? OMG the power of self delusion. BTW, don't know where you've been but most of the Republicans in the Senate were clueless about the bill until today.