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  1. Nonsense. People said voluntary income tax submission wouldn't work either. Penalties high enough, it works.
  2. Silly question. What other country was stupid enough to allow this situation to develop?
  3. Notice you won't answer my question. One more time: are you for my proposal or not. It's a yes or no thing.
  4. It would work the way it has in other countries. It's not rocket science. So again, if this is workable, you're for it or not?
  5. Again, not concerned with hand guns. My law covers long guns that are fed with magazines that hold dozens of rounds and are rapid fire/re-load. Clear? The kind this kid used. And the one before him. And the one before him. And the one before him.... But let's be clear about your motive. If the definition of the type of weapons I want rounded up met your approval, then you're ok with my proposal? Your concern is strictly clarity of definition?
  6. You know you can't defend the egregious gun happy situation we have, so you parse gun terms. Let me make this simple. The kind of gun this kid, and the last umpteen mass shooters, used. The kind of gun that allows a complete novice to murder lots of people in minutes. Look it up.
  7. MAGA
  8. But they're not all rapid fire/re-load. But keep parsing.
  9. You're wrong. Semi automatic handguns are not all rapid fire, assault style weapons. And a handgun clip is different from a magazine with God knows how many rounds. And this parsing of gun lingo is tiresome. And that MA law? Less than 2 weeks old.
  10. I didn't say all semi automatic weapons. Rapid fire, magazine fed. Why do you find it necessary to lie? Seriously, I want an answer to that.
  11. He lied about his income sources on disclosure forms. And that whole Turkey thing. Wouldn't waste too many years on him.
  12. Banning them would be a good start. And the magazines, ammunition. And of course a ban would have an effect. It's just math. And mandate handing over ones people own. As in make it a crime to own. Won't immediately take them all but over time it will.