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  1. So you're suggesting the Mueller investigation and the Sean Hannity investigation are equally valid/invalid?
  2. Actually you the idea of collusion was "ludicrous". " It's no more ludicrous than Trump having some vast conspiracy with the Russians that nobody has ever been able to discover." Be careful you don't fall off that bike racing backwards.
  3. I don't see how anyone who watched Brennan's testimony can be so sure there is "nothing there". Astonishing.
  4. Good. So we need to investigate what happened to ensure it won't happen again. And we need to take action against Russia. Neither of which Trump supports.
  5. Not yet. But there is evidence that the Russians cyber attacked our elections. You good with that? No consequences for Russia, just meh?
  6. No. You said it was "funny" that he said it. So why is it "funny"? In what sense?
  7. Oh I see. This is the preemptive denial of that the Russians were behind the leaks. Did you read the intelligence report on this that came out in January? Where the heads of 17 agencies all agree the Russians hacked into various election and news orgs? Funny that only Hannity got the real scoop, huh?
  8. So by make an example of, you meant what?
  9. And by "make an example" Podesta meant have him killed. Yeah that's not nutjob. This episode displays the journalistic integrity of Fox, those wonderful folks who brought you Terry Schiavo and birtherism. Ludicrous indeed. And Fox acolytes solemnly dispute the accuracy of WaPo articles based on the time honored use of anonymous resources.
  10. No. It's required.
  11. Anything shiny.
  12. Sure am glad Ivanka is there. That girl just gives and gives and gives. Talk about grifters.
  13. Because the Vatican requests it.
  14. Do you deny the Russians cyber attacked our election? Read the report.