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  1. No. It points out the danger of this whole pipeline concept. All downside, no upside. Which is what the OP says if you'd bother to read it.
  2. Nonsense. Elephant population is steadily declining. Saying well it's better than poaching is strictly straw man. People pay to see LIVE elephants. Photo safaris generate far more revenue than hunting. "But conservation advocates say that elephants bring in much more revenue from tourists who want to see them alive. A report from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust estimates that an elephant brings in $23,000 a year, or $1.6 million over its lifetime. Animal advocates also say that hunting endangered species is unethical and shouldn't be used to generate money for the government. "It's impossible to sustainably harvest a species that's declining," Sebastian Troeng, executive vice president of Conservation International said. "The notion that killing elephants is helping elephants doesn't hold water,"
  3. So Franken's and Moore's misdeeds being exposed is the Democrat's "strategy"? Wow, they ARE good. Tough to pull those off.
  4. I already said I think Franken should resign. So no,it's not based the letter following his name.
  5. He overturned it because it has Obama cooties. That's what kind of a juvenile, vicious clown we have in the White House.
  6. One word for you re Franken sinking to Moore's level: fourteen.
  7. Coward's way out. "Let the people decide". Yea for leadership.
  8. Full time job educating you. 2006. Statute of limitations. Duh. And the more I think about it, yes he should step down. Simply because he hasn't sunk to the depravity of Moore is no excuse. Set a precedent. Rip off the band-aid.
  9. The photo isn't the thing. He isn't touching her. It's vulgar and speaks to our culture that finds this kind of thing funny. The thing is him pushing his tongue into this woman's mouth under the guise of a "rehearsal". I am sure every woman on this board has had this experience. I have several times. Holiday party, go to greet someone with an air kiss and he turns into you and takes you by surprise. Franken doing this is revolting. It's at the very least invasion of personal space, more likely assault. But hey, it's all in good fun, right? I like Franken but this behavior needs to be called out. Best case it gets it out front and talked about. So, tell me if I'm wrong. Any woman here who hasn't experienced this?
  10. Oh why shut up someone who routinely exposes their own inadequacy? Have at it.
  11. And other young girls. All named in the article. Seems old Roy never got around to actually reading those Commandments.
  12. Politics aside, I would be interested in how many women here haven't experienced what Franken is accused of. Don't mean the photo thing, that's disgusting and juvenile but not the big thing. It's him sticking his tongue into this woman's mouth while rehearing a skit. How many women have had this happen to them? I know I have several times. Holiday party, you greet someone with an "air kiss" and suddenly some lout "being funny" pushes his mouth onto yours and pokes his tongue in your mouth? This kind of **** has to stop. Shame on Franken. I like Franken, think he's a good Senator. That's kind of the point. All in good fun from the man's point of view. But it's not fun, it's an invasion at best, assault at worst. Rant over.
  13. Nasty and inexcusable. Thought that was unambiguous. But you choose to think you know what I mean and react in a knee jerk fashion. I would be outraged if it were my kid. I am outraged. So you can just shut the hell up. And btw the photo isn't the bad part. Crude and stupid. But not a big deal, he's not actually touching her. The bad part is him grabbing this woman during a rehearsal for a skit that included a stage kiss, and shoving his tongue in her mouth.
  14. Agree he should stay out of it from the perspective that it's a no win for him. Given his history re "grab them by the kitty-cat" and other distasteful stuff. It's just seems really odd that he doesn't weigh in as he always has something to say about damn near everything!
  15. You missed this part. "West Virginia enjoys a strong relationship with China Energy, including ongoing research initiatives with West Virginia University. WVU and then-Shenhua Group began their relationship in 2002 with joint research on direct coal liquefaction technology." Did Trump's administration move this along? No reason to think they didn't. But investment decisions like these don't happen overnight. If Trump were smart, he would announce this stuff in the context of the years of fine work from the W VA folks instead of trying to attribute it all to himself. It's unseemly.
  16. You're not wrong. It's probably hard for a man to understand. I've worked in what I think of as testosterone overload environments. Where nothing untoward was directed at me, yet I still felt intimidated. Situations where I was the only woman with a dozen men. Don't blame the men. They played "whose is bigger" in meetings, lots of aggressive behavior, loud and rude. When I wanted to be heard, I had to almost scream. Again, just the fact that my voice (like any woman's) isn't as loud as a man's. Don't think it was deliberate, these men in one to one interactions were great. But too often as a group they would get hyper-competitive, which makes a woman uneasy. Solution IMO isn't more "training" but have more women in the ranks of mgmt. Thankfully that is happening.
  17. No. But that doesn't excuse it.
  18. He was a grown *** man. Sexual assault, I don't know. But nasty and inexcusable. He's apologized which is something. But geez. This is frat boy nonsense at best. And again, he was way older than a frat boy.
  19. Lovely story. Nice reminder that all kinds of wonderful people walk among us.
  20. Like all bullies he couldn't handle criticism-- whether deserved or not. The Bridgegate stuff exposed him as petty and vindictive. The beach incident, where only his family was able to enjoy a state beach when it was closed over a holiday weekend to others, showed his true colors. It was a big "**** you" to the NJ residents he no longer needed. Real prince.
  21. Is plebcide the murder of the ordinary people? That can't be good....
  22. One last time. A WaPo reporter was in AL covering the Republican primary. Started hearing these stories about Moore. The paper decided to assign a team of 4 to dig deeper. THEY FOUND THE WOMEN. GOT THAT? This idea is sheer bull****: "So far what we seem to have is he said / she said right before an senatorial election, with the "she saids" coming from ladies who have been silent through the rest of this guy's public life (which had any number of opportunities for him to be derailed)" They were silent because prior to this, nobody came to them and pointedly asked them about the indiscretions. OK?
  23. Who did the DOJ investigate under Obama that was politically motivated?
  24. In and of itself, maybe not. But were they unaware that WikiLeak activities are illegal? My prediction is that the big thing with Trump and his family will be financial missteps/crimes. All this Cyprus, Deutsche Bank stuff. Play ball with these Russian oligarchs and what do you expect? I haven't read any of it but supposedly this Paradise Files thing is explosive, at least so says my husband. I suspect collusion occurred but not directed by Trump, he simply isn't smart enough IMO.