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  1. Although Ben Watson did not play last season, he is the latest Raven to take a pay cut. Prior to getting injured Dennis Pitta agreed to a pay reduction. According to reports, Joe Flacco is going to count 24 million against the cap. Although there are a few factors contributing to the Ravens not making the playoffs that were outside of Flacco’s control, is he really playing like a 24 million a year quarterback? If Flacco takes a pay cut, you can bring a few more players that can have an impact on the Ravens for 2017. It is the Raven’s fault for agreeing on the contract, but from a fan’s perspective if Flacco is not going to help take the Ravens to the Superbowl on the field (on a consistent basis) maybe he can help off the field.
  2. I am not offering commentary on this, just an interesting read………. Shareece Wright 2011: From Positives: Good size — well-proportioned with muscle definition. Has strength to press receivers at the line. Good straight-line speed and closing burst. Hustler — great effort chasing down Washington QB Jake Locker from behind. Reads quarterback drops and drives on throws. Willing, physical run supporter who sets the edge. Good tackle production and shows pop on contact. Tough and intense. Has potential as a gunner on special teams. Negatives: Game does not come naturally to him and could need extra reps to grasp NFL complexities. Very stiff — is not a fluid mover and does not transition smoothly. Plays on his heels. Struggles in off coverage. Suspect hands and downfield ball skills — loses phase, struggles with his back to the ball and lacks finishing skills (one career interception). Injury history needs to be looked into and durability could be an issue. Summary: Well-proportioned, competitive, physical, press-and-trail corner who lacks elite top-end speed, recovery burst and ball skills. His confidence and physicality will appeal to teams such as the Ravens, Lions, Giants, Rams and Seahawks that like to roll up their corners Marlon Humphrey 2017: From Strengths Has the body type and athletic traits that are out of central casting. Fluid hips and hard-charging makeup speed. Well-versed in a variety of coverages. Plays with disciplined eyes and good balance between high-low responsibilities in zone. Good short-area acceleration to close out receivers and attack throwing lanes. Reactive athleticism helps erase coverage mistakes. Extremely competitive with an edge that spikes after he's beaten. Timid receivers should take the day off. Aggressive from press with a powerful punch. Looks to intimidate when the opportunity arises. Drives receivers out of bounds and out of the play if their vertical release takes them too close to the boundary. Will not let a blocking receiver punk him. Tears through blocker and attacks downhill. Searches for opportunities to strip the ball; forced three fumbles in 2016. Weaknesses Impatient from press coverage. Opens inside or outside too early rather than waiting for a clear declare from receiver. Struggles to stay in phase throughout the route and allows separation opportunities. Feet are fast but sloppy. Footwork becomes bulky and balance diminishes when matched against quality route workers. Plays a scrambling style of coverage that is too reliant upon his athletic gifts. Issues playing the deep ball are a concern. From off coverage, overreacts to route fakes and opens the door to a big play. Allowed more than 19 yards per completion as a starter. Can be slow to locate the ball and finds himself out of optimal position to play the ball. Draft Projection Round 1 Sources Tell Us "There are some things on tape that really worry you. If he has trouble playing the long ball it is going to be bombs away against him and his team might have to change how they cover because of that. Those issues usually don't go away." -- Scouting director for AFC team
  3. Can this upcoming draft be the beginning of the end of an era? It has been well documented how the front office has missed on several players in the draft. There are a lot of rumors swirling around including that the Ravens will trade back to acquire more picks. This is a good strategy if the front office can actually draft well. The front office will have to take some calculated risk this draft, and infuse playmakers. Free Agency was even to be fair, not for sure if the players brought in can be that extra push to get the team into the playoffs, only time will tell. As a fan, I am near giving up on the coaching component of the team. It’s not that Harbaugh is a terrible coach but it appears to the outside that he needs to learn humility. His pride has hurt the team in terms of the coaching staff. I am hope that I am wrong but Marty M. is destined to disappoint and Dean Pees defense is destined to fall apart in the spotlight, (Christmas-Pittsburgh, Playoffs-New England). Without competent coaching would it really matter who the Ravens draft? Maybe they should draft all offensive and defensive lineman? Can Joe Flacco get a quarterback coach? If this draft does not produce a group of strong players and if the Ravens miss the playoffs, one thing is for sure, it’s time for a change. The way the offseason is looking in terms of free agency and coaching, one has to wonder why the owner is delaying the inevitable. I hope that I am wrong……….
  4. There are fans in Raven nation that have doubts about Joe’s ability to lead the team back to a Superbowl. I am not one of them. Also there is debate on how the Ravens supported Flacco in terms consistently surrounding him around strong players and playmakers. Also there is debate on the offensive coaching provided for Flacco through the years, Cam Cameron and Marc Trestman to name a few. Where are they now? In terms of coaching, due to John Harbaugh’s ego, coaches like Jim Zorn and Hue Jackson worked with Flacco for a short amount of time but generated success. Now the Ravens brilliantly (insert sarcasm face here) named Marty Mornhinweg the offensive coordinator and the quarterback’s coach. Not for sure, if Mornhinweg can correct his mechanics and advise Flacco overall but that’s a conversation after the coaching staff is (potentially) fired in October, 2017. Now for the topic at hand, Joe Flacco is being paid like an elite quarterback. Is Joe Flacco elite? If you ask me after the 2012 Super Bowl run, without hesitation, yes. Ask me now, the answer is no but not a definitive no. The concern with Flacco is that he let his used car salesman like agent, Joe Linta advocate for him to receive a contract designated for an elite quarterback. His agent did his job but is Flacco doing his as an elite quarterback? The Ravens are about to go to free agency with limited ability to make a splash due to a few contracts, including Joe Flacco’s. If Flacco is putting up great numbers and leading the Ravens to the playoffs this will not be a big issue. Based on reports from journalist who covers the Ravens, Joe Flacco does not miss a practice or is at the facility during the times he supposed to be. What is not indicated, is that he puts in overtime with film study, being in the gym, or working with his receivers and running backs. His inaccuracy at times supports this notion. To be great in any job, arguably overtime is needed, which will help go the extra mile in today’s times. Granted Flacco is coming back from a major knee injury but last year (2016) was not great in terms of his numbers. Total G QBRat Comp Att Pct Yds Y/G Y/A TD Int Att Yds Total 16 83.5 436 672 64.9 4317 269.8 6.4 20 15 21 58 Flacco restructuring his contract or taken a pay cut will allow the Ravens to add impact players to the roster during free agency. This may free up Flacco to not put in the overtime to be an elite quarterback while allowing the team to make its way to a superbowl in 2018. If another season goes with Flacco not helping the team in terms of his contract, I will be convinced that he is more concerned with being one of the highest paid quarterbacks but not one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL........
  5. From watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers, one impressive aspect of each team is how deep they are at the wide receiver position. You can argue that they are drafting receivers well, but one consideration is player development. I think Breshad Perriman & Chris Moore should not wait on the current (Ravens) coaching staff to develop them. Based on history, the Ravens have developed one receiver since 1996 and that is Torrey Smith. Perriman & Moore should reach out to a veteran probowl or preferably a retired all-pro receiver. They can learn route running, and all the aspects of being a great receiver. Personally I wouldn’t wait for the Ravens coaching staff to do develop them. Reaching out to a retired all-pro receiver (that is a great trainer) will be a heck of an investment when their (Perriman/Moore) rookie contract runs out. Another consideration is to blow Joe Flacco’s phone up. Stay at his house during off the season. Being that Joe Flacco is a highly paid quarterback he can spot a hotel room for his receivers during the offseason unless he wants to get paid like an elite quarterback but not put the work in the off season like an elite quarterback (Pitta does not count). From watching every game this year, extra time with Perriman & Moore wouldn’t hurt Flacco.
  6. The national media is starting to pay attention to what’s happening within the Baltimore Ravens Football Team. Check out the short and long version from Colin Coward’s take on John Harbaugh. A little extreme but interesting to ponder on considering John Harbaugh’s recent coaching (assistant) announcement. Short Version: Long Version: Even the ever positive Jamison Hensley wrote an interesting column: No one is saying that talking heads are the authority and knows everything when it comes to football. But the information above echoes what the Raven’s fans have been feeling about the negative attributes of John Harbaugh. No one is perfect, and over his tenure, Harbaugh has won more than what he has lost. The announcement on Tuesday, seems to be about John Harbaugh’s ego. Deep down inside he knows that his offensive and defensive coaching staff is flawed and is the main reason for mediocre football being placed since 2012 (*with an exception of a Gary Kubiak led offense). There are way better coaches (coordinators) that can lead the Ravens than Marty Mornhinweg, Juan Castillo, and Dean Pees. The fans know this, the pundits know this, and John Harbaugh knows this. Unfortunately, Harbaugh’s Ego is making on the decisions on coaching and player personnel.
  7. As a Ravens fan, I am not happy with the team missing the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons. The potential problem with not bringing back John Harbaugh is finding a coach that can be more successful (than him) with the team. I think it’s possible but not necessarily an easy feat like replacing some of the other coaches (Jeff Fischer, Gus Bradley) that have been fired already this season. The Ravens need changes on both sides of the ball. Dean Pees style of defense does not work unless the Ravens are up by more than 14 points with 2 minutes left in the game. Say what you want but look at what happened in the superbowl. Look what happened in the 2014 playoffs. A new defensive coordinator is needed. Now some may say no, that’s crazy. If you want gaudy stats during the regular season, keep Dean Pees. If you want a championship, a change is needed. The offense has been a disaster (even worse) since Juan Castillo has taken over. He is worse for the team compared to Marty W. If Harbaugh comes back, I would be surprise if he does not bring his cronies with him on both sides of the ball. If that happens, go ahead and expect another 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 record next season. Expect to miss the playoffs again Ravens fans. On the bright side, they may keep each game competitive next season if the coaching staff does not change . You will be entertained .
  8. There is talk of ending Marty Ball, it may be a start but not the finish. Juan Castillo has been here since the end of the 2012 season. If you are going to ignore the PFF stats of the offensive line, think about how many times Flacco has been hurt since 2013 vs. 2008-2012. Think about how many blitzes up the middle teams have done against the Ravens since 2013 vs. 2008-2012. You cannot solely pin missing the playoffs 3 out of 4 times on Castillo, but when the Ravens were making the playoffs the line was consistent. The Ravens had one of the best offensive lines in 2014. Guess what, Gary Kubiak was running the show and brought at least 3 assistants to help run the show. How many did Marc Trestman bring? How many did Marty W bring? It starts with the offensive line. In terms of drafting a playmaker, maybe Ozzie and company should outsource. They have made good picks and undrafted signings in terms middle linebacker/outside linebackers, corners (at times), offensive line (based on history) in the past. They struggle with Wide Receiver and Tight End. No shame here. You can’t be an expert at everything. Maybe stepping back from Alabama may be helpful also.
  9. Being a Ravens Fan since 1996, one obvious observation is that the Ravens’ offense has been inconsistent since the arrival of Brian Billick. Although the Ravens offense have been a mess overall again this season, some simple adjustments may help (or may not): *Although Flacco has sliding issues, create a target number of 40-50 running yards (for Flacco) per game. This will cause opposing defenses to be honest in terms of playing within the middle ultimately opening up the short/medium passing game. *Have Perriman, Moore and/or Wallace on the field together at all times. Looking at the snap counts provided by Jeff Zrebric, this is not taking place. Have one of those receivers run fly routes each time. This will create one on one match ups and open up the middle for Pitta, Smith Sr., Dixon, or Aiken. *Pull plug on Zuttah after two penalties within a game. As another poster indicated within this forum, he is clearly hurting the team with his lack of discipline. He must be a great citizen and listen to coach Harbaugh consistently. *Have Dixon and/or Buck Allen (if activated) on the field on all third downs. Dixon especially can create that missing Ray Rice element during third downs. He also has the ability to corral Flacco’s short (inaccurate) passes. *Run Fast Tempo a minimum of 3 to 4 times a game. I don’t understand why the Ravens do not make Flacco comfortable but are willing to pay him all of this money. *Until Harbaugh brings in tough minded caliber players on offense (outside of Smith Sr.) stop going for it on 4th downs, and if conditions allow, let Tucker kick it from the distance of 65 (or less) yards. The Ravens benefit being a smaller market because some of their offensive issues are obvious. Read the discussion forums, different websites, and its apparent that the fans are well aware of their offensive issues. If the fans are aware, do you think opposing defenses are aware? The coaching has to get better plain and simple…. Not for sure if this is happening or not, but it wouldn’t hurt for Flacco to put extra time in with his receivers (outside of Pitta).
  10. John Harbaugh would make a great politician. When asked questions, he has a savvy ability to avoid answering questions directly. He has experience in placing friends in positions that may spark questions from an objective general observer. Specifically, Juan Castillo, a Harbaugh crony, that has had the offensive line looking terrible in the run and pass game with exception to the 2014 season. In 2014, Gary Kubiak brought in his own offensive staff which is unique for an offensive coordinator to do. But, I guess I am just making stuff up as usual because there couldn’t be a correlation between 2014 and the rest of tenure of coach Juan Castillo. In speaking of Coach Juan Castillo, he has Joe Flacco running the opposite direction quite often with the way the offensive line is currently set up. Unfortunately, it’s looking like Marty M. is going down the Philly Reject coaching road……Oh Coach Harbaugh……
  11. The defensive side of the ball has missed C.J. Mosley these past several weeks. I will admit that I critiqued Mosley last season, but he is continuing to have a positive impact overall. Matthew Judon and Jimmy Smith are stepping it up as well. Since Dean Pees arrival, the defense has not been able to sustain leads consistently. It makes me think that this is a philosophy/coaching issue rather than a player issue. Dean Pees may want to consider to be aggressive because the prevent defense or the zone schemes are not working consistently especially late in games.
  12. It’s interesting that Coach John Harbaugh wants to go for 4th downs during questionable points in the game. But Coach Harbaugh can’t have it both ways. Since 2012, he made a concerted effort to create an atmosphere of “Yes Man” and eliminated a large amount of the overall “swagger” of the team. With this approach, he gutted the “toughness” of the team. Coach might want to have more tough guys on the team when deciding to go for 4th downs. Also while Coach Harbaugh continues to recruit “boy scouts, honorable man” to play football, he could at least ensure that these “new and improved attitude (wise)” players can follow the rules of the game. According to, today the Ravens were penalized 15 times for 119 yards: Marty Ball showed glimpses of hope today compared to prior games this season however it’s hard to figure out how good the skill players can be with a terrible offensive line. Although one game, the flow of the offense looks better than the one lead by the former non-cronie of Harbaugh. Yes, there are injuries, however the back-up Raven Offensive line men are NFL players. It’s not unheard of for an NFL team to shuffle players on the offensive line and be successful. Juan Castillo should be held accountable. It’s interesting that the defense is starting to come up short again with big stops. Could be coaching or the players or both. One thing for sure is that the Harbaugh in Michigan has never given the impression that he loses the same way each week and let his cronies, and ill-informed arrogance destroy the overall team. So I ask the satirical but honest question again, can a trade be made with Michigan?
  13. Good Call, I do remember the Ravens giving up on Billick that season. That is the one thing that has helped Harbaugh to this point, is that the games have been (at times, unnecessarily) close. I wonder if that changes if things continue the way they are. I really believe Mosley was trying to make a play, because he did not trust the offense lead by the two coaches identified in the original post.
  14. *Keep the package of Juan Castillo and Marc Trestman, there does not seem to be any changes that need to be made. *Keep bringing in high character and “Timid” players on offense and defense, there was no coincidence that no tough plays were made (on offense) after the “37-year-old Steve Smith Sr. went down.” I do believe that players can have “high” and “good” character while being aggressive and intense on the field. But keep doing it the Harbaugh way since 2013. *Even bring back #24, keep the party going. Link: It’s sad because the owner and the front office seems to want a winner on the field compared to other organizations, oh well, the Ravens were 3-0!
  15. Not perfectly posted, the boarders were lost however here is the link to the site: I have to remember for some, accommodations have to be made, my bad