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  1. What's the most K's Keuchel has ever thrown in a start? Whatever it is, he's a got a great chance of breaking it tonight.
  3. The one game I thought they could win was last night. Now they face Houston's top two starters and we should be looking at around 30 strikeouts over the next 2 days. Oh well, maybe Ubaldo will throw one of his miracle games on tomorrow.
  4. I think the Orioles will be in the hunt most of the summer, even with the recent slump. I just can't see any one team running away from the pack. In the mean time, don't start printing World Series tickets.
  5. Santana pitched a great game on Tuesday....I get it. But before we canonize him, he's been a very average pitcher most of his career with a E.R.A. over 4.00. Would he have been better than Ubaldo? Of course he would have but who knows how his stats would have translated to the Camden Yards band box. My guess he'd be another average pitcher on a lousy starting staff who occasionally threw a nice game.
  6. I'm not convinced Asher would be the solution long term but he's GOT to be better than Ubaldo.
  7. Buck must have a masochistic side to him that I never knew existed. Another start for Ubaldo....wow.
  8. Outside of dumping Ubaldo, there's not much the Orioles are going to do or can do. I guess they could try Asher in the rotation and see if he's for real over a longer sampling. They basically have to hope Gausman becomes more consistent and Tillman eventually begins to put quality starts together. Other than that, what you see if what you're going to get. This will be a team of extremes, both offensively and pitching and will continue to thrill or infuriate right up until October.
  9. Uh-oh....not another one.
  10. It might just be in my imagination but it seems like Davis gets called out on strikes A LOT. It's bad enough that a major league hitter swings and misses so much but it's really pointless to just stand there and watch perfectly good pitches to hit. To me, that just tells me how clueless he is on what's a strike and what isn't.
  11. I'll give Tillman the benefit of the doubt for the next few starts considering he never had a spring training. But the command of the other starters is inexcusable. Nibbling and pitching afraid is a recipe for disaster. Always has been and always will be.
  12. The most serious problem is starting pitching again. Baseball has been in a pitching dominant period for a while now but the Orioles haven't joined the party. Yes, they've had a solid bullpen but at some point, they need to get a few starters that are reliable, will throw 200+ innings and go deep into games. They don't have to try and recreate 1968 but at least be consistent enough where you minimize blowing 5 run leads or getting behind early in the game. It doesn't help playing 81 games in the Camden Yards bandbox but that's just an excuse. Up until his last start, Bundy has been the only starter with command of his pitches. It's brutal to watch these guys night after night throwing 100+ pitches by the 5th inning. It's ridiculous.
  13. One of these days, a starter is going to have to go more than 6 innings. Granted, they've been pitching lousy and throwing a ton of pitches but Showalter is to blame too. His mentality of "go 5 or 6" and I'll let the bullpen take it from there" comes back to haunt him way too many times during the course of a season. I realize this is 2017 and today's starting pitchers are babied beyond belief but someone can't go 7 or 8 innings? In any rate, it was a good win and who would have thought Castillo would be the Orioles best hitter in mid-May?
  14. He should have gone 9. Somebody better do it soon.
  15. Considering how horrible the bullpen has been lately, I think it's time for an Oriole starter to just pitch a complete game, regardless of the outcome. Take one for the team as they say. If they lose, so be it. Showalter's philosophy(and most of baseball's) that no one can pitch beyond the 6th inning is quickly beginning to implode on him and we're not anywhere near the All-Star break. Hopefully, this is just a short stretch aberration and things will get back on track soon but in the meantime, it's time for Oriole starters to go more than 5 innings.