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  1. He forgot to add that the balls are being hit where the fielders aren't.
  2. I think Showalter and Harbaugh have been to the same school of coaching.
  3. With no help coming, if they do turn it around, it will have to be with the current roster. Good luck with that one. Going forward, I still think they have one of the better bullpens in baseball but that starting pitching.....OUCH! The offense is just too one-dimensional to overcome the regular beatings the starters take. They're not a horrible team but I could easily seem them finishing around 77-85.
  4. And if you go that route full throttle, please....PLEASE....in the name of everything holy,.. scour every farm system in baseball and get some high quality prospects who can work the count and GET ON BASE! I've had a lifetime fill of this all or nothing garbage.
  5. That's the main problem that's plagued the rotation for over two months now. For whatever the reason, they just can't throw the ball where they want it to go. It's not like any of their stuff is electric and hard to harness. They lead major league baseball in 3-2 counts and can't finish off hitters with 2 strikes on them. What does that tell you? That the pitching staff stinks and when you combine that with a one-dimensional, monotonous offense, you get what we've been looking at for awhile now.
  6. Machado will never be confused with someone who hustles.
  7. Let me guess...he threw 100 pitches in less than 2 innings.
  8. Never heard of him but yeah, it's absurd, isn't it? And if they do survive the injury train, they're still totally lost when they reach the majors. Great instruction in the Oriole minor league system.
  9. Just for perverse curiosity, wouldn't you like to see an Oriole starting pitcher go a full 9 innings just to see the staggering amount of pitches that would accumulate?
  10. The 2017 Baltimore Ravens season can't come quick enough!!
  11. Talk about maddening....watching Tillman wind up before a pitch. He looks like he's in a perpetual set position and takes forever to deliver the ball. Actually, there's virtually NO wind up. I don't know who taught him that crap but it's ridiculous. No fluidity, no deception, no power being generated from his lower body, etc.. Buck thought Tilly was better? I don't know what he's watching.
  12. He can draft all the pitchers he wants but it's painfully obvious to anyone following this team for years that this organization has no clue on how to develop one. If they can last a couple of years without getting Tommy John surgery, they offer very little to a big league staff. They can't throw strikes, pile up a ton of pitches quickly, give up a boatload of homeruns in a band box stadium and are clueless as far as pitching acumen. Basically, they're not prepared in the least to face big league hitters. If anything needs to be blown up, it's the instructional system of the organization's young pitchers.
  13. But it makes losing 90-95 games pretty easy.
  14. Apparently they didn't have anyone better. Not that I follow Norfolk's team but even without looking, I can assume that most of their hitters have poor OBP averages and strike out a ton. I don't think blowing up the team will accomplish much but if there's one thing they definitely need to change is their whole hitting philosophy from the rookie league on up. Start developing hitters that can work counts and draw some walks. Develop hitters that can hit to all fields and make consistent contact and for the love that everything that's holy, teach these guys how to recognize what a strike is and what isn't. Show them video of the major league team and teach them how NOT to hit. If they want to hit balls 2" off the ground, tell them to buy a 3 iron and take up golf. Until this mentality is changed throughout the system, nothing's going to change.
  15. Why don't you create a drinking game on how many times Gary Thorne can say "GOODBYE, HOMERUN!!" And if Jim Hunter's announcing..."THAT BALL IS GONE!!" Invite some buddies over and have a blast! That way you can ignore the ineptitude of the team. (LOL)