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  1. Got to say I'm very close to joining the Slidemaster camp. This organization needs to be blown up and the sooner the better.
  2. And coming from Dempsey, who's sweats beads of Oriole orange, that's saying a lot.
  3. Not to mention that Machado should have stayed at third to begin with.
  4. I look at Kingman's numbers relative to how the game was being played at the time. His strikeout totals were VERY high during that era. If he was playing today, I have no doubt he'd be over 200 a year for the simple reason that he'd be swinging for homeruns virtually every at bat, which is what they do today. Like most hitters today, he'd have very little interest in drawing a walk. That said, he made more contact than Davis ever will and would be hitting over .200 today.
  5. I'm sure just for a fleeting moment, in a maze of euphoria, you could see Kaline, Cash, Freehan, Horton, McAuliffe, Stanley, Wert, and Northrup turning to the camera after the final out, waving to you for one final bow as the memories of 1968 faded into the ether....
  6. Yes, I do agree with what you're saying but my point was this decision should have been made in the off season. Once Manny knew he'd be playing third and got over his disdain for the decision, the team could have pursued answers at short stop. You can't wait for the season to start to say, "alright, get over to third where you belong!" So, like I said, they're screwed now in more ways than one. As far as Tillman goes, I guess we'll never know if Showalter was bullish on bringing him back. Logically, you would think not since he had to endure the torture of watching him pitch last year but who knows. Maybe he's just a glutton for punishment.
  7. If that's true, he's one of the worst "guess hitters" I've ever seen.
  8. Instead of caving in to his player's demands and potential tantrums, he should have told Machado he was staying at third base because he's a Gold Glove winner there and arguably the best fielder at the position since Brooks Robinson. Now he's got an average short stop and a horrendous third baseman, regardless of who he puts over there.
  9. That was my prediction too but it's quickly beginning to look like I severely underestimated the ineptitude of this team. Could be a long, long season folks.
  10. Going to be hard pressed to top 1988. That was a special kind of bad.
  11. I meant for steroids or HGH.
  12. Like I said, I guess we'll never know unless he gets caught. All I know is that I exercise with weights and have for years. I will never look like Chris Davis without chemical assistance and it will always remain dubious to me that anyone builds that kind of size from just eating well.
  13. At least the Adderrall use was publicly brought up and reported but you don't have Davis-type muscularity unless he's being assisted in some way. Same goes for Stanton and Judge and any other baseball player built like a middle linebacker. I just don't believe you develop that kind of size by working out and drinking protein shakes. If it was that easy, every guy lifting weights would be walking around looking that way. If he has taken or is taking PED's, the odds are he won't be caught so I guess we'll never know for sure.
  14. Wonder what the Major League record is for an entire season. Whatever it is, this team has a chance!
  15. Good analogy. Is he even playing this year?