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  1. I also have tried other forums and they never match the quality of this one. If anyone on here does set up a forum, I hope I do find it. This could be a really interesting Ravens season coming up!
  2. Don't lose hope! Even the 1962 Mets won 40 games.
  3. Dan's pushed back the assessment until the Fourth of July. Memorial Day was strictly for pondering the enormity of the abomination.
  4. I don't think they're looking for line drives either, just fly balls. But I agree with you that it's mainly an issue of an overall, philosophical approach at the plate. You referenced the "year of the pitcher", but at least there were still hitters in that era that could go the other way and spray balls to all parts of the field. Can you imagine a hitter like Rod Carew looking at a shift? It would be a virtual feast. Even the most mundane hitters of that era would get down on their knees and kiss the open expansion of dirt and grass. Also, I think they make way too much of these games being too long. If your team wins, I doubt anyone going home is upset about the time they spent there. Conversely, if you complete it in 2 hours and your team loses, do you think anyone's going to be going, "oh well, at least it wasn't a long game." For me, this "all or nothing" approach at the plate is excruciatingly boring. Obviously, the pitchers love it and if you get off on watching hitters flail away and contentedly walk back to the dugout, so be it. Definitely not for me.
  5. I know it's infuriating, especially for someone who's coaching kids like you are and are trying to instill solid fundamentals. But there's so few ball players today who hustle, give two craps about it and are fundamentally sound. Those days are toast, my friend. It's hard enough to just get these idiots to START running to first because they're so hypnotized on where they've hit the ball.
  6. That's all fine and dandy but I heard Brady was throwing from the 3rd base coach's box.
  7. Everyone who takes the mound against the Orioles these days is Cy Young. Must be a pitcher's wet dream to face this offense right now.
  8. The so called "all or nothing" offense is now only NOTHING. It's as futile and pathetic as any I've seen in many, many years. Even though the 1968 Orioles only hit .225 as a team, at least they had an E.R.A. of 2.66 and won 91 games. This trash dump doesn't even have the pitching. It's just a BAD, BAD team. We could be looking at historic numbers for the franchise.
  9. Chrissy needs to take a permanent powder, do the right thing and give back what's left on his contract. Wouldn't that be refreshing?
  10. Thank you for the info....wow, that's laughably bad for 502 plate appearances but Davis would have to go on a tear to get back to the .180 mark. Well, for him that is.
  11. I'm even more curious to find out what is the lowest batting average for a hitter that qualifies for an entire year statistically. I know it's below .200 but wonder what the record is.
  12. Last night was a good one...0-5/3 K's as his average begins to dive below the .150 mark. I heard that on one of his strikeouts, he was starting at 3rd base, 2nd base and 1st base simultaneously. On the last one, he just closed his eyes, incapable of accepting what was about to happen.
  13. Supposedly, he was sick. Whether that means mentally or physically, I have no idea.
  14. Last 23 games for Chris Davis: AB- 83 H-10 .AVG- .121 HR- 0 K's- 40 Buck Showalter: "Chris is going to keep working and hopefully he can find the answer."
  15. I don't know what he's got on him but he's been horrible. He's making Ubaldo proud right now.