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  1. I'm eliminating myself also. The simpleton will think it's because I'm following your lead but the truth is, anyone who is void of any conscience and basic morality to belittle a young mother and her child, shouldn't be allowed to propagate the kind of garbage he spews on any public forum, let alone this one. And yet, there he is, once again for all to see. It's been fun exchanging opinions with most of you on here and I wish you all the best. Take care.
  2. My guess is he remembers most things once he got to the dressing room but probably not the hit itself. He seemed surprisingly lucid walking without assistance and he was checking his ear so he was aware of the cut.
  3. I don't even bother predicting anymore. It's an exercise in futility.
  4. I've always thought that Flacco's deep passing game was very overrated. He under throws most of those patterns and unless you have talented receivers who can fight for the ball and have sure hands, it's not a method for success in my opinion. At least not with the group of receivers he has right now. Now, if you're talking about stretching the field, giving teams something else to think about and possibly getting them off the line of scrimmage, sure, it has it's benefits regardless of whether the pass is completed or not. I've been an advocate of doing that occasionally but not at the expense of running the ball consistently and making that your identity as an offense. Because Flacco's receivers drop so many balls, I'd say stick to the short/intermediate range and hope for the best. And Flacco's main strength as a passer is play action based on a heavy run game. I know it's not the most exciting thing for a lot of fans to watch and it certainly isn't MM's offensive philosophy but for the talent this team has(or doesn't), I will still say it's the way to go for the rest of the season.
  5. And for his speed, he rarely gets any kind of separation from a defender, making the problem even more obvious.
  6. I don't have anything against the guy. He could be a perfectly nice guy for all I know but he's just in over his head in the NFL. The drops he had in college have translated to being even more exacerbated in the pros. He's going to go down as yet another fast receiver who amounted to very little. I hope I'm ultimately wrong but I don't know how you could feel any different at this point.
  7. I'm no Cowboys fan but I CANNOT stand the Redskins. Go 'Boys!
  8. That probably was his agent talking more than Flacco. He seems like a pretty down to earth kind of guy who just happens to be playing professional football. If someone could promise him another Super Bowl by running the ball 70% of the time, he'd take it. Not to mention, he's one of the best play action quarterbacks in the business so that would suit him perfectly. Now if he can just get some receivers who can catch the ball.
  9. I honestly don't think Joe would care all that much. If it was working the way it should and they were punishing defenses over the course of a game and the Ravens were controlling the clock and score, I think he would be more than satisfied. Flacco's got his weaknesses as a quarterback but I don't think ego is one of them.
  10. I just got finished watching the 1st half of the game and while I admit that Alonso driving in with his shoulder was unnecessary and dangerous, it was a pretty bang-bang play and not as obviously flagrant as I thought it may have been from hearing about it. I was also surprised Joe got up and was standing within a couple of minutes. Say what you want about him but he's a tough bird. I don't know how much he actually remembers after the hit but he seemed relatively coherent walking into the dressing room. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go in Tennessee.
  11. Excellent post and the only reason he hates Flacco is because OCF defends him. It's that simple.
  12. I have to admit OCF, you look good in blue and while I'm not usually caught dead in orange, I was feeling the love this time around. And Ravensgrrl looks great in yellow, don't you think? I dedicate this to RavingManiac.
  13. I don't care about college football either. (uh-oh, I'm following you again) But without watching a single snap of a single game, I just cannot believe Newsome and his crew can't find 10 wide receivers with glue on their finger tips. I don't care if they have to scour Division 3 schools...just find some guys who don't drop every other pass or in Perriman's case, just about every pass. So simple yet so far away.
  14. I just hope he can stay healthy and continue to build on what he has accomplished so far. I've liked him from the first game I saw him play. Hopefully, going forward, he'll get at least 20 carries a game, if not more. And I'm very happy he was included in the passing game Thursday. When Terrance West gets back, I would love to see him and Collins in the backfield at the same time as a two-headed monster, with Allen in occasionally to relieve them.
  15. I just cannot believe that there aren't at least 10 wide receivers in college football right now who have great hands and rarely drop passes. There has to be. Memo to Ozzie- stop looking for the perfect athletes with blinding speed and death defying leaping ability. Whittle your class down to guys who can catch the damn ball. Then maybe we might be on to something.