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  1. What I liked about Collins is his initial burst is FAST and through the hole. I'll be curious to see if he has a 3rd gear once he's in the secondary with nothing in front of him. West can get you tough yards but has no breakaway speed and Allen sees the creases well but like West, can't put it into overdrive. Even in such a short sample, it's obvious Collins is the one with the most talent. Now lets' see if he can build on his performance, hold on to the ball and stay healthy.
  2. This is what separates a masochist from a sports fan with self-pity. Why anyone would watch this now is beyond me.
  3. The Yanda injury is potentially catastrophic in terms of the offense's future aspirations but for some strange reason, I think they'll be alright. Maybe this is what some of these other guys on the line needed to look in the mirror and say, "ok, it's time to go to the next level and stop leaning on Marshall to make everything alright." I know that's easier said than done but if they remain consistent with the running game and playing smart, mistake free football, I do think they'll be fine. Granted, there's going to be games where the offense looks lousy and they lose but unlike last year, I hope they don't hit the collective panic button and start having Flacco throw the ball all over the field. I thought Collins looked great yesterday and we may have found a diamond in the rough. I wasn't too pleased with some of the lapses in the secondary but you can't argue with 8 picks in two weeks. On to London....
  4. What's the problem now? Jeez.
  5. Going back to the 2nd half of last year, Trumbo has been one lousy hitter. Between him and Davis, it's not a hole in the line-up, it's a bottomless pit.
  6. Miley definitely has to be one of the worst. He introduced the "visual waterboard" early in the year and never looked back.
  7. The Orioles have had some REALLY bad starting rotations over the years but this year's model seems particularly brutal. I don't know where it stands statistically but watching it has been close to unbearable. I'd love to have someone find out how many pitches this staff has thrown during the course of the year.
  8. Gausman has great stuff and absolutely no idea how to harness it. Most Oriole starters are just plain bad with little to no talent but when you watch Gausman, you just shake your head and walk away from the scene thinking, "what a shame."
  9. There's a lot of Dave Kingman's out there in today's game...too many to even mention. But Davis strikes out at a preposterous pace, even for 2017. Still blows my mind that a major league hitter makes such little contact.
  10. Yes, I do think they'll move him in the off season. Outfield is the least of their problems. If someone's willing to bite and take on all or part of the contract, they'll send him packing.
  11. We could be looking at a good old fashioned free fall in progress. How about something like 4-13 or worse?
  12. Anything's possible when you're the human strike out machine. My guess is he'll get enough hits to stay over .200 but either way, he's not going anywhere. Unfortunately, we'll have yet another season of watching him flail away. He's turned himself into an excellent defensive first baseman but I'd rather see Mancini standing over there with Gentry, Richard and Jones in the outfield every day. I do think we may have seen the last of Trumbo.
  13. More than the game plan, the Ravens are obviously faster and more talented on defense this year. They get to the ball in a hurry. Hopefully, they'll stay relatively healthy and wreck havoc all year. Dalton looked like he was shell shocked.
  14. Agree about Woodhead...hopefully, he just tweaked his hammy and will only miss a few games.