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  1. The 6 Star Wars movies Also always stop when I see an Alien or Terminator movie.
  2. I just watched the finale and thought it was good. It tied things together nicely and opened things up for an interesting season 2. Man that sure was an explosion of the CBC building. Boom!
  3. I just watched this past Sundays episode and wasn't too impressed. Let's hope the finale next week is good.
  4. Just got around to watching episode 3 and thought it was pretty good. I don't think the show is amazing by any means, but I am a sucker for horror so I watch it.
  5. Finally had a chance to watch week 2 and have to agree it was pretty stupid that the only thing holding the zombies out was the thin glass doors. One would think they'd barricade them with something or they'd easily break though. Also I don't understand why they didn't go back for his gun bag when they had vehicles, ohh and why doesn't the tank work? Besides that, its a pretty decent show.
  6. I have direct TV.
  7. I was in London back in 07 during " Guy Fawkes week". They set bonfires and shoot off fireworks the whole week. People are really into it.
  8. Well I enjoy zombie movies so I will check this program out. Just wish AMC was in HD.
  9. If you dig out your spot and put a chair there, and someone moves the chair and parks there, then that is wrong. If you dig out your spot and don't mark your territory and someone pulls in, then it's your own fault. I live in Baltimore Co and have chairs out front of my townhouse. The two spots took 7 hours to clear with a very very sore back. No way someone is going to park there.