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  1. Just wondering. Did he take his shoe off and bang it on the podium?
  2. Too young, regardless of his circumstances/affiliations.
  3. The good news is that the majority - on both political and gender sides - agree violence is not an acceptable response.
  4. The poll says slightly more Republicans (22%) then Democrats (20%) agreed violence was acceptable. Not sure those young men were predominantly liberal.
  5. Pretty savy move. I think our businessman Governor - despite some stumbles - is on the way to mastering the art of politics while continuing to govern well.
  6. Nah, the only group likely to protest is that phony Baptist Church, and no sane person takes them seriously.
  7. At least one legitimate Fellow formally withdrew in protest. Harvard withdrew the Fellowship offer, but left in place the speech opportunity. Therefore, the main point of the OP is rendered at best moot.
  8. Hmm, seems intended.😀 I'm just frustrated that the incorrect original point - that her free speech rights were infringed - was never really discussed.
  9. Did every single one of you - on both sides of the argument - miss the fact that Harvard DID NOT cancel her speech?
  10. Since even during President Obama's watch we couldn't find a way to put a slew of greedy financiers in jail for the sins they committed that led this country into the recession, I have no hope that the current administration will see that these clowns are punished.
  11. From your link, there does not appear to be a free speech issue: Therefore, we are withdrawing the invitation to her to serve as a Visiting Fellow — and the perceived honor that it implies to some people — while maintaining the invitation for her to spend a day at the Kennedy School and speak in the Forum. I apologize to her and to the many concerned people from whom I have heard today for not recognizing upfront the full implications of our original invitation. What is a Harvard Visiting Fellow? Visiting Fellow Status Individuals holding a doctoral degree or its equivalent, or with comparable professional experience, may apply via a required online application process to be a Visiting Fellow in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Applications to Visiting Fellow status are also accepted from advanced doctoral candidates in domestic and international universities who have completed all coursework and would like to pursue research at Harvard. Although Visiting Fellows are sometimes invited by departments or research centers to participate in seminars or other organized activities, they are expected for the most part to pursue their research independently as full-time researchers.
  12. Maybe not. "At the same time, Murphy said, the decision is one they accept, based in part on a conversation his firm’s team — including his father, attorney William H. “Billy” Murphy — had with the Justice Department attorneys who reviewed the case. Hassan Murphy said he had been “prepared to believe” that the Justice Department under President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions would produce an investigation that was “nothing more than a whitewash or a political decision,” but was convinced otherwise. “We have to admit that we left satisfied with the investigation undertaken by this particular group of lawyers at the Department of Justice, most or all of them holdovers from the Obama administration,” he said. “They were frank and forthright about the things they had done and the steps they had taken in this investigation.”
  13. Anybody complaining about the running must have forgotten not only the past few pass-happy years, but also the fact that Joe needs time to get up to speed. It was clearly the right game plan, and I hope it sets the pattern towards a more balanced offensive effort.
  14. Perhaps these folk?
  15. Perhaps assigned by our own hst2? (Just kidding hst!)