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  1. Too cool. I'll bet UMBC is already recruiting him for their great chess team.
  2. Yeah, if I remember correctly, Tyler Wilson looked very good his first few starts too. How did that work out long term?
  3. This is ludicrous. The highest wage earner in Maryland for 2016 did not work a single day in the state the entire year. According to the salary database of state employees released this week, former Maryland football coach Randy Edsall, who was fired during the middle of the 2015 season, earned $2,673,000 – $24,000 more than men’s basketball coach Mark Turgeon and $267,000 more than his successor, DJ Durkin. Women’s basketball coach Brenda Frese earned $1,103,00 in 2016. Edsall and the three Maryland coaches still employed in College Park were the state’s highest-paid employees last year.
  4. Too many pitches (no surprise there), but he's actually pitching decently.
  5. Palmer misunderstood it last year and Bordick tonight. They both should know the rule.
  6. Dead ball. Runners cannot advance.
  7. Must be a misprint, this says Kim is playing.
  8. There have been better players - Eddie and Frank immediately come to mind - but Brooks will always be Mr. Oriole to the generation(s) that saw him play and watched how he carried himself after his playing days. Happy Birthday #5!
  9. The look on UJ's face after that HR is something I've never seen on him. The pain was actually visible; usually he's pretty stoic.
  10. Thorne just gave a better explanation. I stand corrected.
  11. Seems like Trumbo's shot should have been reviewed. I don't like that yellow line crap, but a rule is a rule.
  12. Somebody take that refrigerator off of Schoop's back.
  13. Deja Vu all over again.🍻
  14. I've thought a few things about Texas over the years, but tolerant never factored into those thoughts. Why is this proposed legislation so surprising in that area? Did someone refer to Texas as tolerant and I missed it?