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  1. The other day I found myself looking forward to Trumbo's return. That's sad.
  2. I thought Chance Sisco's defense was a question mark. His ability to nail base runners looks awfully good to me.
  3. Irrelevant in Mr. Question marks' world.
  4. It was. The one suggesting folks who cannot evaluate pitching talent make that their first priority on a Machado trade, on the other hand, contradicted it.
  5. Why the stupid question marks? Can't understand your own first post? No. As I wrote in my first post I don't think pitching is still the first priority in a Machado trade.
  6. Interesting. And, if true it explains a lot.
  7. The most exciting thing about this signing is that it increases the probability of taking a downfield type TE early in the draft vs a WR.
  8. So between your first post and this one you somehow developed confidence in the FO's ability to pick and develop pitchers?
  9. I suspect that just as Ryan Flaherty's early season stats will surely move back down towards his career numbers, so will Cobb's move back up towards his.
  10. I'm not sure pitching - at least starting pitching - is the priority anymore in a Machado trade. Discounting Cobb's first two starts as simply a result of no ST (I hope, I hope I hope), the O's rotation is reasonably well set for next season. Cobb, Cashner, Bundy, Gausmann and maybe Hunter Harvey. Those 5 won't compare to Braves staffs of years past or the O's own 4 x 20 game winners staff, but it is potentially good to very good. I believe there are other more pressing needs to fill by dealing Manny and (fill in the blank) at the trade deadline. For example, that whole side of the infield. Edit: Line out is not intentional. Not sure what's up here.
  11. LOL. No, I never did. Thanks for the cultural education!
  12. Who is Cate Blanchett? A distant cousin to carte blanche by any chance? Auto correct get you? Hate when that happens.
  13. Nearly my exact thought.
  14. That was absolutely my first thought when this story first surfaced.