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  1. Order your playoff tickets now!😂
  2. Sigh. Learn how to read brother.
  3. I didn't disagree with anything. Your posts are, however, beyond boring and repetitive. You are a one note song. Clearly I cannot prove this, but my bet is somewhere around 75 of your last 100 posts mention DD.
  4. At best. The Profs decision to award As was a nod to their solidarity. Bet (if there is a ) next time, everyone fails.
  5. True, much more entertaining than your repetitive, boring, copy and paste Dan Duquette drivel. Oh, and the always childish ??.
  6. I thought he might have taken a dip recently because there was some back and forth bickering at the close of the General Assembly. One of the main reasons he is still doing well is in the first paragraph. Despite their best efforts, Democrats have been unable to tie him to the current White House resident. Clearly not a done deal, and I don't expect a landslide, but his Moderate stance and willingness to work with or take from and modify ideas from the other side have given him a great chance to repeat. Gov. Larry Hogan is currently dominating all of his prospective Democratic rivals by double digits as voters say the first-term Republican has effectively distanced himself from President Donald J. Trump, according to a Goucher Poll released Tuesday. With a 69 percent job-approval rating, Hogan remains widely popular among Maryland voters, who mostly identify him as a moderate, the poll shows. The poll of 449 likely Maryland voters found that Hogan would easily defeat any of the seven major Democratic contenders seeking to challenge him. The winner of the June 26 Democratic primary election will face Hogan in November. While Hogan has the backing of a majority of white voters against any of those challengers, his overall support dips below 50 percent due to relatively weak support among African-Americans and other minority voters. Black voters are less likely than whites to identify Hogan as a “moderate” or to believe the economy has improved during the last four years.
  7. Interesting, but at least they tried it. Did Bernie Sanders (among others) endorse something similar? This ought to make them reconsider the idea. Finland's basic income program that drew international attention was a bust, the Finnish government announced Tuesday. The pilot program that paid about 2,000 randomly-chosen unemployed Finnish people a monthly check of €560 ($685) will stop by the end of the year, the BBC reports. The program, which started January 2017, was the first of its kind in Europe. The government hoped the extra money would fuel the economy and innovation. The unemployment rate in Finland exceeds 8% and was 9.2% when the program launched. By comparison, the U.S. has an unemployment rate of 4.1%, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A study published in February by the think tank Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said the country's income tax must increase by almost 30% to fund basic income, and instead suggested a universal credit system as a better solution.
  8. If I read the chart in this link correctly, that would make their highest rate >92%. Tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are no rich no more...
  9. I could be reading too much into it, but keeping the recent incident in Florida in mind, before which the shooter was identified as likely to do what he did, this law may go beyond the firearms purchase procedure, and actually enable temporary (at least to start with) confiscation. "Hogan signed a bill into law on Tuesday to enable families and law enforcement to ask courts for an order to temporarily restrict a person's access to firearms, if they are found to be a risk to themselves or others."
  10. Pardon my juvenile humor, but I found this headline immediately amusing. Uranus smell like farts and rotten eggs, Oxford researchers declare As if the name of the planet wasn't enough, scientists recently discovered Uranus is home to fart-smelling clouds. University of Oxford researchers examining the planet's infrared light through the Gemini North telescope discovered clouds of hydrogen sulfide spreading into Uranus' upper atmosphere. That's a toxic gas that smells like rotten eggs or someone passing gas. The findings by the U.K. team were published online in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Astronomy Monday. “If an unfortunate human were ever to descend through Uranus’s clouds, they would be met with very unpleasant and odiferous conditions,” lead author Patrick Irwin said in a release.
  11. What's funny is there was a recent letter to the editor from an "impassioned" Republican calling Hogan a RINO and stating unequivocally that he would not vote for him.
  12. How about - as in this case - to right a wrong? Regardless of how Trump portrays it, or his reason for doing it, it does right a wrong. How can that be bad?
  13. Great points, and a not very promising outlook - as far as near-term impact - based on them.
  14. Do you have any insight on what they might have to offer? (I am ignorant of that.) It would have to be even better than the Bedard trade which landed us Sherril, Tillman and AJ, all of whom definitely contributed more than Bedard would have, recent performance notwithstanding.
  15. Three to six months ago, the take on a Manny trade focused on starting pitching. I think that is no longer true. In no particular order, 3b, SS, RF and - sadly - the BP are more important. No way to fill them all, but surely some of it can be fixed given the immense talent of Manny.
  16. Slide is absolutely correct, but I could do without his gleeful enthusiasm over a failing home team.
  17. The other day I found myself looking forward to Trumbo's return. That's sad.
  18. I thought Chance Sisco's defense was a question mark. His ability to nail base runners looks awfully good to me.
  19. Irrelevant in Mr. Question marks' world.
  20. It was. The one suggesting folks who cannot evaluate pitching talent make that their first priority on a Machado trade, on the other hand, contradicted it.
  21. Why the stupid question marks? Can't understand your own first post? No. As I wrote in my first post I don't think pitching is still the first priority in a Machado trade.
  22. Interesting. And, if true it explains a lot.
  23. The most exciting thing about this signing is that it increases the probability of taking a downfield type TE early in the draft vs a WR.
  24. So between your first post and this one you somehow developed confidence in the FO's ability to pick and develop pitchers?