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  1. $$$$$$ And remember folks, his last year at Houston as HC wasn't exactly what I'd call stellar. .
  2. Ray Rice will never play in the NFL again.
  3. It's simple. Joe Flacco is the better QB and our defense is better than theirs. Ravens win.
  4. Just reflects the mindset of Shanahan. Stupid, idiotic, childish attempt.
  5. Agree completely. Totally stupid call. Flacco could have been seriously hurt. Did you notice how he was rubbing his jaw after that play? I'm surprised he didn't break it. Just an idiotic call.
  6. A friend of my daughter who is stationed in Afghanistan sent her three medals with the Ravens logo on the front and Operations of Enduring Freedom - Aghanistan on the back. Anyone know where these came from by any chance? I know Harbaugh and some Ravens visited there some years ago and maybe they gave them out. Thanks.
  7. 5 months ago - oops. Oh my, this is going to be interesting. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11503851/ray-rice-videotape-sent-nfl-executive-april
  8. Lately, I think the whole damn NFL needs to go. I'm getting sick of it.
  9. Agree. If any in the organization had seen the video, it will eventually come out.
  10. I have no doubt that this will blow up in their collective face. And rightfully so.
  11. Agree completely. I wouldn't be surprised if this mess brings the NFL to its knees.
  12. Ok, I can buy that but what about the other players in the league who did the same thing. Why are they still playing?????
  13. I am not defending Rice by saying this so before everyone jumps down my throat I just want to make that clear. Rice is a scapegoat and being made an example out of. Why, because the hypocrites in the NFL - and the Ravens are trying to save face. And it's not going to work. I said yesterday this will backfire on the NFL and the team and as the days move on, I think this will continue to haunt the league. For example, what will the NFL do now with the "other" players who have been charged and convicted of domestic abuse? Should they not deserve the same treatment as Rice? Of course they do so why didn't the NFL get rid of them at the same time they canned Rice? If I was Rice's attorney, I would file suit against the NFL and the Ravens and drag this through the courts just to teach the hypocritics a leason.
  14. The whole situation is disgusting. There are players NOW in the NFL who have been charged - and convicted of domestic abuse and are still playing. And no one is going to make me believe that the NFL had not seen that video. The NFL investigates everything with respect to players and future players. They leave no stone unturned.
  15. What about the players union? Will they get involved?