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  1. Unqualified for office.
  2. What is Hillary's business record, giving speeches at Goldman Sachs? She got her seat on the board at Walmart because her husband was Governor.
  3. If he isn't a Yankees sign I don't know who is.
  4. Orioles have a poorly constructed broadcast booth. Angelos moved them out of Memorial Stadium.
  5. Junk bond rating, billion dollar deficits, unfunded pensions, flagship university cutting program after program...but if you weren't one of the 40 people shot in Chigaco over the weekend you are one of the lucky ones.
  6. Wow, how magnanimous of them...they take of their kids too?
  7. He's probably from Oberlin or Vassar ????
  8. Look at all the Grubercrats tripping over their murses to defend the least transparent president ever.
  9. Going negative, what a nasty wench Hillary is. I guess when you have accomplished nothing and have gotten everything from your husband you go negative.
  10. Who is the nominee Woodward?
  11. Daddy issues? That would explain a lot.
  12. Betaverse and free stuff! Cat owners for sure.
  13. Nader is a stand up guy; Al Gore is a bloated snot nosed trust fund kid.
  14. You are wrong as usual so that is a positive.