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  1. Same with me. I was thinking this user name would be safe, but apparently not, so naive2 it is.
  2. Sounds like a special place in hell awaits this fine, upstanding, young man.
  3. I've earned 6 warning points. The last one received 1/31/2017 for: Note for member Repeated harassment of a moderator in PMs. Asking a guestion of a mod in a pm is harassment. Much to Matt's delight, he never got another PM from me. I've never been banned, though I think I got 2 weeks in the penalty box many years ago.
  4. This registered Democrat will proudly vote for Governor Hogan.
  5. And she STILL married him! His persona shined in his posts.
  6. When your view of the world is through such feeble and narrow minded eyes such as yours, then no, I guess there are no similarities.
  7. I can imagine him holding a gun to her head forcing her to spew her hatred across these boards. He was, and I imagine he still is, a proud deplorable. How folks can harbor so much hatred has been, and always will be, beyond me.
  8. I would imagine both RC and Mrs RC and their kid are part of some alt-right organization, spreading their hatred.
  9. Hugsafellow will be able to answer all your questions about RC. They are like one in the same.
  10. I recently toured the Holocaust museum in DC. As you are ready to exit the main exhibition there is a sign that reads " Think it can never happen again ?" All day long we could here people talk about the similarities of what is taking place today. It's scary stuff. On a side note, that museum is not for the faint of heart.
  11. " Dr. Seuss, ... and the wolf chewed up the children and spit out their bones... but those were foreign children and it really didn’t matter.," October 1, 1941,