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  1. Prison is supposed to rehab folks, clearly does not work on repeat violent offenders, however the death penalty does. Never have i seen a case where someone that received the death sentence committed another crime. Death seems pretty foolproof.
  2. You are exactly right. We have so much to fix, yet we continue to do nothing, except sit back and watch and gasp when the next 20+ people are blown away in a school, church, restaraunt, etc. When the shooting stops, the question is was it a Muslim? Answer no and folks sigh and go about their business. Answer yes and we need an immediate fix on immigration.
  3. Which is only getting worse. When you live in a country full of hatred and guns, it's not a pretty picture.
  4. For those that are confused between debt and deficit, perhaps this will help. The federal budget deficit rose to $666 billion in the just-completed fiscal year, a spike that comes as Republicans are moving to draft a tax code rewrite that promises to add up to $1.5 trillion to the national debt over the coming decade. Of course it is simply more horrible news coming from a atrocious administration, but it does have debt and deficit in the same sentence.
  5. The folks are still dead. The justice system still broken. Nothing ever changes.
  6. I have faced the facts. It's the way we are, have been, always will be. Nothing I can do about it. I don't lose sleep over it. Being an avid music fan and concert goer, I was upset over the shootings in Vegas, however the death of Tom Petty had a bigger impact on me I was stunned. The Vegas shooting was no surprise. The next mass murder will be of no surprise. We all know it will happen, we just hope not to be a part of it so we can sleep well that night.
  7. Tell that to the families of the 12,000+ people that have been shot and killed in this country so far this year. It may make them feel better. It is kind of like the people arguing on this thread about if Princes' gun was legal or not. Do you think the families of those killed care?
  8. I made a statement about a country that has 1.2 or so billion people living in it and their nearly non-existent homicide by gun rate. Another poster on this thread mentioned we have 300+million people living in this country so we have a very minuscule daily murder rate. 23 people shot and killed in China in a single day would be enormous, here it's minuscule and happens each and every day.
  9. You'll never embarrass me, nor did I wonder why there are so few shootings there.
  10. There were 353 murders in the city in 1993 when Mosby was 13 years old. From 2001-2010 there were over 200 murders each year. Violence has plagued our city long before Mrs. and Mr. Marilyn Mosby, Talmadge Branch, Jack Young, Brandon Scott, etc,.
  11. Which we can't prevent. China has 4 times the population we have. If they have 23 people shot and killed in a single day, the entire country would be in mourning for a month. We live in a country full of hatred and guns. Not a pretty picture. There was a triple murder last night in Fort Collins Colorado. No big deal. Nothing on the news. Typical day.
  12. Just to keep yesterday in perspective on a national level, there were 88 shootings, 26 killed, including a 6 and a 9 year old, along with their mom. I don't recall hearing anything about the above mentioned triple murder. Sadly, I've pretty much desensitized myself of these daily shootings in this country and know they will never end. I've coldly accepted that fact, and continue to live life to its fullest, knowing I'm powerless in the effort to stem the gun violence that will plaque this country each and every day for the rest of our lives, our kids lives, or grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.
  13. Mission accomplished for this guy. He took care of his business and now we taxpayers ( including the victims families ) get to pay for this guy for the rest of his life. We will provide him with shelter, food, medical needs, etc.
  14. I am a liberal who favors the death penalty. Kill the gun runners, life without parole if you are in possession of an illegal weapon, mandatory death penalty if you use a gun to commit a felony, etc. There were a lot of shootings in our country yesterday. There are a lot of shootings each and every day in this country.
  15. I doubt if he was legally allowed to carry. I would guess the families of the 3 victims are very concerned about that. Perhaps they would feel much better if indeed, he was carrying legally. Wouldn't you feel better if you knew the guy that blew away one of your family members was at least carrying legally? Takes a bit of the sting out. If anyone wants a gun bad enough, they'll get one.