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  1. Artscape is America's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days. It's always hot at Artscape, much like the Hot August Music Festival. I love Artscape! Huge weekend in Baltimore this weekend. Artscape/Orioles/Cap it off with Tom Petty Sunday night! Can't wait!
  2. His partner was immediately suspended as well. Every officer in every police involved shooting is usually immediately suspended.
  3. As I said numerous times, 300+million people live in this country and we had to pick 1 of the 2 morons to run it. Pretty sad that it came down to these 2.
  4. Yup, got me again. Total partisan hack. You won! Congrats!
  5. Can't stand the piece of turd known as Trump, but admit to deflection on this thread.
  6. Yeah, those bartenders are pretty cool in there, especially when it's not crowded!
  7. Max's on Broadway in Fells Point. Over 100 beers on tap. Plus 1,000 or so different bottles. Not a bad place to grab a pint or 2!
  8. Nailed it. I'm illiterate. You got me. I'm cool with the city policing their own. The more guns there, the merrier.
  9. It did not even last a day. Rebels in southwest Syria have accused regime forces of breaking a ceasefire brokered by America and Russia, less than 24 hours after it took effect. The Assad regime had made no formal commitment to the truce around the southern city of Deraa, near the Jordanian border. Independent monitors said that the ceasefire was broken at least six times yesterday. They said there had been artillery and tank fire in Deraa and Quneitra provinces.
  10. It has not gone anywhere. Kevin Davis wants to enforce/enact it in the city, but is met with GOP resistance.
  11. He lied about the meeting until he got caught. Clearly collusion was taking place. Hopefully this all ends soon for the entire trump family and they can all live happily ever after in the Congo. the family is despised worldwide, while his Trumpanzees continue sucking their every toe.
  12. Essex/Middle River is also home to a top 10 high school in our state. Proud to see my alma mater on the list.
  13. Sorry. I did not know a "good portion" = majority. Learn something new everyday. I ate a good portion of my breakfast today but had to throw the majority away as it was too much. now I'm confused. I ate a lot but there was much more left. Did I eat the majority and throw a good portion away? Nah.