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  1. And Gorsuch. i think that's about it.
  2. Ya take what ya need and ya leave the restBut they should never have taken the very best
  3. Statues don't define history. They can remove and destroy all the statues they want, they'll never be able to erase history. Edit: Any time the history of the American Indian comes up, I immediately think of the haunting words in the DMB song.
  4. Come out come out Can you not see There's no place here What were you expecting No room for both Just room for me So you lay your arms down Yes I will call this home Away away You have been banished Your land is gone and given me And here I will spread my wings Yes I will call this home What's this you say You feel the right to remain Then stay and I will bury you What's that you say Your father's spirit still lives in this place I will silence you Dave Matthews - 1998
  5. October 2018 can't come soon enough!
  6. Thank you. Learn something new everyday. These statues have been in place for decades. I've lived in this state for decades and never took the time, or had any interest in seeing them. I guess I did not care of their existence.
  7. There was a Confederate Women's statue?
  8. Your constant defense of the enigma that is running the country, leads me to believe you've missed pretty much everything that is going on for the last 7 months.
  9. This will be fun.
  10. Pretty much everything.
  11. Looking forward to my 2018 Spain/Portugal trip.
  12. Cost taxpayers 80g's to have that one statue removed.
  13. Lee sent a henchman to silence her.
  14. Usually facts are backed up with links, like mine. You can't argue any of the facts presented in the link I shared.