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  1. Bible = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
  2. You can always toss the Mark Twain quote his way " It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." It fits him like a glove.
  3. On everything. I hope this thread goes to 6,000 pages.
  4. Donny doesn't believe in dreamers. They gone.
  5. Are you better off today than you were this time last year? I know I am thanks to the incredible, amazing, Don man.
  6. Just thankful he did not destroy the place.
  7. Trump brags that he has had sex with women who are menstruating, as well as having group sex. Clearly there is zero chance that he had an affair with a porn star.
  8. Trump is simply amazing! Is there any one or any thing more amazing than Trump? Absolutely not. He is the most amazing of the amazing. His amazement's come at an amazingly alarming rate. Each day is full of amazement. Sometimes I thank God, but clearly Trump is far more amazing. I think God himself is amazed at what he created.
  9. I stated initially it was from FB, a public platform. No big deal. You removed it quickly and without hesitation.
  10. There are a couple of articles on "Rebecca" this morning. This video mentions the press conference where he will be joined my mom and sis.
  11. The lawyer for the victim will be holding a press conference this afternoon. He will be flanked by the victims loving mother ( who had zero clue where her 22 year old was ), and her loving sister.
  12. As I stated in the post, it was from FB, No one here would ever provide a link to their friends FB page. I should have worded it differently to start with and all would be good. It was simply her opinion that I re-posted on an opinion board.
  13. I'll know better in the future. Instead of being honest, I'll simply go with: What if, you're an ER nurse, ( insert rest of story ), the post would still be here today if I took that angle. My bad. On a side note, I've seen numerous posts from you asking that a link be provided. Typically, you give the poster an amount of time, that you deem appropriate, to provide a link. Never, have I been offered that same courtesy from you. Not one single time. Why?
  14. No. Did not start anything. Just shared a perspective from a friend. Sorry you missed it.
  15. It was an in depth perspective from an ER nurse. Her view seemingly has no merit here.
  16. Another interesting thread “ clean up “. Crazy.
  17. Deeply saddened, she will be missed and I am thankful I got to see them live several times over the years. RIP Dolores.
  18. Yeah they messed up. A review of their discharge procedures is clearly needed. I don’t think this is this first time they’ve done this to a patient, I think it’s the first time they got caught. The hospital is not the only thing that has failed this young lady.
  19. I’m not. Just saying, according to their public statement, that they did not fail this patient on all levels. If they simply turned her away, then yes, they failed on all levels. As I said earlier, we don’t know the patient/hospital relationship. She may, or may not be, a frequent visitor. Could be a lot more to this story that we will never know.
  20. No no need to shout. “We believe firmly that we provided appropriate medical care”
  21. From the wbal link. "We believe firmly that we provided appropriate medical care that came to us in need, but where we absolutely failed -- and where we own that failure -- is showing basic humanity and compassion as a patient was being discharged after receiving that care," Suntha said. They believe firmly that they provided appropriate medial care.
  22. Looking at the video and the condition that this 22 year old is in, that’s really sad.