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  1. Good thing he was in Canada. He would be swiss cheese if he was in the States.
  2. Though not my style, he was my favorite in the electronica world. His song Hey Brother is great. Truly a deep and sad loss. May he RIP. He “had a net worth of $85 million dollars at the time of his death in 2018,” reported Celebrity Net Worth. “During his career, Avicii could regularly earn as much as $500 thousand per gig. He regularly earned $15 – $20 million per year. Between June 2014 and June 2015 alone, he earned $30 million,” the site reports. Here are some tributes from big name artists in his field.
  3. Love Chicago! Hope you have a great time! Great blues bars! Navy Pier is pretty cool. My 1 recommendation, if you can, visit the Museum of Science and Industry. . The restaurant Heaven on Seven is fantastic!!
  4. “The shooter, found deceased from a gunshot wound by responders outside the business nearby, has been identified as John Hubert Highnote, 59, of Bell,”
  5. I know. I was just making a statement, as the quote was in your OP.
  7. Not a single gun owner in the world can defeat the element of surprise. May the officers RIP.
  8. He/she even agreed that the “idiot manager” at Starbucks is at fault in this incident, then spends his time defending them. Weird.
  9. Plenty of places open if you simply need to use the restroom, though.
  10. There is a sign at a restaurant in Harbor East that says “ Employees must wash hands, if no employees available, please wash your own”.
  11. No. I peed. I left. Numerous times.
  12. I think Starbucks has gone above and beyond with their apology. Closing all the stores for several hours will cost them millions as they train their employees.
  13. So you chalk this incident up to an idiot manager? Good for you!
  14. Not that I saw. We left around 10:30-11pm. Thousands of people were there.
  15. Light City sure was a good time Saturday night. Incredible to see.
  16. Exactly. Panera bread is another popular hangout.
  17. Melissa DePino, an author who posted video of the arrest, said staff called police because the two men had not ordered anything while waiting for a friend. She said white customers were "wondering why it's never happened to us when we do the same thing." Guess it’s employee discretion when it comes to who is trespassing and who is not.
  18. Ryan grew up in a very prominent Wisconsin family. He had plenty of pots to pee in.
  19. Good news! Perhaps now he will finally grow a spine.
  20. According to the link here is the question that was posed to her: ‘In an alternative reality, if you were president today in 2018, do you think the #MeToo movement would’ve still happened?’” She answered it.