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    Bible believing christian. I belong to no political party but enjoy political debate for entertainme
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  1. Sounds great! The funniest reaction I saw was a guy I took shooting for the first time. That day I wanted to to work on my technique shooting my Mossberg 500 persuader. It came with a pistol grip. I put a front pistol grip on the slide, and a side saddle shell holder, it was bad ***. This guy was pretty cocky for never firing a weapon before. So I loaded it up with 3"magnum #1 shot and pumped off a few shots, and handed to him. I showed him how to hold it. He pulled the trigger and boom, the barrel flew up and somehow he half pumped it, handed back to me, visibly shaking, the shell half ejected sticking out and said with a meek voice, "here, I'm done. He got over it and he got pretty good with it. Now we look back and get a good laugh.
  2. Turtle head!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I never noticed the resemblance!
  3. I recited it back in school because I didn't know any better. Back then I was still naive enough to think if the Priests allow it , it's gotta be ok. Then I read the bible.
  4. Beautiful comeback! I'll bet that story is even funnier in that great Brit accent. I don't put my hand over my heart either. I basically do the same thing I do when the pledge is recited.
  5. True. I forgot about that. Those times seem like a million years ago.
  6. it was 31 mil
  7. I'm telling you, the days of Reagan and Tip are gone gone forever.
  8. Good point. I don't say the pledge to the flag for religious reasons. But when the crowd does (we said the pledge at youth football games) I stand and silently pray. I don't expect people to respect me if I don't respect them. Only once, did one of my players(I was a coach) ask me why I did that. I told him "for religious reasons". And that was fine with him. We could learn so much from children.
  9. Up to and including 7.62x39 any day. 30 M1 Carbine,30-30 Win, 300 Savage, 308 Win, 30-40 Krag,12ga, 20ga, 410ga slugs all Thursday evenings only. No steel core ammo ever. And no buckshot. (That puzzled me) as I shot #1buck at gunpowder range many times, but I couldn't shoot my MAK-90. Oh well. ....there you have it.
  10. That's a great story. I always found dress codes kinda dumb. A lot of people used to bad mouth what I wore to church. One time I wore shorts and sandles. I got mean mugged right and left. Most churches would look down on Jesus if he walked in with a dusty robe and sandles.
  11. Well that answer another question I was gonna ask them if I can shoot my MAK-90 there. Guess not huh?
  12. Free state Gun Range. I took the Utah class there.
  13. Did you ever teach at the range in Whitemarsh on rt. 43?
  14. These are the people that cause christians to have a terrible reputation. All these TV preachers, politicians quoting scripture to get votes, churches following their own traditions over the bible, the bible doesn't teach any of that crap. Jesus taught us to go into a private place to pray, not make a big show of our faith. Most importantly, Jesus taught that if the word you carry is not received, to move on. I'm a christian but I don't push my faith where it isn't welcome, and treat others with respect as much as possible.