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  1. I heard something interesting on WOLB. They were discussing how there are now more Hispanics here than blacks, and several black callers were saying that the democrat party took them for granted. They said they were being pushed aside in favor of the Hispanic voters. Larry Young didn’t have much to say other than it was “interesting “.
  2. All boy Girl Scout troop probably right around the corner. SMH
  3. So if a foreign country meddles in our election, you prosecute the republican candidate?
  4. If you read my first sentence I addressed the Fla. shooter. In his case there was documentation, recorded reports of instability by even his own voice on one of them. My question was; who will decide how high the bar should be to confiscate a citizens guns? If you don't have an answer that's fine, just say so.
  5. So, lets say the FBI makes the recommendation for termination. Then, hypothetically, Session sits on it, holds off and McCabe retires with a full pension. Do you feel that would be fair to the other 19 agents? Also, Sessions was the only one in the DOJ with enough authority to fire McCabe, which was reported on the news. What do you believe the punishment should have been?
  6. If all this is true I don't think taking his guns are a problem. I think the problem people have with this type of law, is the possibility it could be used against people for nefarious reasons. It's the kind of thing we see with sexual abuse cases. Any child custody lawyer will tell you that false accusations of child abuse is quite common in child custody battles. But the crime is so heinous, the courts tend to have a very low bar for proof for fear of looking soft on these animals. I mean, can my neighbor call the cops and say yada yada yada, and the cops come and confiscate my guns? That's my fear. Is this a camel's nose under the tent situation? Just a question.
  7. McCabe lied to the FBI. 19 other FBI were fired for the same thing in the last year. Do you have a link that show Sessions lied to the FBI? And regardless, why should McCabe be treated differently than the other 19 FBI employees that were fire for the same thing? The only relevant known fact about McCabe's firing is that he is a key ... Cached 1 day ago - These are the most important things to remember after Sessions fired McCabe for an undefined failure to be forthcoming during an investigation of his role ... reports that a DOJ official says 19 FBI employees were fired for a lack candor in the last year—McCabe being stripped of that pension just as he was ...
  8. Which crime led to the appointment of Mueller? With Watergate it was the break in. The indictments were brought due to people lying to the FBI during the investigation. The problem is, these are process crimes. So, people keep saying Watergates investigation took a long time. So, if we're to compare apples to apples, there was a tangible crime committed that was obvious, and that is what prompted the investigation. The crimes you continue to reference, were crimes of process that occurred AFTER Mueller was appointed. So, to make it a little easier, I'll frame the question in a fill in the blank form. In Watergate, a break in to DNC HQ prompted the appointment of a special prosecutor to discover who was involved in the planning, execution, etc. In the "Russia" investigation, ________________ prompted the appointment of a special prosecutor to discover who was involved in the planning, execution, etc. Fill in the blank NCB.
  9. I agree 100% on going past Boston. I have a lot of brothers in our Maine chapter and you are correct. Very nice people. Of course the time I spent in the south was MUCH more friendly. I lived in Charleston S.C. for a year and it was one of my best years ever. I got a job in a couple bars and during the summer a bunch of students from Clemson and Columbia ( which is a liberal arts college for women) flood the city! Of all the states I travel to, Tennessee and Kentucky are 2 of my favorites.
  10. It was, I’m not sure how this same post showed up again?! Anyway , yeah, Wray is.
  11. He just rubber stamped the FBIs recommendation. He had no part in the FBIs investigation, or decision. He was McCabes immediate supervisor. He let the process do it’s thing, then enforced their decision.
  12. Isn't Wray the person he had a meeting with before he "stepped down"? Was Wray involved in the internal investigation? I'm curious as to why the FBIs internal body gave the recommendation to the AG. You are correct though, I was wrong.
  13. And the further north you go, the ruder they are. Although the rudeness may be concentrated in the northern cities. I haven't been anywhere but the cities up north so I may be off on that. Boston was the worst.
  14. What crime was the IC brought in to investigate? In Watergate, the crime was B&E on democrat campaign HQ at the Watergate hotel. Now what crime occurred and where did it happen?