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  1. It's definitely easier to be objective as an outsider. The down side is getting flack from both sides at once. You gotta remember, both sides are dug in deep. They won't even listen to each other. Larry Sabato said the extremes of both wings haven't been this "dug in" since the civil war and he fears we may be headed that way. I hope he's wrong.
  2. How would they pay for it?
  3. If they don't make any progress repealing ACA or tax reform, nothing.
  4. BPD tweeted refrain from throwing rocks and bottles of urine. And then tweeted "confirmed rock thrown at officers."
  5. Racism or some another ism or phobia. They don't have anything else.
  6. That's why they lost in November, and it looks like they're doing the same thing! If all they can come up with is the race card, they're gonna loose again. I don't get it.
  7. There was nothing to be gained as a dem was already POTUS. Everybody knows this. This is all about distracting and confusing issues. They needed a new narrative. If you can't win on issues, the race card is the #1 go to in the democrat playbook. When one tactic(Russia) starts to fall flat, change the subject by throwing out the race card. The difference now is people can check for themselves. The dems keep saying it was all white supremacy violence. All the fighting and beating people up was the nazis. The antifa were peacefully exercising their first amendment right, when the nazis showed up and attacked them. BUT....... it's all on video, and people can see with their own eyes. If somebody says "the nazis yadayadayada", they can say "Watch the video and make up your own mind."
  8. The guy on the video that was on the list of speakers is running for office and he was going to condemn the white supremacists and call them out by name. But they had to shut it down. It looked like they became intimidated by the counter protesters.
  9. I'm watching MSNBC right now and they are saying there was only about 20 - 40 free speech demonstrators and about 15,000 counter protestors made up of BLM, LGBTQ and people of all races. The reporter said they consider it a victory and they pretty much squashed the free speech protestors.
  10. Who said that?
  11. I was watching it earlier and one of the "counter protesters" grabbed an american flag and old lady was holding knocking her to the ground and dragging her about 15 feet. I guess standing off to the side with a flag makes you a Nazi.
  12. BINGO, and chances are, they don't like being called a racist when all they want is a fair shot at a job.
  13. DNC announces new (old strategy). The Russia strategy bogged down. Narrative shifts to statues and racism. DNC Statement on Bannon leaving | ... › Forums › Other Forums › Test/Politics Board 1 day ago - 2 posts - ‎2 authors We can always count on these people overdoing it. “There is one less ...
  14. There were 3 different shootings of cops. And you believe a person must be of sound mind to follow a call to kill cops? Most of these cop killers are nut jobs. All this statue stuff and racism rioting doesn't do anything to help the thousands of AAs killed in the streets each year. They can run around vandalizing statues and killing cops till the end of time. That ain't gonna help anything in our city.
  15. What does that mean? BLM is multi racial. And a poster here pointed out that they consider cops the tip of the white supremacists spear. How do you interperate that??