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  1. Nothing to low for this woman. What does she mean? I thought Benghazi couldn't be prevented. Not sure what she's getting at, but she's not helping the dems with the military vote. Florida Democrat calls Niger ambush 'Trump's Benghazi' - POLITICO Cached 1 day ago - 'Our democracy is at stake,' Obama says on Virginia campaign trail ... Florida Democrat calls Niger ambush 'Trump's Benghazi' ... Frederica Wilson said Trump was slow to speak publicly about the ambush before her ...
  2. Oh that's right, I forgot he can't participate in anything dealing with the Russia investigation. Thanks
  3. It would've been nice to have had that option. Especially one of the guys that were outside, could have at least saved the guy in Delaware a couple of bullets.
  4. 4 + is classified as a mass shooting.
  5. If making political hay with a soldier KIA isn't beneath them, using these victims to score cheap (and lame) points is definitely ON THE MENU!
  6. God bless our troops. SEMPER FIDELIS
  7. General Kelly Briefs Reporters Calls Fallen Soldiers' Families | C ... ▶ 2 hours ago White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly explains the process for calling the families of fallen soldiers ... If you want the real story watch this whole video.
  8. Isn't the Russia investigation ongoing? And if so, is it possible that it's lead to other actors currently being investigated?
  9. don't shoot the messenger, but this publication isn't particularly "rightwingnews" Obama: Grandmother "Typical White Person" | HuffPost Cached Mar 20, 2008 - Seriously, Barack Obama basically called all white people racist. ... “Barack Obama said specifically that he didn't believe his grandmother ... or this: Why Obama doesn't dare become the 'angry black man' - Cached Jun 9, 2010 - Whites asking black man to show more rage called "a sign of progress" ... If you've followed the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, you've heard the ... But scholars say Obama's critics ignore a lesson from American ... "People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. So does this among other statements make him a racist? In my opinion, no more than anybody else. These are no more than observations and opinions from his perspective. I think the word "racist" has lost much of it's meaning. In this day and age, it has been re-assigned as nothing more than a political tactic. I remember myself and a black co-worker about my age , were within earshot of a couple of what we called back in the day "jitterbugs" throwing the "N" word around like it was nothing. We looked at each other and shook our heads. Living through the 50s and 60s, that word had a sting to it, a particular ugliness born of true racism. Not anymore. Just like the word "racism." Still, SHM
  10. That was the feeling I had, which to me was , there was no good choice.
  11. That's the problem, you can't presume to pronounce a " feeling " right or wrong. How one "feels" isn't right or wrong, but how they apply it to their choices politically can be judged as consistent with certain beliefs. For example, I "feel" strongly against abortion, but polically I would be considered "pro-choice." Same with Capitol punishment. I feel that one that would take the life of my loved one, would likely meet his maker by my hands, yet I am against Capitol punishment. Those are "issues". You my friend are more concerned with candidates and "identity politics ". In which you are either for, or against "the person" of a particular party. You align yourself with that candidate and back them 100% . I can't do that. You like to feel morally superior to those who disagree with you , so you assign blame to the "great unwashed" that you consider beneath you with insults and stereotypes. You know nothing about me. If you ever decide to discuss "issues", let me know.
  12. How can you tell me what I felt about the choice given to America?
  13. Like choosing between "The chair" and "lethal injection".
  14. I think one thing that will backfire on him is his constant bashing his predecessor, and using the word "I" too much. Instead of saying "We are working on getting healthcare straightened out" he has to make it about "I will take down the catastrophe of Obamacare". I was particularly struck this morning when he was touting the victory over ISIS, he said "I have totally changed the military and ISIS is on the run_(paraphrasing)". Instead of "Our military has made huge process against ISIS, and we will give them whatever they need to keep us safe". And the constant tweeting. I think if the dems make it about issues and stay on message, and take the high road (remember? When they go low, we go high.) I would let him dig his own grave and cover himself up. That being said, I hope somebody new for a different party would come along. ugh
  15. Speaking as an observer when it comes to voting (I don't partake), during the campaign this kind of over the top crazy behavior was the "Daily Trump". I wouldn't have bet a penny on Trump to win. Nobody did. Every poll but one picked HRC as an EASY win. HRC basically ran on "I'm not him", and had the full force of the MSM behind her. Easily out spent him. The scary thing is the dems are running the same campaign again! It's attack attack attack, which is a good strategy with all his faults most of the time , but it failed. I mean, if they don't change the strategy, how do you win? Does that make sense to you?