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  1. Cue the People will die song.😂 At the risk of you taking my joke out of context, I’ll say this; if something that people desire is outlawed, there WILL be a black market. We learned that the hard way with alcohol, not with drugs, and abortion. Such as it is. There is a lot of money to be made, as we’ve leaned in the abortion industry, and as soon as they find a way to regulate and tax drugs, they will be legal too. Till then, enjoy the “war on drugs”.😖
  2. Yeah, he doesn’t speak for all veterans. And call it what it is, a pizzing contest between Trump and NFL players, and in my opinion, at this point, niether gives a crap about their particular side, as much as winning. They lost me in London. All the other antics, I didn’t really care. I can’t stop police racism, and I’m not watching anymore anyway.
  3. I’m afraid racism and racists have always been with us and always will be. Other than equip every cop with a body cam and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, I don’t see what taking a knee can improve the situation. Sick cops won’t respond to the demonstration in a positive manner, however, catching them on a body cam and sending them to the same prison where some of their victims reside, now THAT, may make them think twice.😉
  4. I think they are saying that it isn’t temporary any longer
  5. Then I guess we’ll have another season of kneeling . Guess time will tell how well it works. At this point, the message has been sent. Continued poking of offended veterans will just further inflame the situation.
  6. And for those who say nothing has been done about the police brutality against the AA community I disagree. This is the reason body cams are catching bad cops in the act. I’m sure many cops have curtailed abusive behavior and the more departments that do this, the more effective it will be.
  7. Two things here. 1, these are employees that are costing their employers money. The employer has the right to set rules of its on business. 2, the double standard is alive and well. Although not all veterans are offended, millions are. All AAs are not offended by certain statues, but since some are they are gone very quickly. Veterans aren’t a protected class. Therefore, if they are offended, too bad. For the record, I don’t really care if they want to kneel here in the US. They lost me last year on game 3 in the UK.
  8. Don't hold your breath. The SJWs are just temporarily out of kilter without a gun to blame. This one's gonna be a little tougher for them, but they'll come up with something. Give them time. On the other hand, playing devils advocate, suppose the body cam shows that the officer stepped in front of the moving jeep trying to stop him. Just asking, so, don't loose your mind here. Just a thought.....
  9. Interesting take. Appreciate your insight.
  10. So he was probably held up to much tougher scrutiny, especially after being implicated in an intricate scheme to collude with Russia and steal the election. No?
  11. If he was investigated for a year, questioned by Mueller, and received top secret clearance, what "underhanded bullcrap" could he be up to?
  12. So you believe Mueller is in on it as well?
  13. Looks like all the "collusion" talk about Kushner and the Russians is out the window now. After almost a year of investigating and sitting with Mueller for a grueling 7 hour interview, he has full , permanent, security clearance.