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    Bible believing christian. I belong to no political party but enjoy political debate for entertainme
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    Football, weightlifting, my family.
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  1. I thought I was the only person that watched Star Trek first runs! You must be close to my age .
  2. As long as there is gotcha politics and fighting between the parties the company won't feel secure enough to do their job around the world . Let alone the FBI and DHS here at home. Terror is a dangerous game and Boy Scouts are NOT needed in this fight.
  3. I love watching wild animals on YouTube. My favorites are lions. We can learn much from them.
  4. That's what bully's do. They attack when there is no chance of a counter attack.
  5. And to think, Star Trek was a pioneer with the first inter-racial TV kiss!😯
  6. It'll pick up. A poster will make an "Islamic terrorism post", then a poster will call them a bigot, then we'll be off to the races yet again. Other than God bless the victims and their families, what is there to say?
  7. Frightening how a person with all that power can be so astute on one hand, and blind on the other.
  8. I noticed a Russian on the crew. infiltrating our space program even then!