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  1. Best of luck and congratulations to the UMBC soccer team in the final four. Playing Virginia 5:00 ESPNU I believe. And everywhere in Highlandtown.
  2. In all the talk I've heard about Kemp, I haven't heard one peep about why the Dodgers were so anxious to dump this guy. And who the hell is he in the first place? Shouldn't $100 million players be well known? For that matter, who the hell is John Lester and who the hell cares aside from his absurd astronomical contract. This guy is a guaranteed flameout. How could you possibly root for a guy making $155 million? I couldn't, and it kills the game.
  3. $3500 in 1908? Jim Palmer was paid $7500 in 1966! The year the Orioles beat the Dodgers in the World Series. I think his World Series bonus was over $11,000. I think I have these figures correct.
  4. Congratulations and cheers for the UMBC team and Coach Pete Caringi, they play Virginia in the semi final game tomorrow, December 12, 5:00 PM in North Carolina, ESPNU. 19 of their players are from Maryland, two of their last scorers from McDonough. Best of luck to this great group!
  5. How long do you think it will be before they're trying to dump this contract?
  6. Did Ihedigbo leave voluntarily (for more money)? Is Pollard still playing?
  7. In the old days, there were quite a lot of people who believed Professional Wrassling (that's what they called it then) was real. Even though they called it Wrassling to differentiate from authentic wrestling. There are even at the present time those who believe it is real. And there are those among us who believe ( or want to believe) that the NFL is real. If it in fact, contrary to appearances, is authentic and real, it sure has the fragrance of fake.
  8. The question is...these guys are paid millions and millions of dollars,in this case 61 million, I believe...why can't they figure out how to beat the drug tests? They used to say that the masking agents were always better and ahead of the drug tests....what, have the tests gotten better? What's going on here?
  9. Just MLB reality? You mean like the housing market reality back a few years ago when people were doubling and tripling their money on their houses? We found out that that wasn't reality at all. And we found out fast and hard. This reality isn't real either. It's as phony and unreal as the housing market reality. I would imagine it will crash too. They'll tell you the crash is because of a bad economy. The crash (like the housing crash) won't be because of a bad economy, it'll be because of reality rearing it's ugly head. I've never heard of a big contract that's not regretted a year or two down the road. There's already talk about the Miguel Cabrera fiasco. It will cripple he Detroit Tigers. nd they have another one too.
  10. He's rumored to have signed with a Patterson Park softball team to pitch slow pitch. For a 12 pack of Carling Black Label. He wanted a case but they played hardball.
  11. Go Giants. Did you see what they busted the game open on last night? A bunt! A bunt that probably would have been a hit anyway, but a bunt like most bunts that forced the defense to make a play. And they couldn't make the play, they threw the ball away. Isn't that how the Giants beat the Cardinals to get into the World Series? But we always hear apologies for bunting. "We don't want to give up an out". Give up an out? I thought it was runs that determined who wins the game, not outs. A bunt gives you a chance to score runs, it gives you a chance to win games. It's an offensive weapon. The fact that it is scorned is amazing. And idiotic. And a shame. It's one of the most exciting plays in the game.
  12. Does anybody remember "Out on a Limb"? It's the song I always think of when I think of Johnny Winter. Am I imagining things?
  13. I cannot imagine a shouting match between John Harbaugh and a player. I think that player would be done. Unless it were Ed Reed or Ray Lewis. And I don't think even they would yell. They sure probably made their feelings known though.
  14. Wrong again, the Royals bounced back and in a big way, the didn't steal bases, they smashed the ball. How 'bout the reliever who's given up 5 home runs in 5 innings? Strickland I believe. Guess who would keep running him out there though?
  15. How blowing bubbles while in the midst of making a play could possibly impact a player's productivity: It detracts from his concentration It detracts from his focus In a foot race, an athlete can lose the race by a hundredth of a second. In other words he would be out at first instead of safe. He's going after a fly ball hit over his head. He blows a bubble. In that split second he misses the ball. In both cases, his team could lose because of that. This is just common sense, not breaking news. Also it's just good behavior when you're being paid 80 million dollars to do one thing at a time and concentrate on what you're doing. That is if you want to succeed at what you're doing. That is if you care. Go San Fran, sweep the Pretenders (not Chrissy Hynde).