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  1. oh, could be. just babbling here really. I really dont need to know anything on this subject.
  2. it took em awhile to end the salem witch hunts too.
  3. can I make some rules and absolutes here, too? I think mine are pretty danged perfect too. unarguable.
  4. who's forcing????? BRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY......................
  5. what a fascinating subject....marriage licensing knowledge is a must for anyone with a quest for adventure and excitement.
  6. if he is a male lawyer, they could even have a menage de trois.
  7. ha! you want to know a secret. gay marriage isnt really a big issue in my life. this (when posting here) is the only time I usually think about it!
  8. we could use a few less children anyway. it's too crowded on this planet. maybe we should stop all heterosexuals from marrying!
  9. wow! I had to trash my boat. the propellor didnt like the asphalt. damn. 30 seconds of my life, too! and it coulda been 28, if i had only listened to you!
  10. it took me 2 seconds to realize it's ok for gays to get married, and I was younger too at the time of my decision. and I can speak, being one of the weirdos who is happily married in a heterosexual kind of way.
  11. if they are the same folks who believe in the birther movement and that The Donald is a serious candidate...shouldnt be too difficult!
  12. I'm straight, I have no issues with gays in any form.
  13. I am surprised the folks who dont like marriage being messed up dont concentrate more of the 50% hetereosexuals who get divorced!
  14. yeah you say that because coots are black and ibises are white.