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  1. Prices are up a little bit for the Colts-Ravens game. I bought one in the upper level endzone for $35 on Ticketmaster where they show the resale before the regular tickets, probably part of the NFL Ticket Exchange which they power.. Its so bad I heard the Ravens have take out TV ads to tell the public regular season tickets are available. Bengals tickets start at $20.
  2. Steve Bisciotti sad the life expectancy of a stadium is 30 years. He also wants upper level escalators but the design wont allow it. If they ever build a new one, it should be in one of the parking lots nearby. None of this renovation that would have to have to share FedEx Field for two years..
  3. On the Light Rail back from the Redskins-Ravens preseason game some Deadskin fan gave me crap about the Colts leaving, I shot back "If it weren't for your owner Snyder, taking out all those seats in the upper deck and club level, FedEx Field" would look as empty". He shut up after that.
  4. The Ravens should to those pants do what the Denver Broncos did for those ugly brown and yellow unis they had in the early 60s. Have a public burning of them at some large field somewhere.
  5. Lets just blow up most of the team after this season, maybe let Ozzie retire and get a new GM, perhaps a new coach and rebuild for the long tern.
  6. Time to clean house and rebuild, not reload. Perhaps get a new Coach and GM. Build for the long term.
  7. At the NFL Honors awards that year, Rice was the man responsible for the play of the year which was "4th and 29" and the game of the year in the AFC Divisonal game against the Broncos. Somebody at work said to me "If Marv Albert could broadcast again, so could Ray Rice play football".
  8. About the Steelers, I remember some of their fans felt the same way when we got Rod Woodson. You win a few and you lost a few.
  9. There's still a 3 per cent chance that we'll get the wild card, I'm not giving up yet. Time to run the table! #ThePurpleandBlackWillBeBack
  10. After baseball season, its bottom feeder college football and basketball and Tom Davis's show "Touchdown Baltimore" which is whats left of Barasse, Donovan and Fans where Artie usually stole the show. Along with Tony Magee's Pro Football plus, not much to write home about. DC losing two baseball teams well, Baltimore lost two versions of the Colts. DC baseball fans, also shot themselves in the foot when former Redskins owner Edward Bennett Williams bought the O's and tried to make it a regional franchise, by opening a team store in town and getting local radio and TV deals, he hurt Baltimore by taking the city's name off the road unis and signing one year leases at Memorial Stadium until the Camden Yards deal passed. It also sucked that the 1983 World Series trophy was displayed a Duke Zierbert's instead the Babe Ruth Museum or someplace in Charm City where it should be.
  11. They may be a bad football team, but they're our bad football team. I
  12. And most of those residents who follow the maroon and yellow where I live, who still think delusional thoughts that their team can go to a Super Bowl with that Jackass of an owner.
  13. The Squire aka Jack Kent Cooke was in negations with then Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly who called him a "billionaire bully" when Cooke decided to look elsewhere. There was some Bozo who said the Ravens would leave first, well I give better odds of the Maroon and Yellow leaving, because Snyder can take out so much of the upper deck before there is nothing.
  14. They ought to change the name of the city as well, George Washington was a slave owner. The Capital Center was across the beltway from FedEx. I got an idea, Landover Largemouths. in honor a certain troll that posts here!
  15. Went to the Preakness last week, its the first and final time I'll be at Pimlico.