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  1. GM can't pay 350 million to a player that would have to come from the owner. I don't see Angelos just throwing his money away like that. If Manny gets that much money it won't be from the Orioles. I would think a 6 year deal would be more likely. 3 years of additional salary in arbitration for 3 years of extra commitment to the team. Anyway now that he got his 5 million dollars for this year I doubt it will happen. Easier to get him to extend his deal when he is making 500k a year and hanging out with guys making 20 million a year. The Orioles have Machado, Jones, and Davis for the next 3 years. These are there years to compete. After that Manny goes and hopefully we have developed some real talent by then or it will time for a rebuild
  2. I doubt 30 million will be the standard for players. Guys like Gordon, Cespedes, Davis, and Upton aren't even getting 20 million a year. There is a limit to what team can pay. Money is not unlimited. Salaries have grown to quickly. Expect things to slow down. Also genetic defect or not surgeries on your knees at 20 are not a good sign. I doubt he would pass Peter Angelos team physical for a contract like that.
  3. What do you care about how much it is? It isn't coming out of your pocket.
  4. Angelos will be 93 when Davis contract expires. He will most likely turn over control to his sons before too long.
  5. Well the team isn't giving a guy who had two major knee surgeries by the time he was 21 a ten year + contract. If it takes 300 million to extend him expect to see him playing for the Yankees in 2019. Baseball Reference says most similar player through age 22 is Beltre. Beltre will make less than 200 million in his career. Perhaps you are misguided.
  6. I don't see how another Porter trial will help them anyway. He still faces possible federal charges. So how would he be forced to testify? I think the prosecutors will definitely lose the appeal. And I think if Porter is convicted he appeals he is conviction and ask for a new trial outside of Baltimore city. So once again it could be that he doesn't have to testify because of that.
  7. Better kick Cal Ripken and Nolan Ryan out then.
  8. Pete should be kept out of baseball he should be elected to the Hall of Fame. With Bonds, Clemens and Rose out of the Hall of Fame it is a joke. You have the guy with the most home runs ever and the guy with the most hits ever both out of the Hall of Fame. Also keeping a guy out with 7 Cy Young awards.
  9. The Orioles haven't signed big dollar free agents. Why do you expect this year to be different? If you require them to make big moves for you to keep being a fan you would have left a long time ago.
  10. I like a 7 year contract with deferred money. Angelos would be 94 when the 7 years is up and will still have to pay until he is into what his 100's for Chris Davis. The team can't afford Davis time to move on.
  11. We'll I am sure they would be willing to pay more a year for a shorter contract. Anyway I don't think Chris Davis is worth close to that. He hit .199 a year ago and was suspended for drugs. Strikes out way too much and isn't good defensively. I would rather have Upton. Signing Davis to that deal would end up making Brian Roberts last deal look like a bargain. Boras has made mistakes like this before and his clients have ended up getting screwed. The team just wants to hear team x offered this much can you beat it. Boras wants a team to negotiate against itself. Anything more than a 4 year deal for Davis is a huge mistake.
  12. Here is a better idea than moving to the big ten for Maryland: Just shut down sports at maryland. They are a money loser. Shut it down and save the students some money!
  13. After seeing Luck play for the second time I have to say once again he looks pretty awful. The Colts have to play the Texans twice, I think Luck will be entering a world of pain.
  14. I hardly think 98 rock dj's are public figures. And it is none of our business that some of them are having financial problems. If Obama or Romney were not paying their bills that would be an issue as they want to control our national finances. Some DJ on a local station not paying his bills is not our business. And I don't see how it matters to any of us. Unless he owes a debt directly to you and you gave him a loan because he was a public figure I think you are invading someone's privacy.
  15. In Iceland there is no tipping as everyone is paid a decent wage. And guess what service is a lot better.