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  1. I enjoy sarcasm, because it is usually based in truth.
  2. I know this will be difficult for you, because it deals with fact, but my post is dated three days before this comment- which is not all that supportive anyway.
  3. Sorry jonsensback, I agree with little of what he posts, but he’s not even close to Troll King.
  4. I think you were being more sarcastic than ironic. What is ironic is that changing the tone of your posts WOULD actually help your arguments.
  5. Your changing would certainly enhance the level of discourse.
  6. Actually, your response was to provide one link to two products, a simple response appropriate to your point. You were thanked for providing it, empty as it was, and additional comments were made. And yes, your posts often read as self-righteous, holier than though plants aimed at lecturing and not discussion.
  7. Part of this is your normal silly drivel, but part is valid. I have only Trader Joe’s coffee at the house, though I admit I buy McD’s on the way to work. You may have put him in power; I certainly didn’t vote for him. Your Union comment is silly; what is damaging unions is the availability of cheap labor brought forward because of international markets and loose borders. And employees have more rights today than has ever been the case before. We don’t care about a lot of things because because economic, societal and political conditions have made them cheap.
  8. I was intending to spend a lot of time researching what products are made by slaves, or perhaps by economic slaves, or by forced labor, so I could avoid them, but decided I can't walk around naked, that I needed to eat at least once a day, and walking 35 miles one-way to work would be just too much of a challenge. You must do those things, and more, else you are a hypocrite, without a moral sense. So tell me, where do you grow the cotton and hemp for your clothes? Is it on the same farm on which you grow your food? And is it upwind or downwind from the mines from which you draw the iron to take to your forge to make your farm implements?
  9. I understand the term quite well. Do you? I'm the one who, despite my utter contempt for the man and his politics, defended Franken, who said one act of stupidity 13 years before, before he was a Senator, should be written off as an act of stupidity for which he should apologize and move on. Your attempt to discredit the target of his stupidity in some shallow of defending it is the act of hypocrisy here. Were I Franken, I would have told the Senate ethics committee to stuff it. They are first, unqualified to do anything regarding ethics, since they are unfamiliar with the concept and second, have no jurisdiction to investigate the actions of a sitting Senator before he became a Senator. As to Moore, a subject not involved in this topic at all other than to further deflect from your tactic, all I've said is that the people of AL will decide his fate. So far, his poll numbers have dropped from as much as +12 to as low as -8.
  10. I don’t know about the “grope”, but no male Sailor, Soldier, Airman, Marine or Coast Guardsman I know would seek an apology for the kiss. And your analogy is incorrect. Franken is in “trouble” because Tweeden complained about how he treated her. Has the singer complained?
  11. Blaming the victim? Really? You’re going to have to turn in your LWNJ card if you keep that up. 😄
  12. Thank you. I don’t own a laptop and my cell phone isn’t one of the brands you have listed. I am disappointed however that out of your great disdain comes two products.
  13. I want a copy as well.
  14. Trump is not going to run in 2020.