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  1. I know...my knee still jerks every so often.
  2. It’s that poster’s name, that’s all. I would not ask them to change.
  3. Not even a guess, other than blind, dumb coincidence.
  4. Her name, Cameron.
  5. I can assure you, the post you reference is accurate. Kenect_2 from the BS forum is gone.
  6. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  7. I’m a little surprised to realize I’m going to miss this place. Reading the posts from both sides has helped me develop my own knowledge in a variety of areas, particularly on matters of faith and I truly appreciate the chance to have learned so much about myself. I doubt I’ll see folks on the Facebook link, as Mrs MOTR and I are pretty private folks and I don’t care for the false identity trip on FB. I wish everyone well and ask God to look out for you, whether you believe or not. Good luck all!
  8. “If Trump walks away...”. Let’s forget impeachment for a minute. Let us say that sometime in late September Mueller completes his investigation and issues a statement saying “we can find no prosecutable evidence of campaign violations, be it collusion, funding violations, etc. We looked, we looked hard and deep and while this guy is a worm’s worm, there was no prosecutable action.” Will you consider Mueller a liar or just incompetent?
  9. Yeah, because the Democrats are such disciples of bi-partisanship. All this obvious “proof” that Trump and/or his campaign have been compromised by the Russians and still, Mueller has done virtually nothing that ties directly to campaign actions. Perhaps they will come with the Obama impeachment...
  10. I don’t disagree completely, but if we are going to have a debate, using old information not current to the question creates a false argument and does no one any good. Congress has failed miserably in addressing this issue and as despicable as the current enforcement policy is, Congress still hasn’t gotten off of top dead center and offered a fix. “Easy, open immigration policies” carries a “code word” cachet about it. I agree that we need to streamline the immigration procedures, but faster procedures will only create more mistakes if we don’t provide a strategic context within which those procedures operate. Assuming we create a more efficient process; What is the appropriate number of immigrants annually, and from where? What are the requirements for approving an immigration? I assume you agree that we should looking for highly skilled, highly educations immigrants, but that’s an easy question. How do we define, and what limits are appropriate on the low-skilled and unskilled immigrant? Should we work with our South and Central American friends to form a coalition that accepts some of these immigrants in areas other than the US? I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time understanding why someone would walk hundreds of miles, when Costa Rica is closer and has a wonderful record in this area, admittedly since they ended their standing military a number of years ago. Do we do interim, temporary worker programs or is the traditional, permanent immigration process the only answer? And if temporary is acceptable, how do we enforce return? There is nothing “easy” about immigration policy, other than to ignore as we have for so long.
  11. But it fits the current narrative so nicely! Why would you ruin that?
  12. Unfortunately, AG Lynch was too busy discrediting herself and the head of the FBI was too busy being insubordinate. The DAG was busy trying to read the tea leaves and determine with whom he would next curry favor and the Deputy Director of the FBI was busy leaking and lying. Once again, the only authority available to the FBI is to investigate crime; they have no legal mission to “stop” a candidate or a President outside of that narrow line.
  13. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that everything and child abuse seems to go together.
  14. This was heart-breaking. Then Archbishop McCarrick was supposed to be one of the good guys, one of the guys that was leading the RCC back to some level of respectability. That he was, apparently, as guilty as the rest of them is disappointing. i keep hoping Cardinal O’Malley, in Boston, is free of this evil.
  15. The FBI has no authority to “stop him” other than to criminally charge him.