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  1. Before we look at this nonsense, let me say that I don't believe there is much of a chance of actually getting a workable deal on the Korean peninsula. I think it interesting that NK is talking about a peace treaty and actually ending the war. We need to remember however that the President of SK is outspoken in his desire to have better relations with NK and, eventually, reunifying. "Trump is the one who has made a significant concession by becoming the first sitting U.S. president willing to meet with the leader of North Korea — an act that will inherently legitimize the ruler of the world’s most despotic regime and feed its propaganda that even the world’s sole superpower feels compelled to bow before its mighty nuclear arsenal. What is Trump getting in return? " You guys had no problem with Obama working a deal with the nutcases in Teheran, but when Trump agrees to sit down with a nuclear-powered psychotic with an eye toward potentially ending a threat to the entire western pacific, that we shouldn't do. Talking with Iran was the right thing for Obama to do, and there is more than a few who believe we got taken to the cleaners. It's easy to talk to friendly nations; talking to enemies is the only way to solve problems. "...“denuclearization”...For Kim, it’s a code word for the United States withdrawing its security guarantee from South Korea...Ah, but hasn’t Kim now said that he is willing to allow U.S. troops to remain in the South even after an agreement? Yes, and so did his father Kim Jong Il in the 1990s. The elder Kim said North Korea would be amenable to U.S. troops staying “as a peacekeeping force in Korea, instead of a hostile force against the North.” It’s hard to know exactly what that means, but it suggests a small, symbolic, lightly armed presence that cannot credibly deter North Korea....Kim’s latest pledge — to stop nuclear and missile testing — is not, as Trump tweeted, “big progress,” because he has said it before and it can easily be reversed. Explaining this move, Kim claimed that his nuclear weapons program is complete and doesn’t need any more tests. Even if that’s not true, there may be a practical reason for closing the nuclear test site..." Where was this clown when we negotiated the deal with Iran, a deal that "can easily be reversed". Nearly all deals can be easily reversed; such is the nature of political deals with nations that ignore the rule of law. This twit has troops coming out of SK ("...suggests a small, lightly armed presence") and states the obvious about Kim's "ending" the test program. A reasonably well studied college freshman could have written this drivel. "Caution is in order, but Trump abounds with credulity....Now the president thinks he alone can bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. According to Axios’s reporting, he thinks: “Just get me in the room with the guy [Kim Jong Un] and I’ll figure it out.” ...Trump knows next to nothing about Korea. (On Tuesday he said, “People don’t realize the Korean War has not ended,” (meaning he just found out.) He has set expectations sky-high and, vastly overconfident, he is going to parlay with a wily dictator who has played him like a Stradivarius. What could possibly go wrong?" This is probably the stupidest of it all. I bet if you went out on the street, most.folks won't be able to tell you that there has never been a formal end to the Korean War. I'm not sure where this buffoon thinks expectations are sky-high. They're not set that high in the media; the media thinks Trump is an idiot. They're not set that high in Congress. Most Republicans in Congress don't want anything to do with Trump and Democrats from major of any one-horse town to the Senate in California are running against Trump. Europe? Please. So, other than in this "scholar's" column, are expectations sky high? The concern isn't so much Trump as how Trump will react when Moon Jae-in tries to give away the store. My concern is that Trump will try to outdo him, and then it will go south quickly.
  2. Ah. A Washington Post columnist. For a minute there, I thought about taking him seriously.
  3. You two should be SECDEF and SECSTATE respectively. 🙄
  4. I tend to come down on the side of the cops, but I there is nothing in the video that explains why this cop even had his weapon out, never mind use it.
  5. That may be a LITTLE harsh!
  6. Jamaican coffee is great! Not a big fan of Kona. There aren’t many good mass produced coffees and Starbucks doesn’t make the cut at all IMO. I’d rather have McDonalds. Now, OTOH, if you want coffee that will get your heart started, even if your dead, there was a little coffee shop about three blocks from the pier in Istanbul that made a cup of coffee you could almost chew. Darn, that was good stuff!
  7. Why people would waste their creativity and imagination in racist or other low-life actions like thes has always been a mystery to me.
  8. Yeah, I do. I'm finding that a particular poster generally provides some good topics and points that at least makes one have to form cogent counter-arguments - and then all of a sudden the same poster devolves into someone capable of denying any contact with reality and forming arguments that have absolutely no logic behind them.
  9. There is a lot of that on this board, in the posting and elsewhere.
  10. Excellent point and it caused me to go back and look at his track record. Whoa. One point and one observation; he was working, at least at the start, for the President (FDR). Doing so buys one a lot of cover. It’s not anymore honorable or legal, but it sure is better protected! The observation is that everyone since him, with maybe the exception of Nixon, has been a veritable piker in the use of power to advance one’s personal interests. Hoover was dangerous.
  11. We "win" by getting the hell out of there. Moscow has been a Syria supporter for decades. Russia has long wanted a warm-water port and Syria gives them that opportunity. Tehran has significant influence in the ME because (1) they have one of the largest militaries, the key currency in the ME, (2) they are willing to take Russian support, (3) our tromping around in the ME for the last two decades has taken out all of the strong-arm guys, so there is no effective counter. With Saudi Arabia in opposition to Iran, Egypt has a chance of becoming a major player, which means their relatively positive relationship with Israel could become the key factor in that part of the world.