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  1. Good insight. River Hill vs LR was only regular season game of LR I went to as well, but have seen them in the playoffs along with the Millers in the playoffs.
  2. ScoutMilford I have probably seen Milford play more then you have seen Long Reach play this year. The QB is a solid and better CB then QB to me. Milford does have some good WRs as well. What makes there RBs best in the state? You sound dumb talking about apologizing to a player because I mention a weakness in his game. Im here to talk football, if you are here to say every player on Milford is the greatest, I will just ignore your comments, because to me that makes you more of a fan of teenagers then a person who enjoys good high school football.
  3. Are they the self proclaimed best backfield in the state? I think Milford needs to rely more on the running game because their QB seems suspect throwing the ball. Milford does have some playmakers in space that can make people miss.
  4. Do any other MIAA or Baltimore Catholic league high schools allow reclassifying? I thought these schools were above that nonsense and here give kids quality education, not game the system for wins. I'm not surprised St Frances does this, just curious if any others stoop the this low level.
  5. Mamba, I totally misread the score. Some reason I saw it as 45-6. Guess with seeing the Ravens and Long Reach games my brain is now only seeing scores in lopsided ways, smh.
  6. Disappointing loss by Long Reach. Their HC has turned around that program and with Howard up next I'm sure he will have those guys ready to play next week. River Hill Glad MT Hebron was able to find another opponent in Patterson, though looks like it was a lopsided game.
  7. It was the worst Ravens game I have seen with my 2 eyes. A positive is that I think Humphrey played pretty well and looks like a baller. One complaint, this had to be the worst produced ravens game. Never did we see any replays of anything that was impactful. Couple of examples; Punt downed inside 5yd line and after commercial they say guy went out of bounds and touched it, well lets see what happened. Refs call illegal contact on Webb on 3rd and 10, no replay. Ravens called for OPI for a pick play, no replay. Flacco is struggling and never did we see an all 22 view to see if its him or his WRs not getting open, etc. I would like to see the replays of plays that impact field position and first downs, not close ups of players on the sideline, smh. Another reason why Google is way ahead of Yahoo.
  8. Sounds like Long Reach missed Chad Brown the FS from last year on defense. Even with 4 turnovers LR still scored points, which is a good sign.
  9. Or maybe that was the play called.... because you know, the coaches call the plays. Maybe you can see how he played on a torn ACL for a couple plays to win the Jags game when he got hurt. Would you rather have Flacco at his price or Tannehill, or Stafford, or Carson Palmer, or Kirk Cousins, or maybe Rivers? ll of which have no rings and rarely make the playoffs.
  10. I am not sure how the 2 connect when she was calling the police to protect her and her family. If you have a DUI 5 years ago, and then you are killed in a traffic accident when you are the passenger in the back seat of a car, should the DUI and your death be connected? Because your driving record in the past has a lot to do with you being in the passenger seat of the car when someone else is driving and in control. I am sure detectives are doing similar research
  11. It is pretty funny that the talking points from GOP are that it confirmed Trump told the truth about being told 3 times he was not under investigation. Does anyone else find it funny that GOP has to celebrate when its confirmed Trump was actually truthful about something, lol? Not to mention everything else was a lie. It is almost like a proud dad moment 'He did it, he told the truth!'
  12. I do think there was a difference. Rice struck his wife when he thought no one was looking and over an argument. Mixon hit the lady after she allegedly called him a racist name and hit him first. What both men did was horrible, just saying there was a difference. I still don't understand how the woman who hit Mixon wasn't charged with assault.
  13. I read an article where they were describing the Ravens draft room. For the Ravens 2nd pick in the 3rd round they were deciding between a WR and Williams. The article states that even the Ravens OC said that the Ravens needed to draft Williams because he was better value then the WR. So maybe the Ravens were considering Godwin in round 3. http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Byrne-Identity-Inside-The-Ravens-Draft-Room/15f87b61-c72b-4bcc-9047-8ebd12e7bc48 I am actually one of the few believers in Perriman. I say that because last year, he disappeared in games or maybe had 11 or 2 catches, but he still had 500 yards receiving. I just think we need to throw the ball deep to him a little more then last year so he can show he play making skills. On a couple of those drag routes when he caught the ball in space, no one could catch him.
  14. The Reuben Foster pick looks good on paper, but he has a diluted test so he is automatically now enrolled in the NFL substance abuse thingy, and he may need shoulder surgery because he never completed his check up at the combine. I don't think its wise to get a 1st round pick that may get suspended for drugs, or may need surgery this late before the season starts. He may barely play his first year. I know Tim Williams, our 3rd round pick, has similar issues, but I would rather a 3rd rounder with 1st round talent have these issues, then our 1st round pick. I believe we had a solid draft. Humphery looks like he can play right away. Williams will surely play in pass rush situations. The OLB from Houston looks super athletic, Wormley will contribute and be depth on the DL, and I believe one of the OL we drafted will contribute this year. I believe not drafting a C means the Ravens may go get Mangold. I also believe the Ravens will pick up another WR or 2 after teams release some players now that the draft is over.
  15. I think Humphrey is a solid pick. He comes from a football family with his Dad playing in the NFL. He was a track star and a 5-star recruit out of Alabama. Started since a RS-Freshman and started every game he played and was an All American his RS-Soph year. I write that to say he is a high level athlete who produced at a high level and lived up to the hype at Bama. There are questions about him playing the deep ball, but we do have arguably the best Safety tandem in the NFL on paper, so that should assist with preventing the deep ball as well.