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  1. "If ifs were fits we would all be drunk" if Lee Evans held onto the ball.... I will say this. Steelers replaced Santonio Holmes with Wallace, and Wallace is not Holmes. See Steelers last drive vs Arizona in Super Bowl vs Steelers last drive against Packers in Super Bowl. Holmes caught everything, Wallace did not.
  2. TheMamba always knows lol. I was talking about the 2006 team you mentioned. Thought the game was closer. Like I tell my friends 'it's hard enough to remember what happened yesterday, let alone a week ago'. BTW Ranney was legit and from what I hear their PG did not play against MSJ. Not sure how much that played into that game. Great info once again.
  3. If my memory is correct, the last time a BCL team came close to winning the tourney was the undefeated MSJ team about 10 years ago that lost to Dematha by 3-5points. Like they say close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.
  4. Was a real good game. The dark skin bald headed ref definitely had money on St Frances. He favored them the entire game and made a couple crucial dumb calls. Baldwin showed up at money time. Am interested to see how Baldwin progresses as a player.
  5. I don't get to as many games as I used too, though I do see highlights on the various YouTube channels for local teams. I will say Poly seems like an exciting team to watch with Mims and Lewis playing above the rim. You mention Ra Ra Ali, and seeing the highlight videos, I have heard he is an 18 y/o sophomore, any truth to that? Regardless I will say I have not been impressed with his game, and think he plays selfish at times. With Lewis there for next 2 years am looking forward to see him develop as one of the best players in the area.
  6. Maybe if SFA would have ethics and morals in what they do, and not promise players the world for them to transfer there and give them no education compared to other private schools maybe others would respect them. Prior to this previous year regarding athletics, are there any athletes from SFA that qualified to play D1 as freshmen that did not go to WVA or UNLV? We all know WVA and UNLV allow anyone which is why no Conference wanted them during realignment.
  7. It's disputable moron. Rankings are based on opinions which are subjective. Glad you are that person who believes it's true because it's on the internet.
  8. Not too mention football 15 years ago was different. Teams run spread now instead of pound the rock. Anoma is an athlete edge rusher like a Tim Williams from Bama, where Abiamiri was like a Suggs who could do everything.
  9. Thanks for this info. Even by this post Abiamiri not lower then #3 DE while stick up boy #6 DE. Yes it's schematics, I think Melvin dominated lower competition as well. Good info GT.
  10. That article seems to be incorrect to me. Richard Johnson was easily top 80 player in all publications I saw when he was coming out of high school. Some even had him top 50. Abiamiri was the top DE in the country and some had him the top defensive player in the country out of high school but this article has him 29th in the country?!?!?!? Abiamiri was always ranked higher then Melvin too. Melvin was younger, but there was never a comparison who was better because Abiamiri was that good. I will also say, those that saw Richard and Big Vic play never disputed there rankings either as both brought it every game.
  11. Are you talking about Trump and the 15 plus women that said he grabbed the *meow*
  12. Good insight. River Hill vs LR was only regular season game of LR I went to as well, but have seen them in the playoffs along with the Millers in the playoffs.
  13. ScoutMilford I have probably seen Milford play more then you have seen Long Reach play this year. The QB is a solid and better CB then QB to me. Milford does have some good WRs as well. What makes there RBs best in the state? You sound dumb talking about apologizing to a player because I mention a weakness in his game. Im here to talk football, if you are here to say every player on Milford is the greatest, I will just ignore your comments, because to me that makes you more of a fan of teenagers then a person who enjoys good high school football.
  14. Are they the self proclaimed best backfield in the state? I think Milford needs to rely more on the running game because their QB seems suspect throwing the ball. Milford does have some playmakers in space that can make people miss.
  15. Do any other MIAA or Baltimore Catholic league high schools allow reclassifying? I thought these schools were above that nonsense and here give kids quality education, not game the system for wins. I'm not surprised St Frances does this, just curious if any others stoop the this low level.