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  1. The one thing that always sticks out to me is Mosley complaining that the officers she charged in Freddie Grays death elected to have judge trials and not jury trials. She complained that it wasn't right for the officers to do that and the people should judge them, when it's the law and officers right to do so.
  2. The scary part is the number of uneducated and uninformed people who voted for him.
  3. SFA

    I believe you are the self proclaimed 'Guru' because 'metaphorically speaking' means "When you say something which is not really true or realistic but you use it for expressing the intense of the circumstance. Obviously it is not similar to " Literally" or " Literally speaking". Literally means that is exactly true but metaphorically is when it's not true is just use to express the intense." AKA Alternative facts! So I agree, you are The Guru of Gooch. FYI laws have changed so yall can get married and get those tax benefits. I agree ECF. This is not about grades or education. Others who I have called out think otherwise, smh. There are public schools that kids who transferred to SFA, were receiving a better education from. Is first rule of SFA, when you transfer, you have to reclassify? Asking for a friend of mine, lol. I am here to express my opinion like everyone else. I dont disrespect what you say, so dont disrespect me calling names, etc. No feelings, just facts!
  4. SFA

    Another internet gangster self described as the guru lol, smh. No parent or coach here. I give my opinion and you resort to disrespectful name calling. Guess when my opinion speaks truth, you resort to childish tactics. You incorrectly state Im supposed to be the one with a littl Johnny, but sounds to me you are just finishing puberty with small hands and tiny feet and jealous of another person's manhood and opinion. BTW definition of a Gooch, is the piece of skin between a man's testicles and the anus. Sounds like you may need to explain further why they call you the Gooch. This is my last response to your ignorance. "Never argue with a fool, because people from a distance cant tell who is who"
  5. SFA

    You sound like a high school kid calling people names on internet chat boards that you wouldn't dare say in person. Then again I shouldn't expect more from a SFA supporter.
  6. SFA

    When do we start taking opinions of 15-17 year olds in terms of making policy for anything?!?! I'm sure every 15-17 year old or in SFA case every 17-20year old has disagreed with their coach on something. I keep reading, other schools did it before, no one said anything 10 years ago, ... so 2 wrongs now make a right?? Grown adults on here sounding worse then the kids they are supposed to be supporting. Not to mention, this isn't about a top notch education for these 'Student Athletes, if so, you wouldn't send your child to SFA.
  7. Looks like the real reason for Trump helping Chinese is because they aree giving him $500mil for a project. Let's see how the repubs twist and turn this lol. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5af9f701e4b0200bcab7fa66/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  8. I think that that Ravens had to take a TE at 25 because the Falcons who picked 26th needed a TE. I also believe if Ravens didnt get Jackson, the Giants who picked 2nd in 2nd round may of been interested. Giants did draft a QB in 4th I think. I wanted ravens to pick Jackson. For once I think it will be exciting to watch a ravens offense when he gets a chance to play.
  9. "If ifs were fits we would all be drunk" if Lee Evans held onto the ball.... I will say this. Steelers replaced Santonio Holmes with Wallace, and Wallace is not Holmes. See Steelers last drive vs Arizona in Super Bowl vs Steelers last drive against Packers in Super Bowl. Holmes caught everything, Wallace did not.
  10. TheMamba always knows lol. I was talking about the 2006 team you mentioned. Thought the game was closer. Like I tell my friends 'it's hard enough to remember what happened yesterday, let alone a week ago'. BTW Ranney was legit and from what I hear their PG did not play against MSJ. Not sure how much that played into that game. Great info once again.
  11. If my memory is correct, the last time a BCL team came close to winning the tourney was the undefeated MSJ team about 10 years ago that lost to Dematha by 3-5points. Like they say close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.
  12. Was a real good game. The dark skin bald headed ref definitely had money on St Frances. He favored them the entire game and made a couple crucial dumb calls. Baldwin showed up at money time. Am interested to see how Baldwin progresses as a player.
  13. I don't get to as many games as I used too, though I do see highlights on the various YouTube channels for local teams. I will say Poly seems like an exciting team to watch with Mims and Lewis playing above the rim. You mention Ra Ra Ali, and seeing the highlight videos, I have heard he is an 18 y/o sophomore, any truth to that? Regardless I will say I have not been impressed with his game, and think he plays selfish at times. With Lewis there for next 2 years am looking forward to see him develop as one of the best players in the area.
  14. Maybe if SFA would have ethics and morals in what they do, and not promise players the world for them to transfer there and give them no education compared to other private schools maybe others would respect them. Prior to this previous year regarding athletics, are there any athletes from SFA that qualified to play D1 as freshmen that did not go to WVA or UNLV? We all know WVA and UNLV allow anyone which is why no Conference wanted them during realignment.
  15. It's disputable moron. Rankings are based on opinions which are subjective. Glad you are that person who believes it's true because it's on the internet.