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  1. Yet it does seem that any good news about the U.S. evokes a lot of whining and naysaying from our Liberal friends. It's as if they want the U.S. to fail.
  2. I'm gonna take a SWAG and say the taxpayers.
  3. What lies about Melania? I don't follow her every move looking for dirt like you guys do.
  4. I sit corrected. You guys whine about a lot of things.
  5. The country must be in pretty good shape if this is all you guys can find to whine about.
  6. Research, my friends, pure, scientific research. Probably government funded too.
  7. I almost fell for it too. Just more disingenuousness from the Sunpaper.
  8. The Dine & Dasher article is from October 2013.
  9. You folks are really going to be disappointed if and when Mueller delivers his final report.
  10. And what do you think it is?
  11. Hands, fella babies. We gotta ban hands. No hands, no shootings. No hands, no knifings. No hands, no beat downs. No hands, no strangulations. And if there's an outbreak of mass stompings we'll ban feet. We gotta attack these problems at their source. All in favor raise their....well listen, there are bound to be minor problems with any solution.
  12. Unless, of course, the fruit is aborted.