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  1. The (D)s attempt to link Trump to Russian hacking seems to have jumped the shark.
  2. Abscent unlimited funds why should Trump help BC, BC never helped Trump.
  3. So you admit that nothing disastrous has happened because of the slowness with which Trump is filling the vacant positions. Let me help you out by lowering the bar for you. Can you think of anyone who has been mildly inconvenienced by these vacant positions?
  4. I'm not going to read through the whole damned thread looking for proof of a statement you made. You made the statement, in an intellectually honest world it is incumbent upon you to provide proof that your statement is valid.
  5. Stop tapdancing and tell me where the link is. I gave up playing hide and seek years ago.
  6. I'll bet you people have a list of known Evangelical Christians who have infiltrated the State Department. Tailgunner Joe would be so proud of you guys.
  7. I must have missed your link showing that people who actually work in government are complaining about the vacancies. Please provide said link.
  8. Please complete the following sentence: "In the absence of these nominations the following disasters have occurred....." Sorry Chicken Little, the sky is not falling.
  9. All executive positions who have little to do with the day-to-day running of the government.
  10. Vacant positions? At what level? You think our country's security is being compromised because a few admin assistant or data entry positions are vacant? I would like to know what positions are vacant before I yelled that the sky is falling? YMOV.
  11. Sure. The nitty-gritty of any government action was, is and always will be in the hands of the bureaucrats who actually run our governments. Politicians set policy and enact laws but the mechanisms to make these policies and laws a reality are controlled by the same people from one administration to the next. The idea that people in the administration are going to change a TSA officer's screening procedures to better protect the country is ludicrous.
  12. The (D)s need to stop following the same old failed game plan and try something new. To wit: 1. Stop whining about what happened in the past, i.e., HIllary's loss, and focus on 2018. 2. Knock off the negative attacks on Trump and instead develop a positive, forward looking policy that addresses the concerns of the people who elected Trump. 3. Provide a constructive response to Trump's POLICIES and stop carping about his hair color and his tweets. 4. Dump the semi-senile Nancy Pelosi and replace her with a younger leader, or a least someone who knows who is currently president. 5. Make it clear that they strongly support people who obey the law and who subscribe to the concept of personal responsibility and accountability. Or they can stick with their losing game plan and gain nothing in 2018. The time to start is now.