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  1. Take if from me these people can't keep their mouths shut about their political views. Their friends, neighbors and employers (if they have any) already know who they are.
  2. If in my judgement that person could handle the requirements of the new position then you're damn right I would give him/her the opportunity. The caveat is that you can't simply throw the employee to the wolves. The employee has to be coached, mentored or whatever you want to call it. And their first failure should not be an automatic excuse for throwing in the towel. The concept has a name - OJT. It appears that the difference between you and me is that you have a negative management style and I have a positive one.
  3. So if you had been in Barcelona earlier today....
  4. Bingo! Finally someone understands the concept.
  5. Don't look now but you just contradicted yourself.
  6. As any good manger knows people need to be encouraged to accept new challenges and take on additional responsibilities. Good managers help people to overcome their resistance to taking a risk. We do all involved a disservice when we fail to provide opportunities for advancement simply because we assume we are setting people up fail as opposed to setting them up to succeed. When I was a manager I kept the following in a frame on my office wall. “Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, we're afraid!" they responded. "Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, We will fall!" they responded. "Come to the edge," he said. And so they came. And he pushed them. And they flew.” ― Guillaume Apollinaire I presume Ms. Hicks was a good employee in her previous position. See deserves the opportunity to fly.
  7. So absent proof one way or the other you choose to go negative. Has this always been your hiring philosophy or are you giving Trump's hirees special considerations?
  8. Would you entertain the possibility that there may be more than one way to address a topic?
  9. Perhaps you should hone your ability to deal with the unusual. The world is not a predictable place.
  10. "Pointless 'what if' questions" sell a lot of books amongst people who understand the concept. In your world is it possible that one might condemn white supremacists without hesitation, as I do, and yet still speculate what might have happened under different circumstances?
  11. Wrong again. The purpose of the question is to explore "what if" type possibilities. Is that a ridiculous notion? I think not. In fact there is a whole genre of literature that is based on "what if" scenarios. Take a look at some of them. They might expand your horizons.
  12. Having failed with the “I don’t care” dodge you now trot out the old “stupid question” dodge. Sorry, that’s not going to work either. And who appointed you the arbiter of what can and cannot be addressed on these fora? Are you so insecure that you can not tolerate any deviation from the course you have charted for a thread? If someone has the temerity to challenge the Ayatollah from Albuquerque’s ruling on what can and cannot be discussed does that present prima facia evidence that they are dishonest? Apparently in your little world it does. OK, so you don’t do hypotheticals. Next time somebody present one just ignore it if you can.
  13. Having failed with the "I don't care" dodge you now switch to the "stupid question" dodge. 1. I am not trying to shift blame. My question had nothing to do with assigning blame. It had to do with what would or would not have happened had the White supremacists been left alone. 2. I am not trying to defend the indefensible or anything else. I am simply asking what people think might have happened/not happened under different circumstances. Apparently you do not understand the concept of the question and have therefore fallen back on your old dishonesty charge.
  14. Yet when called upon the provide an answer as to why it wouldn't have been fine you pulled the "I don't care" dodge. I can't decide whether that dodge is indicative of dishonesty or cowardice