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  1. Does anyone know the name of the public school applicant?
  2. Was the young man injured. On TV they made it sound like he just took off without anyone know what was going on. I have always been a little against these all-star games for kids who are already committed to a college because of the possibility of injury.
  3. Gentlemen, Can someone tell me what happened with the young man from St. Francis to cause him to leave the Big 33 game last evening at the half?
  4. MOP, You are dead on.
  5. Thanks
  6. He was the OC at Calvert Hall last year.
  7. I am just curious. Where will Mike Williams be coaching in 2017 and will his father be there with him?
  8. I am not trying to pick a fight. I just have a basic question. How many on this forum have ever had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Eric Thomas? If you have not, I highly recommend that you take a few moments and listen to his message. He is great. Just a thought.
  9. What seems to be the problem at Mt. Hebron?
  10. 1. Sparrows Point I Think 2. Woodlawn 3. Towson 4. Loch Raven 5. Eastern Tech 6. Dundalk 7. ?????
  11. HY3:13, What I consider said about the whole situation is that as a coach myself, I believe that you can and should have an impact on young people no matter what school they come from. Back in the 90's I had the great pleasure to coach against one of the all-time great track and field coaches, Jerry Martin from Perry Hall. He was always giving of his time and knowledge. One of the things he did was coach any pole vaulter in the county who wanted or needed help. Coach Martin was a great man and a great role model. I know that in my specific situation back in the 90's coaching softball I did clinics and anyone who wanted to work on pitching I was willing to help and most cases for free. If I took many it was because I just wanted enough money to cover my gas. I actually started a pitching clinic and it took years for the people I worked with to get me to accept money for the clinic. I also don't remember how many phone calls I received from other high school coaches for me to go and work with their pitchers. Most of my spring breaks were spent at schools that would later play the school I coached at. There are others that are the same way. I apologize if it sounds like I am trying to toot my own horn, but my father and many other great coaches taught me to give back. I am not the only one who is this way and honestly if the Dulaney coaches had held an open workout for all high school baseball players, even though it may not of been by the rule, I would have not had a problem with it. It is all about helping young people.
  12. HY3:13, On the baseball end I had heard that Dulaney's coaches had been having practices at a local training facility. I am not speaking of a couple of kids, but a large number of young men. Also, the coaches in question were not holding an open gym type situation where by they offerred to help any athlete from any school. The word that I received from multiple sources was that some baseball coaches from Dulaney had been let go because of these pre-season workouts. I was attempting to confirm what I had heard. Honestly, if a coach from a specific school were to hold workouts to any high school player, I personally have no problem with that. It is all about helping young people. Sadly, in this specific situation, this was not the case. As for the softball situation, I made a mistake on the rule about traveling distance that Daywalker was kind enough to point out. Once Daywalker let me know about my mistake, I apologized. The biggest problem I have is when a coach abuses the rules. Coaches who help all athletes no matter where they come from I support fully and completely.
  13. Daywalker, then I am mistaken. My apologies. I only stated that rule based on multiply athletic directors telling me.
  14. The key is there is a 300 mile rule that a team can travel for those tournaments
  15. I will give you one example of something a program got away with. Basically a softball team played in a tournament in Myrtle Beach during spring break.