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  1. yes among other factors
  2. http://www.stubhub.com/baltimore-ravens-tickets/baltimore-ravens-baltimore-m-t-bank-stadium-8-12-2013-4271199/?clickedPosition=1 haven't seen them like this in a long time
  3. If Broncos win their next 3 (vs Titans, vs Chargers, @Texans), Patriots win their next 2 (vs. Browns, @Dolphins) Colts lose 2 of next 3 (@Bengals, Texans, @Chiefs) Bengals lose 2 of next 3 (vs Colts, @Steelers, vs Vikings) Denver will have #1 seed and New England will have #2 seed secure by time Ravens and Patriots sunday night Patriots would have nothing to play for I think
  4. What if the Bengals have nothing to gain week 17 and sit Dalton and Green Or would they risk it to try and keep Ravens out of playoffs?
  5. Steelers play Dolphins next then Bengals. If those were both wins that would be great Lets go black and yellow
  6. Just picked the Ravens to get the 6th playoff seed HeII has frozen over
  7. Oh people are mentioning it alright. It was perfect, Torrey was just waiting to catch the ball and win that game. such a damn shame. Straight amateur hour
  8. I mean was it solely on him and how much did wet ball play a role. And a bad exchange could just as easily be fault of quarterback. I didn't see good replay but pretty sure it was gino though
  9. What about the botched snap? Was that Gino's fault? Torrey Smith was hot read wide open just waiting for the throw, and Joe couldn't get it off .
  10. OP You Don't Need To Capitalize Every Word In The Title
  11. afan it's your turn say something, anything ill respond in a few days. it's a brilliant plan. we won't stop until we get 1 Hundred Billion views Flacco stop picking at your flacne
  12. who gets the bump this week?
  13. wait did we bump the joe flacco thread yet this week?
  14. I bump justforfun don't you get it everything I do is justforfun. i troll for responses justforfun. i troll justforfun and yet you still respond to me. i come on the internet justforfun because there is nothing justforfun to do in tampa
  15. Ohh I know lets bump the joe flacco thread again