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  1. Just curious, are you still involved with property title industry in some way?
  2. Sorry for late response. I'm not a title researcher myself. The question is for general knowledge for the title industry. Thanks.
  3. I'm not a sales guy but a very experienced software guy (a full stack programmer). But let me try on the sales side then since you mentioned it, my tutoring will give noticeable boost to your son's CS grade and some REAL skills that would help him with increased ability to handle real world software task.
  4. no, no, no, you got me wrong. Previously I did a web project for a property title researcher, thought other title researchers could use it... but my previous post did not discuss it, it was asking a question if property info is available online in baltimore... fyi, it's not a property search engine. Try not to overthink, dude!
  5. We HAVE TO be dynamic, do what that works, if a new agreeable opportunity presents itself why not embrace it? Colleges students are starting their summer break now... if your son is interesting in taking a look and see if he's capable of doing some pretty fancy and practical DOM stuff as a summer fun or challenge I'd be happy to provide some screenshots. Let me elaborate just a bit, every CS student knows how to create basic HTML FORM and then use a server side language (be PHP or other) to process the submitted FORM, but say there's a need to dynamically add or remove elements in the client side HTML FORM, probably not many CS students are able to handle it without scrapping his/her head... So, why bang your head on the wall while someone who can guide you to accomplish it easily and then you'll say, "Wow, that's awesome!"
  6. Excellent questions,Eastside Terp Good to know your son is a CS major, talking about CS major, new graduates may still have a long way to go... about two years ago, we had an intern, an upcoming CS graduate from a major university in NC, he's good, but still unable to solve complex problems, for instance, when interfacing with a third party tool, and results are received over the web, and we need to import the result as structured data into our database... he snapped... though he's good at javascript, but he didn't know that DOM manipulation would address the problem head-on... btw, DOM is extremely powerful for client side data manipulation... Such specific domain knowledge, googling is not good enough imho, one has to get his hands "dirty" in trying it out for real, not "hello world" baby crap... It would be more fun and productive to teach/tutor a few students on some specific ares of CS via blogs and some of my real world web apps (demo versions) to those who's already got some good knowledge to boot...
  7. Even an idiot's opinion is welcome
  8. Thanks for the thought, ads would be too much trouble... What I had in mind, is that the first piece if free, so, the qualify of the first piece is dam? important, if many likes it, hook to it,, then, want to read the second... and third, then, you pay to get the second and more. Besides, only 5 bucks... A key is how to publicize it...
  9. Personally I would only upgrade to Windows 10 if I need to touch this and touch that. At the moment, I don't have such need or luxury otherwise I may give it a try or better, get a cheap laptop with windows 10.
  10. ok, thanks for your input. How about this? Interested party can pm me for the sample first article. Then, the next question is, where to publish them? I currently can't use Amazon as a vehicle.
  11. Hi all, I have 20 years of IT (software) web and database development under my belt, my knowledge of computer, the Internet and web is considerably deeper than an average casual user. If I write a series of blogs such as "computer intro", "internet and web intro", "teach me a few lines of code" in a very informal and practical way... so that a casual computer user can easily read it, understand it and get some real benefit out of without feeling boring, would casual readers be willing to pay $5 or $10 for it? Yes, I understand there are tons of such materials out there but I think they are disorganized, also, boring vs. mine, it would be kind of like I'm tutoring my little nephew with my blogs, and from the title of the blogs you can see the logical progression... I can even post a link to a sample one (I sort of wrote it already). What do you think?
  12. Interesting. But I just attempted to perform search for several known properties but the system complained not found... How come?
  13. Hi all, I left Baltimore for quite some time, thought of it tonight and this forum, so, just want to drop by and say "Hi". And btw, I wonder if any of you are (property) title researchers...