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  1. Alternatively you could just purchase a few cases of Twinkies.
  2. I don't know that she's grabbing that guitarist's butt. When you take a photo with a long telephoto lens, compression takes place. She could just be dancing in close proximity to the guitarist (both arms/hands in similar positions).
  3. This has been the nature of man since the dawn of time, nothing new.
  4. No doubt in my mind. Disgusting.
  5. Thank you for the link. MLK was closed at Lombard because of the traffic accident. Sad to read that the car involved was the police vehicle rushing the detective to the hospital.
  6. The news conference is going on across the street from where I work, I knew it was bad news. RIP Detective Suiter and condolences to your family.
  7. It's worse when an underage person is involved. They are more vulnerable and in less control of their circumstances. The actresses that Weinstein took advantage of could have chosen dignity vs. career. Most kids have no choice in the matter.
  8. Driving into work this morning, the news segment stated that they had all three in custody.
  9. Sending good thoughts to the officer, his family and the entire police community. I work in close proximity to Shock Trauma and was just leaving work as this unfolded. Traffic was basically gridlock, but at the time I didn't know what happened, just that it was major. Baltimore is just spiraling out of control.
  10. Yeah, the mind isn't what it used to be. Atlanta, Alabama? They both start with "A" and are down south.
  11. Or, one of the rocks gives way!
  12. Yes, it is insane that a human being was killed for a relatively small amount of money. They were probably headed back to Alabama and figured they'd grab the quick cash and disappear.
  13. I'm sure someone will do so, but I'm just trying to figure out what and why. As others have said, this couple wouldn't have raised any red flags for me, and that's frightening.