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  1. Apparently orange compulsive liars are more than okay with some.
  2. Amazing that some people are unable to comprehend this.
  3. Because schools are soft targets, every child in every school is a potential victim. No subset.
  4. An anti-abortion stance only affects a subset, and that's what the March for Life is about.
  5. You're right, it's more like apples and potatoes. A religious subset vs. the whole.
  6. That would be a fitting punishment.
  7. I should've quit my crappy supermarket job too! But I don't have the talent that these two do to fall back on.
  8. This will put a smile on your face.
  9. Don't forget the guy who shot up the pizza joint.
  10. Agree, completely!
  11. She's very talented. I've seen some of her other videos too, seems like quite a character.
  12. I don't know if they still make them, but straws used to be made of waxed paper. If it was already discussed, no use going further.
  13. They need to ban things that are not biodegradable. Include plastic straws too.
  14. Better opportunities in the 'burbs.
  15. Hmm, link works but wouldn't embed.