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  1. Funny thing was that a few years ago he made a big mistake by posting a FaceBook photo of his that was linked to his real name. He definitely has problems.
  2. So, it'll be held in the city? Just kidding.
  3. No, those days are long gone for many. It's a shame that so many of today's youth don't stand a chance in life because of it.
  4. Yeah, who needs traditional family values?!
  5. Too rich for my blood, but I do like ABBA.
  6. They didn't worry about whether or not they crossed the border, but yes, Gypsies were locked up.
  7. I wonder if the pedo pizza shop delivers to the places marked with the crosses? Maybe they have an app Like Domino's.
  8. I only know of them because of the shirt. I know Volvo too.
  9. H&M is a Swedish clothing manufacturer, AG is American Greetings.
  10. So, if Ekistics has had the project since 2009, why wasn't it already built by the time Hogan got into office?
  11. Maybe preface it with "sane." There is little to no sanity with T supporters.
  12. Don't feed the troll, his name says it all.
  13. That's a pretty broad brush stroke. There are a lot of grumpy old white guys who do not align with Trump or the other viewpoints mentioned. Hell, I'm one of 'em.
  14. It would be interesting to see how some of the women here would feel if they were the driver and it was two hot guys. Probably the same as the men feel about two hot women.
  15. If that's the case, all he had to say was a nice romantic drive around the lake would be nice, it's on me!
  16. Dude needs to turn in his man card. Just sayin.
  17. Shoulda got closer for a selfie.
  18. Thug.
  19. I wasn't a big fan of doo-wop music while I was in my mid-teens, but it grew on me as I got older. American Graffiti helped seal the deal.
  20. Yup, low gas prices drove up demand for gas hogs. People just never learn.
  21. I don't understand why anyone would risk taking a Uber. They should be regulated the same way cab companies are.
  22. Our buddies, the Russians, are doing their part too.
  23. Yeah, pulling the economy out of the deadly GOP-created tailspin is not a good legacy. Song and Guido have it right, the Obama administration set the ship on a course that now benefits Trump. And Trump's doing everything he can think of to send us into another tailspin.
  24. Well, according to some, the rich are rich because they're more productive. Ain't that a hoot!
  25. The world needs more people like him, what a wonderful young man. Great post workerbee, thank you.