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  1. It's certainly a big problem. But the way I see it at least there's been more production out of the hitters than the pitchers. But it's really 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other. With the exception of Britton in the BP prior to this season.
  2. Fair enough. But all those "growing pains" that result in losses, even if they're not of the UJ variety, whittle away at the W/L record. I don't think the Orioles have that much room for error.
  3. Exactly. By the time he "finds his groove", the game would be over.
  4. I'll say this to all you "silver lining" folks. And/or you folks who think this is just a temporary slump/glitch: I'll be glad if you're right and I'm wrong. I simply, honestly don't see this as a bump in the road. I see it as a sink hole. So yes, I'm claiming that the sky isn't just falling, it's fallen. We'll see how it all plays out.
  5. I remember when he got a Hi Def TV. Then his line analysis really took off because he could read the numbers better. He has a ton of patience to go through play after play after play. He was able to break down substitutions along the lines and it really gave a lot of insight and dimension to things that normally go by unnoticed. He really is awesome.
  6. His real name is Ken McKusick. And he posts regularly at Russel Street Report. He's a very humble guy. And very knowledgeable.
  7. Thank you. YES! He is totally awesome.
  8. You and that cool guy who analyzes the D-line and O-line play (I forget his name at the moment) are about the only posters worth reading on the Ravens forum.
  9. I certainly don't think the O's Woes are limited to Britton, and I've stated that already. The "Spring Training" form (that mdrunning pointed out) of Tillman is another factor. And so is the rancid hitting. So while I agree that Manny won't end the year hitting .218, my hope that the hitting coach would have coached these hitters to be more patient at the plate this year after he's been here a while has been dashed. They, AS A TEAM, are undisciplined and that is unacceptable. And those are things that have to be worked out BEFORE the season starts, not now. So added all together I don't think this team is a playoff caliber team. If there's some miracle in July that turns it around, fine. I simply don't see it happening. There are too many areas of concern and it's already too late in the game to fix these things. Sure, you can tweak something here, and dump UJ, or whatever. But this team is like a sieve IMO. And it's not fixable in 2017.
  10. The HELL you say! (I have the crappiest Forum Demeanor of just about anyone here. And I just flat out don't care. It's a minor miracle that I haven't been banned already. And you know that. So C'MON, MAN!!!)
  11. We're going to have to agree to disagree as far as when it's time to be really concerned. IMO, it's time now to be really concerned. I don't need to wait until July to know that this team is in trouble. As I see it, the only question is whether or not the team can solve its very real problems. And I don't think so. It's too late in the game already to procure the types of players that this team needs to right itself. They're not in AAA. They're not on rosters from which the O's can procure them. And they're not going to appear out of thin air. You see it differently? No problem. I've generally almost always respected your knowledge and forum demeanor.
  12. It's not the same team at all that went 89-73 last season because of the loss of Britton for half a season. That's a fact. And you could toss the delay of Tillman into the difference mix as well. And it's your opinion that "we're not there yet" -- no more, no less. As I said. We'll see.
  13. Finality aside...the burning question has been whether or not this team is in trouble. And unless one is an outright apologetic shill it's obvious that the team IS in trouble. So now that that's settled, the only REAL question is whether or not the team can SOLVE their obvious problems. That's where the "finality" argument has some validity. One can say that the team probably won't be able to solve the problems. Or one can say that the team probably will be able to solve the problems. Or one can say that the team might be able to solve the problems. We'll know more about that "finality" as the season plods along. IMO, it's pretty clear (final) now that the problems are insurmountable. But time will tell.
  14. And do you think when he returns, after having not pitched for months, that he'll just start up at an all star level?
  15. You could be right. But you didn't address the loss of Britton for half the year. That's cost the O's a lot of games already.