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  1. ?????????? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!) Compared to you...Dan Duquette is Einstein. On a bad day.
  2. It shows.
  3. Damn. So close. But yet...so far. And don't forget folks...tonight was the LESSER of the two evils. Tune in tomorrow for the kind of pitching that makes your eyes hurt just watching it.
  4. LOOK at Manny hustle. A thing of beauty it is.
  5. Why do you even bother to post here? Seriously.
  6. He's one guy I'm willing to cut some slack. He's definitely the black sheep of Showalter's roster.
  7. The irony being, of course, that he had been the most patient hitter on the club. But sadly, that's the club mentality.
  8. I was thinking this is a page right out of the O's playbook: Walk the bases loaded with a 4 run lead.
  9. And Kim. SWINGING for the fences. LOL.
  10. LOL. Well, there's The Beef. At least he's made the game interesting.
  11. No, you're just being you.
  12. Mancini at first really helping out on D lately.
  13. How noble of you. Really great contribution. Really. Great stuff.
  14. Jim Palmer: "5 run inning but Wade's done a nice job of keeping it there". Yeah, Jim. Keep telling yourself -- and the fans -- that.
  15. O's manufacture a run.