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  1. West and Allen seem similar, whereas Collins has more explosive, take it to the house kind of speed. I think with Collins he'll have to prove to Harbaugh he can take care of the ball.
  2. Now THAT'S funny. (I wonder if johnpolitics is laughing.)
  3. Have really dug themselves into a hole.
  4. This team is really unwatchable.
  5. And then on the next series Wagner kept JPP just far enough away from Stafford to allow him to complete a TD shot.
  6. Take Collins! He has power and speed. On another note...Rick Wagner just got his QB KILLED as JPP went right around him and caused a strip sack fumble.
  7. Compared to who the Ravens HAVE had back there he's an effin HOFer by comparison. But yeah, he's going to drop some jaws at some point. But honestly...I'm more concerned about Mosley and Correa in coverage. Re-watching Sunday's game was quite revealing with those two.
  8. What the hell happened? I watched a little NFL Monday Night Football and came back and the O's are behind.
  9. DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO CONDESCENDING?!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! (And yes, you gave me a warning. Obviously. I quoted you and your warning!!!) PILING ON! BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The O's are SO MUCH BETTER than the Red Sox. That makes them the best team in their division.
  11. Wow. That sux.
  12. It doesn't look like it. And after re-watching this game at least twice it appeared as if Mosley missed his coverage. That would represent a regression for him. We'll just have to wait and see. However, watching him play, and hearing BIG D's voice in my head, I think Carr will rack up some DPI's this year. But again...we'll have to see.
  13. Bam Bradley, a ST player, who got hurt on Sunday, also to go on IR.
  14. Instigator.
  15. LOL. I'll take that as a "no deal". N/P.