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  1. And it's a wrap! (And my nephew, who lives in Houston, had something going with some store there that if the Astros won the WS he'd get his $5,000.00 bed for free. Looks like he got his $5,000.00 bed for free!)
  2. If the Astros can't hold a 4 run lead heading into the 9th they don't deserve to win.
  3. The O's are like a Double-A farm club compared to the really good teams.
  4. Unless the Dodgers manage to come up with a.... SEASON. SAVING. RALLY!!
  5. I'd give it to Springer. Although it really was a team win. Every time it seemed as if they'd fold they stormed back. All I kept thinking was how much better they'd have been with Brach. And how wild it was that Verlander ended up on a World Series team after having been traded in the 11th hour.
  6. Are my eyes deceiving me, or are the Dodger batters engaging in gamesmanship with all the timeouts they keep calling at the plate?
  7. Wow. I can't believe the mods didn't ban you. So I'll ban myself because any board that allows a total P.O.S. like you to keep on posting isn't worth my time. And one last exposed lie of yours before I leave: You say you joined the board to give me a "piece of your mind". You were a member of this board from 2003. I only joined in 2009. So once again, you're nothing but a P.O.S. liar. Enjoy. The board is so lucky to have you.
  8. Then I must have clearly missed whatever point he was trying to make. To me, I don't need to compare any drop stats with any other NFL receiver. Watching Perriman -- if it's not 100% clear that he's a bust, then all the stats in the world won't help. And aren't really needed to begin with. Just my 2 cents.
  9. For some it sure is.
  10. We'll agree to disagree.
  11. LOL. My sister, who lives in Houston, bailed on the game at 10:00 PM. She didn't think it was interesting. LOL. (And who on the planet could possibly be happier than Justin Verlander?!!)
  12. I bet Houston wishes they at least had Brach.
  13. Maybe you need to go back and re-read Mr. Deltoid's perfect analysis of what happened when Kubiak came in with his crew, parked Castillo (who had had a riot on his hands the previous year) and see what Mr. D had to say. And your meager attempt to try to minimize what Kubiak did what a journeyman RB, which is what he's been doing for over a decade, is kind of silly, really. And no one has run a pure WCO in years. Kubiak's basic formula is, without a doubt, a run-to-set-up-the-pass scheme. And man...if you don't know that, we really have nothing to talk about. You know your numbers, but that's about it man.
  14. Hmmmmm...kind of like the Ravens 20 year bankruptcy on offense. Interesting. You see things with the O's that you don't see with the Ravens. Interesting indeed.
  15. I couldn't disagree more. As I've already stated, what Kubiak DID was to provide the proper balance, along with the perfect "run to set up the pass" type of offense. That's the exact opposite of Cameron's "Cam Coryell" type dinosaur offense. Additionally, Kubiak straightened out the single-most important part of an offense -- the offensive line. With that fixed, he was able to do what he's always done -- take a journeyman like Forsett and turn him into a 1,000 yard rusher, which opened up the D's and opened up the passing game. That's what a run to set up the pass offense does. And Kubiak did it. To say he didn't do anything more than just let Joe throw long is laughable, really.