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  1. TNF

    What I saw were 5 or 6 stellar receptions. Receptions in the end zone with a defender all over the receiver's back. An over the shoulder deep reception at full speed with a safety over top pounding into the receiver and the receiver held onto the ball. Two tiptoe dragging catches right on the sideline, with both receivers holding onto the ball. Receptions over the middle in heavy traffic with the receivers holding onto the ball. And they aren't the premier receivers, with the exception possibly of Garcon. But game after game, team after team, this is what NFL receivers do. And are supposed to do. Look at this week in/week out, and compare that to Perriman. It's not even in the same league. And anyone who insists that Perriman is a quality NFL receiver (forget about being a first round draft pick) is an absolute moron as far as I'm concerned. They clearly do not have a clue what a real NFL receiver even looks like.
  2. TNF

    Wow. Two real defensive power houses duking it out tonight.
  3. 7 targets. 1 catch, for 5 yards. Maclin: 9 targets, 6 catches for 87 yards and 2 TDs. It's still early, but Perriman has absolutely dropped more passes than he's caught. That's not an exaggeration. It's a fact. Passes that hit him right in the hands that he dropped. (And while those drops may or may not show up in some statistical "drop" count, look at the film. He dropped them.) And that's why he not only isn't remotely a #1 or #2 receiver, he isn't really an NFL receiver at all. Since the definition of a "receiver" is, you know, to CATCH THE BALL. This guy would be considered a bust even if he'd only been an UDFA. But as a first pick? LOL. Not even on ANY level of reality. QBs need to know that when they throw the ball to a receiver he's going to catch the ball. It's the fundamental prerequisite to developing trust. Perriman does not belong on the field. But since he was a #1 draft pick, they'll stick with him, to the detriment of the team. And while it's still a little early for those stats to have real validity because the sample size is too small, it's 100% consistent with what the scouts said about Perriman before he was (unfortunately) drafted by the Ravens -- that he drops way too many easy passes right in his hands, but does make some spectacular circus catches. The Ravens offense simply cannot afford to keep running Perriman out there. This offense is thin, and it needs everyone to contribute. Perriman does not fit the bill. He is Yamon Figurs, v.2, only Figurs wasn't a 1st round bust. And while I absolutely abhor injury smack, the sad reality is that Perriman was actually more helpful to the team when he was on IR than now when he's on the field. He is a detriment. He kills drives. He keeps the team from being able to get into FG range. He is a negative.
  4. Well, that's just not the way it should be. But it is what it is.
  5. Since when is bunting an embarrassing thing to do? I don't get it. You do whatever you need to do to score runs and win games. Buck just really does not seem to get that. And that's a big flaw in a major league manager.
  6. No. Way before him. I can't remember his name. Bernard Pierce. That's who it was. When he came on the scene he looked fantastic. Then he was always hurt. In 2012 he rushed for 532 yard and averaged 4.9 ypc. And considering he was more of an afterthought than even a 3rd down back, that was pretty good.
  7. Langford, who was just re-signed to the PS on Tuesday, is now on IR today, after getting hurt on Wednesday.
  8. SACRIFICE THE BEER, MAN!!! (Lightweight.)
  9. Now see, to me...with one on and nobody out and the shift they use on Davis, and the way he's been crapping the bed, I would have had him bunting after the first strike. At the very least it gives that third baseman playing in the SS position something more to think about. But Buck is just brain dead when it comes to things like that. And it's really pissing me off.
  10. It's not easy. It takes a LOT of practice.
  11. Did you knock him down and yell at him? That would have made pit happy.
  12. It's like that running back the Ravens had a couple of years ago. His rookie season he looked like he has so much potential, but he was constantly getting hurt. He never panned out. I forgot his name.
  13. I blame Buck, DD, and PA. But Buck is DEFINITELY in the mix. No doubt about it. Anyone who doesn't hold him accountable suffers from blind rage at PA/DD.
  14. Well...enjoy your nuggets. Me, I'm holding out for the Buck Showalter Farewell Bobble Head Give Away night.
  15. What? You don't think he was just misunderstood?
  16. Lawyers say stuff like that.
  17. So, you're going to the game tonight, eh? What...is tonight the Buck Showalter Bobble Head Give Away? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Managers don't have the luxury of letting their likes/dislikes get in the way of what's best for the team. It's highly unprofessional.
  19. And Maxx Williams is wearing a protective boot on his ankle and is not practicing. Neither is Jaylen Hill (hamstring), Terrance West (calf), or Brandon Williams (foot).
  20. Oh. And his spot on the PS is being filled by RB John Crockett, who played 2 games for Green Bay. In 2015.
  21. Also, Woodhead makes plays out of nothing; on his own. That's another difference between a player and a play maker. Ezekiel Elliot makes tacklers miss. He rarely goes down upon first contact. He does it on his own. It's not the blocking schemes, or anything else; it's his pure talent. Like Megatron could go up in triple coverage and come down with the grab. All on his own. Those are play makers/impact players. Perriman can't even catch passes right in his hands. As far as the RBs go, West has a soft tissue injury and that's why he only took 15 snaps against the Browns. I'm not sure what his status is for this week.
  22. Again with the "security blanket"? Maclin is a #1 IMO. Wallace might be a #3 on another team. Perriman wouldn't even BE on most other teams IMO.
  23. I sure hope so.
  24. I see. Well, time will tell.