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  1. Maybe you need to call out Brach and see if that helps. What a black hole he is.
  2. Exactly. Except I think he was locked in until the ASG from the start. NOW I think he's probably locked in until the end of the season. That's just how Buck rolls.
  3. O'S WIN!!! TILLMAN'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Only 14 more wins and Joy will have been right!!!!)
  4. And tonight Tillman looks like Cy Young. Just like Ubaldo used to do. Run out there with 5 stinkers in a row, THEN have a great game, and then back to 5 stinkers in a row. Sadly, Buck only focuses on the blind squirrel finds a nut/broken clock is correct twice a day model. So...he'll be in the line til the cows come home.
  5. Well...look at Slidemaster with his alter ego on the Ravens board and he IS Travis Moon.
  6. Travis Moon still lives? Who knew?!!!!!!!
  7. You always ask the hard-hitting questions, man.
  8. I HATE that damn hot dog guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. On the flip side, it's sad that Buck DOESN'T see it.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. He IS a bad fifth starter, any way you slice it.
  11. That's what I'm talking about. A lot of posters here said give Tillman until the All Star Break. Now...that seems like a pipe dream. He'll be here until his arm falls off if Buck has anything to say about it. And Buck has a LOT to say about it.
  12. Yeah. I just looked at the box score and saw "only" 4 ER in 6 innings. So much for the All Star Break.
  13. Yeah. In the past, it seemed as if one wing of the bird would be functional while the other one was in the crapper. So, hitting might be clicking, while the ST or BP faltered but in the end they won some of those games, averaging out to around .500. This year, they just can't begin to get it together, although some of the starts have been quality starts on the part of the pitchers.
  14. One bad team losing to another bad team. Yup. This season might just be shaping up to end up worse than I'd predicted: .500.
  15. Grrrrrwwwwwlllll
  16. Agree 100%.
  17. Well...if you print them in your basement, like funny money, I'm sure some sucker out there will buy them. (Sadly, the O's were the suckers who bought a real money pit in Tillman.)
  18. Wanna bet?
  19. Time for what?
  20. Proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt...that great minds think alike.
  21. And therein lies the rub. I think it's overly optimistic to extrapolate much from the one victory. Their entire problem, IMO, is that they cannot, and have proven that they cannot, play like they did last night on a regular basis. They're simply not built, or managed, that way. They are an all or nothing team, and that, by definition, is not a formula for consistency. It's rare that their hitting and pitching are clicking on the same night, because their hitting is not consistent, night after night, and neither is their starting pitching, or their bull pen. So it's a lot of fits and starts and stops with this team and it shall remain that way as long as the current regime holds sway. So for me, when they do manage a nice win like last night, I acknowledge it, and move on, in no way expecting to see anything close to that night after night. Just my 2 cents.
  22. Most likely. Still...it was a good win. (OCF does his best to quell that Travis Moon voice in his head. BE QUIET!! BE QUIET!!!)
  23. Make no mistake...Angelos is at the heart of this mess...he always has been. And I don't want to lay ALL the blame at Buck's feet -- that would be patently unfair. But to excuse his continuous blunders would be unfair -- and untrue -- as well.
  24. You vill jump in lake. It put hair on your chest.