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  1. Seems like the president was using govt. equipment to email. Which can be monitored at any time. The problem with your hero is that she refused to use govt. equipment for her email. So, I guess you could say her emails were illegally obtained. The fact that classified information was being sent from that and people with no clearance going over them doesn't seem to bother you.
  2. Pretty much what I was thinking.
  3. Weren't there 12 or 13 schools where no students passed the state tests? http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/11/09/alarming-number-of-baltimore-high-schools-had-zero-students-proficient-in-math-study-shows https://www.educationdive.com/news/several-baltimore-schools-report-0-students-proficient-in-math-reading/443155/ Granted, it does take a lot to where nobody passes. A great effort.
  4. Agree with that. I have been very surprised that trumpanzee has been allowed. A similar term applied to the former president would probably not fly for long.
  5. Regardless of what you think of the president. A newspaper publishing that just adds fuel to his fake news rants and that the msm is at war against him.
  6. That is unfortunate. There are still some laws that are enforced. You may want to focus some of your anger towards the democratic party. They ran the only person he could beat. Which was amazing to watch.
  7. They didn't do their jobs during the previous administration.
  8. Oh, I get it. Didn't premiums go up already with the mandate? So them going up now isn't a new thing.
  9. Lost it, or decided not to purchase any?
  10. Does the president have to do anything illegal, with proof? Or just continue to be an *** to be removed?
  11. Who lost their healthcare? I thought all that changed was that you are not forced to get healthcare. Therefore, nobody lost healthcare, they chose not to buy it.
  12. Don't know anything about the mentioned program. Was it working as intended? Seems to be a lot of homeless veterans before this change.
  13. Nice so many are thrilled that americans are losing jobs.
  14. Wrong, again, the very rich are concerned about getting richer. If they thought your hero could make them money. They wouldn't care if he was the vegas shooter. He would be playing.
  15. Yeah, diplomacy has worked so well there. Didn't know we had american soldiers fighting for israel. Thanks for pointing that out.