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  1. Considering the abysmal school testing scores of the city students. Maybe they don't understand they are supposed to actually return the bikes. Of course now that the new school opened, with all the usual fanfare and promises. The first group to go there will be tops in the state. Granted not all users are city school students.
  2. Some may think Perot is a punchline. Sad thing is, he was correct in his view on nafta.
  3. Regardless of what people think of the president. I am pretty sure you have to commit a crime to get impeached. Now I realize they have been looking nonstop. Until some charges are pressed, he isn't going anywhere.
  4. As captain redlegs said in the movie the outlaw josie wales. Doing good, ain't got no end.
  5. I could see the possibility of some type of electronic jamming. What I don't understand is what is going on with the sailors on watch. You can't jam a pair of binoculars. Two friends were in the navy. They both said a minimum of two people on each side of the ship with binoculars and comm gear 24/7. So what is going on?
  6. I think I would be a little more disturbed as to why the cops, which are only a few feet away. Allowed that to go on.
  7. You have a point. Not enough in the article to figure it all out.
  8. As are the people the baltimore statues represented.
  9. So, it would seem they had a chance for their day in court. Failed to take it, and now it is the landlord who is taking advantage. From your last sentence. I assume you think they should be able to live rent free.
  10. The elder was never in north american, not sure of the son or brother. There is a large memorial and museum in santo domingo. They were pretty terrible to the natives of that island. Yet, they haven't destroyed the memorial.
  11. I totally agree with you. As my 84 year old father says. The country will never pull together. People don't want to be americans. They just want what america can provide, while contributing nothing or very little.
  12. Did they remove that coast guard ship yet?
  13. There is this. http://www.wbaltv.com/article/2-men-arrested-on-human-trafficking-charges-1/7092499 Isn't human trafficking the pc term for being a slaver? Haven't seen anything on the news about the protests about this modern day slavery.
  14. Except you live in a country that allows them to speak their mind, whatever it may be. Free speech doesn't stop because you don't like the message.