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  1. You seem to be pretty generous with other people's lives. Do you feel the same way with the US involvement in the mid east? The US has reaped a lot of problems by trying to be the world's policeman.
  2. Pretty sure we lost a lot of people fighting germany. Not even getting into the support in supplies before we entered the war.
  3. Not sure that illegal citizen is a correct term. Everyone is a citizen of their country of birth, I think. Just some seem to think that merely sneaking into the Unitied States makes them a citizen of the US.
  4. I doubt it. Almost anyone else could beat him though. Maybe they should contact Anthony Brown.
  5. So, are they rounding up all ALQ members? I don't think so, that is, unless they do something illegal.
  6. Great, when is the arrest? I mean, over a year should be enough to have the evidence.
  7. It isn't. It also isn't the states responsibility to hamper the feds from enforcing federal law. Which seems to be big in california.
  8. I think what you, and many refuse to admit. Is that trump is president because the dems ran the only person he could beat. It isn't supporting trump, it is not supporting hillary. The total arrogance of the democratic party is hard to fathom. They still don't seem to understand why they lost.
  9. I read your link. Not many details. How do they determine who is in one of these groups? If they are in one of the groups, and have done nothing other than exercise free speech. Do you want them arrested? Like it or not, they have free speech. When they harm someone it is a different scenario. Just speaking their views is not a crime.
  10. I guess it would have been too off base to actually send the money back to the taxpayers! I know, talking crazy stuff. I guess I should just be happy they let me keep some of my money.
  11. No idea, but I thought dreamer status just meant you were not getting deported. Seems not it means you have it all.
  12. The article says she is a lawyer. I thought you couldn't be a criminal and pass the bar. Of course, it is mexifornia. So now they have an admitted illegal in a political post. I don't know the law, but I don't see how that is anywhere close to legal.
  13. Well, somebody probably got kicked off the voice or idol. They should apply. Probably get picked right up.
  14. Not really. Only if their parents refuse to take them along. It could be a great learning experience for the kids. Showing them what happens when you ignore the law.
  15. In maryland your family gets millions for that.