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  1. Locust point is still pretty cool. My Dad, who grew up there when the place was full of Bohunks, Poles, Czechs, Germans and many other European immigrants, always says that he is very proud that it bears no red flags on the City's murder list (maybe one now) . I have been down there on numerous ocassions recently. The yuppies have largely replaced the old schoolers but pretty much all of South Baltimore is a decent place to live. There are always a few bad spots however.
  2. I lived in Govans. Used to sail sailboats in the wading pool at Dewees Rec center and have Gala Day at the elementary school. Used to have a great pit ham sandwich at the Stadium lounge on 33rd and Greenmount on the way to Colts games. My brother still lives in Govans. It ain't so bad on his street but York Road south of Belvedere is pretty ugly. My Grandmother lived in Hamilton. Loved going to the Arcade to see a movie, now long since closed. Used to have local bands play summer concerts at Herring Run park. Still have friends in Hamilton. Parts of it are still okay.
  3. That's funny. She pointed them out to me when she saw them cause she knows I like that stuff. She'll try most everything. Haven't gotten her to try hog mawl yet tho. Most def lol! That's one of the coolest things about the Market. The exchanges between vendors and their customers can be funnier 'n hell. Talk to some of them ladies in there and you can get some great recipe ideas an find out just what to do with some of the wilder food items . If you're respectful and express an interest, you can hear some great stories from the City's cast of characters.
  4. I grew up loving places like the Market. Not just for the place itself but also for the interaction with the people of the City. What a bunch of characters. I will not deprive my grandaughter of that eperience just because the neighborhood has changed. I'm a believer that all people have value (somewhere), you just have to be a little more wary nowadays as to which people you believe. You also have to know when it's time to GTHO of Dodge.
  5. I have taken my 9 year old grandaughter to many places in the city. She really enjoys the trips, especially our visits to the Markets. She's slurped oysters with the best of 'em in Cross Street Market. We have a friend who has a stall in Hollins Market and he treats her like a royal princess, so she loves going there too. About a month ago she expressed an interest in visiting the World Famous Lexington Market. I told her it was a really neat place where you could buy pretty much anything you ever wanted to eat, but warned her that the crowds could be a bit intimidating. So yesterday we gave it a try. She was fascinated with all the produce and meats, chicken feet and hog mawls, candies and cookies, and especially all them dead fishies with their heads still on and their eyes wide open staring back at her. But she squeezed my hand and gripped my arm like she had the fear of death itself lol. All them peoples in there was just a little too much for her i think, although she still managed to smile and talk to people politely. When we went outside there were men in dresses, women in big hats and folks a witnessin' the second coming on the street corner. The crowd was alive and vibrant and not all were completely friendly. I told her that this was just life in the city. I told her not to be afraid, and tried to explain to her how to "Act like you know". I also told her that everything would change in 3 blocks of walking. We made it to Charles Center and she relaxed sitting on the bench next to Mayor Tommy D'Alessandro and the fountain there. When we walked up Charles Street she recognized the Monument, the Walters, the Peabody and the Basilica, all of which she had previously visited. We peeked through the door of St Vincent De Pauls and she read me the Desideratta. We talked to Mr. Ron, the Doorman of the Tremont Hotel. He told her not to worry about those people at the market. That most were just on their way home from work, but still it was a good idea to watch out all the time. Then he took us inside and showed us the most beautiful Ladies room in the United States lol, marble inlaid with gold - floors, walls and ceilings. My grandaughter just said wow! After that we stopped in the lobby of the Monaco Hotel, former offices of the B&O with it's marble stairways and gorgeous chandeliers. Then we visited the Morris Mechanic Theatre, sat in wing chairs in the Raddison playing peek-a-boo, and checked out the broadway shows coming to the Hippodrome. As we got back to the car I noticed she was still watchfull, but wasn't squeezing my hand quite so tightly.
  6. You are not low enough to be a stiller fan! Go Ravens! Bring the Madness! Thnks to your help we just hit 15K.