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  1. What an idiot..........
  2. At least at some point we will see a return on the ICC. Don't think we can say that for Amtrak.
  3. So they condemn the move that and 50 cents won't get you a cup of coffee.
  4. ICC: toll road making money on a daily basis Rural areas: Farming is commerce
  5. Sure they do through commerce, fees and tolls. Why shouldn't make a profit? Would you keep a company open if you lost millions a year? So why should the taxpayers have to keep it a float?
  6. Sick of the democratic whining talking point that this will only benefit the wealthy when most in congress are wealthy
  7. How many other wealthy Democrats and Republican Congress members will benefit from this bill? Even the ones who voted against the bill.
  8. What like the great mass Democratic Amtrak nightmare? This mass transit program cost taxpayers over 1.6 billion a year and this year alone Amtrak will lose 227 million. Wow that's a great return on the taxpayer dollar for mass transportation.
  9. Does it really matter who controls congress? Nothing will get done
  10. How many democrats just left or will be leaving office soon over insane and delusional acts? Not only a 100% racist but you are 100% political bias
  11. Sit down banner.... The officers conducted themselves poorly that night with the 11 year old.
  12. I would not disagree with this statement. How many politicians enter politics maybe in the middle class or low rich status only to become fifty rich? Maybe they should teach us their insider trading secrets.
  13. Well it started already so it cant actually start with him, how many are going?
  14. So is this method on how the swamp is going to be drained? Sexual Predators
  15. Banner wasn't questioning that tactic he was only focused on the so called trigger happy officer