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  1. This is as retarded as the Portland school board changing the name of 3 schools due to having the word LYNCH in the school name. Who care that the property was donated from the Lynch family. Where does it end?
  2. Maybe some kind justice can be served in civil court.
  3. 18 months of home detention for 2 lives. http://news.maryland.gov/dnr/2017/07/26/baltimore-man-convicted-in-2015-double-fatal-boat-accident/
  4. So the left is up in arms over a tweet but its ok to riot, destroy private property, block roads, prevent conservative speakers on liberal college campuses, throw bricks and stones at conservatives, shoot republicans at a baseball practice and literally react with glee.
  5. #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen
  6. So your telling me each member of congress read the thousands of pages of the bill and regulations? If you believe they did I have ocean front property for you to buy in Ohio.
  7. BOOM
  8. Good now sentence them appropriately 15 years should cover it
  9. I touched a nerve in you because you posted back my little snowflake
  10. Oh this is just pure entertainment watching snowflakes getting more pissed off everyday