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  1. Maybe add multiple smiley faces behind a humorous post
  2. Maybe we pushed the wrong people out of the country.
  3. Time to clean house doesn't matter what position you hold in the federal government
  4. From witnesses the 2nd officer wasn't far from his partner when shot. The 2nd officer took refuge behind a vehicle when shots started being fired. 5 blocks from the hospital and you have a viable person do you wait for City EMS or go? I would GO, City EMS is over taxed in the first place with people needing a ride to the ER for a headache you may have been waiting 10 to 15 minutes. Blue cameras in the area I question that as well. If this block has been a trouble spot over the years doesn't make sense not to have them there.
  5. With all this data, witnesses and evidence being provided when will the state do an investigation over the Baltimore City failures?
  6. And these are the people that will do jobs that entitled welfare Americans won't do.
  7. I'm not airbrushing anything. From the president to congress members if the accusations arise let it be handled. But the day in day out Trump Trump Trump is old. Did these same Trump haters raise this much hell with Bill when in office? Stop being fixated on one person and lets fix the entire issue. And if a false claim is made then the complainant will be charged.
  8. Blah Blah Blah. Sexual deviants all around in politics but you continue to harp on just one man. If any accusations are true they all need to go even the President. How many Democrats and Republicans are in this boat or how many have been suppressed due to their power and money?
  9. This man fought for their freedoms and this is how they respect him. Glad they got caught hopefully all involved loses their freedoms. Stick them in a sh**hole prison and forget about them all
  10. Lets put an end to the thread Hillary can question, whine or hold her breath. She lost time for her corrupt a** and sexual deviant husband to go away.
  11. Can you name one non bias fact based news agency
  12. Mark Pinnavaia, the owner of a neighboring auto electronics store, said that just before officers arrived he jumped in his car, drove across a grassy strip and hit the gunman, who flew over the vehicle and landed on the ground. The man, now unarmed, got up and ran with Pinnavaia and his employee, Christopher Kaufmann, in pursuit. https://patch.com/new-york/across-ny/miracle-more-werent-shot-man-guns-armor-police Good job to Mark and Chris for stepping up.
  13. I hope this is the beginning of the end for these powerful pre-madonna's of congress.
  14. You really said that with a straight face? Stop with the R vs D for a second. These idiots of power should be held accountable for their actions and removed from office if guilty.