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  1. Not at the time it supposedly occurred; only after he was fired.
  2. While this may in fact be true, it's a bit troubling that James Comey failed to alert his superiors at the DOJ that the president asked him to shut down the investigation. And let's be honest, the NYT isn't exactly the bastion of journalistic integrity.
  3. Are you delusional? So I guess when pushed into a corner, the rest of the world will stop calling on the United States for help. Gotcha.
  4. At least he didn't chew his pop tart into the shape of a gun.
  5. But the Washington Post and ABC are faux news, so how can we believe these results?
  6. I would think the most important impetus to success in school would be to have positive role models at home in the guise of a mother AND father.
  7. Wallace caught 72 balls for over a 1000 yards. Just sayin'
  8. As President Obama stated after Sandy Hook, that if we can save even one life, we should act to do whatever it takes. Now, of course, he was referring to gun violence, so I guess his one life premise only extends so far.
  9. You do realize that Obama, like all presidents, fired all the lawyers brought on by Bush, right? Notice anything different in the headlines? I'd love to know how it's different.
  10. Are you really this ****ing stupid?
  11. But Hilary's inability to ever tell the truth was something you were comfortable with?