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  1. I'm surprised you watch Fox News enough to know this to be true.
  2. While that may be true, the facts show that Obama called to congratulate Putin's victory, and his campaign was praised for the use of data mining in his election victories while Trump's is demonized.
  3. Just heard Oprah say that God hasn't told her to run for president, so she's taking that as a sign. Will Joy Fat Arse mock Oprah?
  4. Make of this piece from CNN what you will.
  5. CNN didn't think it a deflection, spending several minutes on it last night with a Democratic lawmaker.
  6. But it was okay for Obammy and Holder I guess.
  7. I'm just asking, and perhaps I misinterpreted your comment, but the left finds it convenient to invalidate Fox News because of commentators like Hannity when MSNBC has just as many wackos going off the deep end. Look, believe what you want. I'm sure your Google works just as well as mine. Trust me. You won't have any trouble finding lies she's told.
  8. Explain to me how Hannity is any different than Rachel Maddow?
  9. Is Reuters acceptable? How about the Washington Post? Read it here
  10. Even CNBC and CNN are FINALLY reporting it but I love the qualifiers they insist on inserting. Just release it and let the public decide what it means.
  11. Those earning over $138,000 already pay over 70% of the Federal Personal Income Tax collected. Those earning <$39,000 pay 2%. 45% of households pay no Federal Income Tax. This sounds fair? IRS figures by the way. Look them up for yourself. I did.
  12. Every coach not named Belichick does things to make fans scratch their heads. Harbaugh's fine; they need better players at a number of positions. Injuries have been devastating, but they affect every team. But yeah, he seems to be able to keep his teams from imploding no matter how they're doing in the standings. Speaks to the character of vets like Suggs, Flacco, and Webb.
  13. I'm fine passing out of this formation; it's when they try to run the ball that they have little to no success.
  14. why when the Ravens have the ball on the other team's 1 yard line, they line up in a bunched formation time after time after time, and the result is almost always the same. Our OL gets manhandled and the ball carrier gets stopped in the backfield for a loss. Why not spread out with 3 wides and reduce the number of bodies in the middle of the field? In a normal alignment, Buck Allen can get a yard any time. It just makes no sense.