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  1. Yeah. This is pretty bad. How is this really any different from a kid with a lemonade stand?
  2. Just send them to all the self-proclaimed sanctuary cities. Let the locals foot the bill.
  3. Splinter News? Are you kidding? Really? That's your source? And you bash Fox News for its political bias.
  4. Russia has had a separate space force since 2015.
  5. I'm surprised you watch Fox News enough to know this to be true.
  6. While that may be true, the facts show that Obama called to congratulate Putin's victory, and his campaign was praised for the use of data mining in his election victories while Trump's is demonized.
  7. Just heard Oprah say that God hasn't told her to run for president, so she's taking that as a sign. Will Joy Fat Arse mock Oprah?
  8. Make of this piece from CNN what you will.
  9. CNN didn't think it a deflection, spending several minutes on it last night with a Democratic lawmaker.
  10. But it was okay for Obammy and Holder I guess.
  11. I'm just asking, and perhaps I misinterpreted your comment, but the left finds it convenient to invalidate Fox News because of commentators like Hannity when MSNBC has just as many wackos going off the deep end. Look, believe what you want. I'm sure your Google works just as well as mine. Trust me. You won't have any trouble finding lies she's told.
  12. Explain to me how Hannity is any different than Rachel Maddow?