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  1. Not sure what you find funny. You don't think Twitter and Facebook are monopolies? Google could be debated because of other search engines in use, but come on, it's difficult to even justify that one.
  2. I'll let you guys come to your own conclusions assuming you trust the HoCo Police Dept Facebook page.
  3. Of course, you could argue that Democrats made Trump president by providing arguably the worst, most hated candidate in recent memory. But hey, the glass ceiling.
  4. So are you saying the poor don't possess the self-control necessary to not go around shooting and killing people?
  5. Okay, one more time, Ronnie, and I'll try to put it simply for you. None of us regular people can engage in open political protests at work, and we DO NOT WANT politics in our recreational endeavors like watching pro football. And please, make no mistake, no one's fooled by the kneel before the anthem; the message is the same.
  6. Four things: 1. Mike Tomlin is an idiot, and the turmoil in Pittsburgh over the Villeneuva incident rests entirely on his shoulders. His team was split on how to respond, so HE makes the decision to keep everyone inside. Is he not smart enough to know how that would be interpreted? 2. Make no mistake, fans sent the NFL a strong message, and while players may still kneel, the repercussions will be felt for some time. 3. The 200 players who knelt just signed Colin Kaepernick's NFL career death sentence. 4. For the life of me, I can't understand why no one brings up the fact that the constitutional right to free speech DOES NOT extend to the workplace which is clearly where these players are protesting. That the owners tolerate this is up to them; it's their business. Now fans will have to decide whether or not they want to patronize these businesses and businesses that support them.
  7. Not saying it's right, but let's be honest, the left does exactly the same thing. Many would argue that's the left's primary position.
  8. Fair enough. I can certainly see that side of it. Can't say I disagree with that logic.
  9. You're sick of heroes? I'm really surprised.
  10. Do you understand that free speech does not extend to the workplace, or did you miss that lesson in school. The owners are allowing their players to do this on company time; that's their prerogative since they own the company.
  11. To be fair, even Bill Clinton had the good manners to keep quiet while GWB found his footing.
  12. So tell me EXACTLY what you think should now be done. What should the US president do? I'm assuming you're at least in the 4th grade, so this should be an easy call.
  13. How is it that Towson can find an actual punter, and the Terps can't? Good win today nonetheless.