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  1. Do you understand that free speech does not extend to the workplace, or did you miss that lesson in school. The owners are allowing their players to do this on company time; that's their prerogative since they own the company.
  2. To be fair, even Bill Clinton had the good manners to keep quiet while GWB found his footing.
  3. So tell me EXACTLY what you think should now be done. What should the US president do? I'm assuming you're at least in the 4th grade, so this should be an easy call.
  4. How is it that Towson can find an actual punter, and the Terps can't? Good win today nonetheless.
  5. Back to the OP, I read that story earlier, and thought that's what good neighbors do. Great story. I'm sure as time goes on, more stories like this will come to light.
  6. But we're okay with Obama commuting the sentence of someone who violated the Espionage Act. Got it.
  7. Up to Cat 4.
  8. I linked the second story from the left; is it really that difficult to understand that the C stands for Center?
  9. rates it in the Center. I don't care who runs it; Allsides rates on what a site actually prints.
  10. From a source widely considered to be in the middle, neither liberal nor conservative.
  11. Kind of frightening.
  12. No fan of California, but perhaps they could use a precision nuke and just take out Hollywood.
  13. Now she can get back to focusing on the donut table.
  14. If anyone is interested in facts. Appears it was anything but secret.
  15. I certainly don't agree with the approach the president is taking on this issue, but let's be honest, this was also Obama 101. Blame George Bush for everything, even into the last years of his tenure.