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  1. She seems to be as combative and abrasive as Spicer.
  2. What does your blathering rant have to do with black folk
  3. That is true. For millennia humans have reproduced in the hopes that 4 or so of the offspring would live long enough to be able to help cultivate enough food to support and protect the community. Then our brains and hands gave us the industrial revolution, mechanized farming, refrigeration and an understanding of diseases among other things. It is right around that time that the human population begins to increase exponentially. Recently in the industrialized nations that rate of increase has slowed down, while the developing world by and far leads the world in the rate of population growth, and that is a big concern, not just from a ecological point of view, but from a political one as well. The largest segments of the populations of the developing world, by a long way, are either of child bearing age, or approaching it. If some seismic shift does not happen soon they will keep reproducing like we have for millennia, for reasons I've already mentioned, and they'll be wanting to work. If they're idle they'll want to change that somehow, like we all would. Unrest among a large young population will not be good. That's two more of my cents on that.
  4. We humans, like all living organisms, are an evolved organism. When one boils down evolution one essentially gets two things: 1) survive, 2) reproduce. Life 'wants' to live at all costs, and species 'want' to perpetuate at all costs. Our advantage is the survival part. Unlike any other evolved organism we can do many things to ensure we survive as a species. Medicine gives us a leg up on diseases that used to wipe out entire civilizations at a time. We can cultivate food, plan ahead and store it to prevent famines. We can build reserviors and dig wells to safeguard ourselves from dry stretches. Our own worst enemy is the reproduce part. Millions of years of evolution have embedded this need to perpetuate our species. The need to do this is unavoidable. With all of our knowledge of the concequences (overpopulation, STDs, responsibilities of raising offspring, etc) the need to reproduce trumps all. This is seen everywhere. More housing, more farmland, more dams, more everything to help our survival. All is evidence of this. So, to ensure that we survive and reproduce, other organisms pay the price; and in my opinion it will finally be the most simple of organisms that finally bring our unsustainable numbers into check. That's my two cents.
  5. And there is nary a country in this hemisphere, or in the ME, whose elections we haven't meddled in. Our foreign policy is a joke, full of hipocricy; and we have zero ground to stand on when we scold other countries for doing what we've been doing since 1945.
  6. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to think that you may not care so much for people whose ancestry can be traced back to the 'dark continent'.
  7. What's the difference between a cult and a religion? The number of members.
  8. Legal in Colorado, but not on federal lands in Colorado. Now someone is throwing religion into the mix. Interesting.....
  9. And for some reason NBC chooses this story for their lead story tonight. Of everything going on in the world they choose a story that belongs below the fold of the People section of any newspaper. You suck nbc.
  10. Well, if it's coming from a gay porn kingpin than it must be true. Right sargent jeebus twister?
  11. That's right!!! America First!!!!!
  12. Will the guy ever stop flip flopping? China currency, paying for a wall (snicker), not get involved in Syria.....
  13. And when The Daily Mirror publishes one that is all for Trumph, you'll be singing it praises..
  14. When have we done anything militarily in that ****hole known as the Middle East that has turned out well?