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  1. Huricane ravaging TX??!? Thanks Obama!
  2. Trumph and Bannon must be proud to see their boys mixing it up in Charlottesville.
  3. And here in the US, veritas, who commits the vast majority of terrorist attacks?
  4. He's quick to say the Muslim mayor of London is handled his crisis wrong, yet says nothing about how the non-Muslim mayor of Manchester handled that crisis. Now, when this happens at home, and none will be surprised when they catch the bomber as to what motivates him, Trumph is again silent. What a P,O.S.
  5. Is it huge, or ''uge'?
  6. I wonder if Donald, 'America First' Trumph, along with Steve Bannon will continue to provide the welfare stream to Israel when the budget that includes it comes to his desk... $3,000,000,000+ would come in handy here in America, for Americans.
  7. This is exactly what a precious little snowflake tweets. Like a sniveling todler.
  8. About 40 years ago. The nra needs fear. Fear sells guns.
  9. Are they arguing that she's mature enough to raise a child. One she is carrying as the result of a rape? I wonder when they'll start arguing that she was just asking to be raped.
  10. It's the only thing that matters to any politician in DC.
  11. When I saw this thread title I thought for sure Mann Coulter had made that remark about McCain.
  12. Trumph seems to use the word 'unfair' fairly often. The press, now Sessions. What a snowflake.
  13. 'For the people, by the people'.