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  1. That's not the reception I got, com. After I proudly announced that I had received my First Communion, my Mom raised her voice, "You did what??? Go tell your father." They did not know what to do. This one had never come up before. My Dad drove me to the rectory, but the priests were at Mass, so he took me to the convent. The Mother Superior could not have been kinder, explaining that we all worship the same God, etc. but don't do that again.
  2. For starters, your quote is in the Raw Story article. Burr made his comments after his committee met with Susan Rice. Do you have a point?
  3. Kind of a distinction without a difference. When I was in the second grade, I met a friend as I was walking home from Church and he was on his way to his Church so I went with him He said that anybody could receive Communion in his Church, so I made my First Communion in a Methodist Church. It was a little ball of dough and actual wine in something like a shot glass.
  4. If the Catholic Church recognized divorce, they wouldn't need annulments.
  5. For Catholics, transubstantiation is the moment when, through the priest, the Communion host and wine become consecrated into the body and blood of Jesus. What do Protestants think their Communion is? (serious question.)
  6. You have the very bad habit of commenting on things about which you obviously know nothing, so why would Catholicism escape your ignorance? Gingrich's first wife is dead and he had his second marriage annulled.
  7. Huh? WTH are you talking about? The Catholic Church does NOT recognize "civil divorces."
  8. If anybody ever tells you that you're not a complete and total hack, don't believe it.
  9. I'm pretty sure the premise of this thread is that the US may have violated a UN Resolution. And I'm not at all sure why you think that Russia and China take orders from our State Department. They don't. Trump mighta missed an opportunity by spending all that time talking about adoptions.
  10. What does the UN have to do with it? Russia and China don't agree to US sanctions. China is not the UN. Russia is not the UN. The US is not the UN.
  11. It's Da Mooch! For Trump, this counts as strategic thinking.
  12. Without getting Russia and China to agree, US sanctions are rather ineffective.
  13. The CIA director just dropped some heavy hints that the US is looking into regime change in North Korea
  14. Meh. It's a bargaining chip that we gave away. In that sense, it is a unilateral surrender. Maybe shortsighted. And I'm really not sure that it's consistent with bombing Syria a couple of months ago. I am not now nor have I ever been a Bush era neocon.