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  1. I think it’s highly unlikely that Mueller obtained these emails unlawfully. Trump’s attorneys feel differently. But executive branch attorneys always argue that the Prez is entitled to all manner of privacy and protection from transparency so I don’t put much stock in their opinion.
  2. He’s not running for re-election. Usually the first step towards resigning. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/dogged-by-sexual-harassment-allegations-ruben-kihuen-says-he-wont-run-for-reelection-to-congress
  3. People don’t generally know this but once Satan has had a few, his tongue gets to wagging.
  4. Republicans are stopping some of this. I believe we had threads on both these bozos. Grassley told the White House, ‘no dice’. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/364765-wh-withdraws-second-trump-judicial-nominee-that-grassley-opposed
  5. I remember talk from Democrats of the voting machines in Ohio being 'rigged' in 2004.
  6. Warren4Prez sounds like as big a dummy as the people who create news stories based on Reddit posts.
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2017/12/14/roy-moore-refuses-to-concede-as-some-supporters-push-stories-of-voter-fraud/?utm_term=.ac045ab6ed1f
  8. My guess is, he knows that in 2018 the choices are likely 1) lose seats but hold the majority or 2) lose the majority. The first option leaves him with fewer Republican moderates thus the nuts will be ascendant and the second leaves him out anyway. Seems unlikely at this juncture that Republicans would gain House seats but who knows. In that case, maybe he'd stick around.
  9. Most of these shootings start to blend into one another after a while. This one never will for me.
  10. Even the White House said he should concede. That’s how far out on a limb by himself Moore is.
  11. I think we should recognize a difference between 'lies' politicians tell that are in service of selling some policy position, which I would characterize more as over the top optimism about how some new law will actually work, vs outright lying. I think most politicians engage in the former. Discerning audiences should easily be able to spot them. When you get told that a tax cut will be 'rocket fuel for the economy' or that 'x million number of people will now get healthcare' you should probably recognize these statements as unlikely. Trump routinely engages in the latter (outright lying) in a way I've never seen a politician do.
  12. I assume this is tied in to the politics of abortion and probably also homosexuality. I understand that those issues are the be all and end all for some people but for many they are not.
  13. I wouldn't want to do his job. The last guy got sick of it too.
  14. I read the OP. It contains the following: Infowars' Alex Jones, who regularly spreads conspiracy theories, said that “dead people” and “folks bused in” swayed the election, claims that were not substantiated by evidence. “And they, as they do all over the country, had the dead people vote and had the folks bused in in those Democrat areas, and they stole the election,” he said. “So it really is biblical what we’re witnessing, and the dirty tricks of the Clintons and the dirty tricks of their systems in this country reaching down through into daily life. I mean, they come after you when you fight them.” This would be part of the conservative response to Moore’s loss. Since Alex Jones is clearly making all this up, I was wondering what his deal is. Is he trying to destroy faith in representative democracy or has he just found an easy way to make money?
  15. What is Alex Jones’s goal? Is it just to make money off people or does he want to completely undermine our entire way of life?