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  1. Trump should also shut up. He’s the worst. This Congresswonan isn’t helping though.
  2. I don’t care, she has not handled this properly. She was on CNN again this morning still running her mouth. Please. Enough.
  3. He could tell them whatever he likes. If they say no, what’s he gonna do? These aren’t minor bureaucrats. We’re talking the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy, the attorney general, and two others.
  4. Trump's an awful person and a terrible President. Doesn't mean Democrats have to work with him to lower the standard of conduct and discourse in this country.
  5. Looks like it'll be the Dodgers. I don't gamble but if I did I would put plenty on NYY tomorrow. Should be a good series.
  6. Oh and this congresswoman, if she actually cared, would’ve quietly gotten in touch with Kelly and said, ‘the family was not happy with the Presidents call, work on that for the future’.
  7. I thought Kelly was mostly on the mark and while he didn’t directly criticize Trump I thought he took some veiled jabs at him. He referenced the Khan family and respect for women. Maybe I’m misreading, seeing what I want to see but I felt those comments were indirectly criticizing Trump.
  8. Who cares what Trump thinks? At this point he’ll sign anything and declare victory. Just get a bill to his desk. He won’t dare veto it.
  9. Leave this nonsense to RalR. Or become as credible as RalR. The choice is yours.
  10. Because it’s not her business to interpret what the President says to a KIA family member. And now she’s making the tv show rounds.
  11. I think this is worth posting again:
  12. "Misunderstood" makes sense. I'm sure what he meant was something like 'you're husband/son was very brave for taking a dangerous job despite knowing the risks'. I think this Congresswoman should probably butt out. If the family wants to feel slighted that's their business.
  13. Houston just had to win 1 out of the 3 in The Bronx and they'd be in command. Now they're finished.
  14. People should be dead a while before things are named after them.