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  1. This bill only funds government roughly through September and then we’ll do this all again. So why is this such a big deal?
  2. So the reports from last week weren’t ‘fake news’. Well good luck to all of us, this guy Bolton never saw a problem that he couldn’t solve with the 82nd Airborne.
  3. Isn’t this the guy who said last week he was speaking for the President and that Mueller should be fired then had to clarify that he wasn’t speaking for the President?
  4. Giving children a pat on the back for fighting is not something you’re going to find a lot of support for. That doesn’t mean the child was wrong, but they don’t need to be celebrated either. Zero tolerance policies have led to excessive punishments for students but I don’t see any evidence that these are favored by one party. School districts across the county have adopted them.
  5. I think it’s generally Democrats who have been hesitant to increase the police presence in schools precisely because their presence leads to an increase in relatively simple disciplinary matters like a fight resulting in criminal charges. It was the Obama Administration that issued guidelines to schools in an effort to reduce suspensions and expulsions. So yeah, I think you’re wrong.
  6. Two people, each over 70 years old, arguing about which one can beat up the other. Just hush.
  7. If not money, what’s her motive here? She was free to tell us all about this before the election but she took the money instead. Obviously she figured Donny was going to lose and 130K now is better than nothing later. She must’ve been kicking herself when Donny won. So she went and got a lawyer to figure a way out of it.
  8. A guy like this, he didn’t up and do this for fun, he probably has some grievance that he’s articulated online.
  9. Yeah he’s definitely said some crazy things over the years.
  10. There was another bomb yesterday, that’s 4 now this month. I give it a few more weeks at best before the Feds have him.
  11. Yes I understand that. I said guys like him, the guys who win a seat in Congress primarily because they are not from the same party as the President. Scott Brown is an example, Doug Jones will likely soon be another.
  12. I don’t think that’s what Mueller’s intention is although clearly some Democrats would love for this to go on and on and on regardless of whether there remains any basis for it.
  13. Taking back the House certainly seems well within reach. But guys like Lamb are the first to go when the pendulum swings back the other way. I want to see this ‘blue wave’ reach places like the state assemblies in the Great Lakes region. Those are places the Democrats need to win in order to replicate 2010. And they have to do it in 2020 as well since that’s the election that gets to redistrict after the census. It’s hard to overstate just how devastating 2010 was for Democrats.