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  1. I can't remember it being open this summer season at all. I don't travel through there a lot but usually once every two weeks or so. My problem is that I hit the area when it would be closed.
  2. Elvis isn't dead, he just went home.
  3. That's awful bold talk for a one-eyed fat man...........Fill your hand you SOB
  4. "You Can't Handle the TRUTH" "Show me the Mon-Nay!!!" " I'm very glad to say that this is going to hurt you considerably more than it is me " Surgeon Reynolds to Private Henry Hooke, just prior to Hooke getting a boil lanced, Movie 'Zulu' Micheal Caine's first starring role "Have fun storming the castle!" Billy Crystal as Miracle Max (I think) in the Princess Bride
  5. Blue things in the grass in Baltimore? Discarded 'crack vial' tops
  6. I've got three, I disagree with what they post and their views are opposed to mine.
  7. I remember driving by one under construction in DE a few years ago. As to the previous post and BK, I stopped in one and ordered the "angry' Whopper. Usually I can deal with whatever they put on a burger, but this stuff was just over the top. Never again.