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  1. Interesting as Far as it goes but what exactly is the lie that has been resurrected you are referring to? Clearly the system itself is dominated from behind the scenes, that has been obvious for sometime now but I fail to see what can be done about it. No one for example becomes President of the United States without the approval and manipulation of the "elites".
  2. It takes too much energy. You are a vexation to my soul.
  3. I so not see one shred of evidence that Hamas was NOT responsible. Reminds me of when Bill Clinton said," I did not have sex with that woman". These transparent attempts to deflect blame from Hamas are nonsensical. And to criticize Israel for destroying Hamas and the tunnels is ludicrous. I am glad Gaza is is a virtual prison. It helps control the rat population.
  4. Where do I even start debunking this complete and total crapola. Comparing Homosexuality to Drug Addiction shows the complete and unmitigated falsehood and absurdity of the notion. The proliferation and consumption of heterosexual porn in the United States shows how silly this article is. Fallen nature? Idolatry? LOL. Religious nonsense without a shred of metaphysical truth. Why do you religious nut jobs think you can repackage and resell garbage from the old testament??
  5. I find it disturbing that there is a resurgence of this anti-antediluvian thinking and a clinging to the absurd claim that God has weighed in on the subject.
  6. Absolutely wrong thinking on your part with a sprinkle of truth. Many times the West has tried to compromise and help but the mad dog desire for the complete destruction of Israel from DAY 1 in 1948 by the Arab world mixed in with the politics of power so beautifully exemplified by Yassar Arafat have prevented any progress.
  7. LOL. What this really means is that Christians seek to trump all non christian desires and to force this belief on the rest of us in the name of God. What crap. God's objective truth??? Again please provide me with a video recording of GOD telling us what his objective truths are. Puhleasee! I am all for Religious freedom but not at the expense of MY freedoms.
  8. When one of these Christians can provide me with a video recording of God speaking on the subject let me know. Every Christian is free to believe whatever they like and they are free to practiced their religion. What they are NOT free to do is to attempt to facilitate or encourage or "push" their religious beliefs on those of us who do NOT believe the "Holy" Scriptures. No one is asking any "Christian" to "approve of, facilitate or encourage certain behaviors deemed by the Holy Scriptures to be immoral or sinful." We don't give a rats behind what Christians want to believe as long as they don't try to legislate their position onto us.
  9. AT LAST a cogent response to this illogical thread.
  10. 8 Rock Solid Reasons in Defense of Israel.
  11. Whatever suffering the Palestinians undergo is their own fault. Without question! Concentration camp? That's a laugh. Lets say you live in Baltimore and Delaware lobs 1000 missiles into your neighborhood. Think about it. All the way back to Yassar Arafat and beyond the Palestinians and Hamas have been hell bent on the destruction of Israel and when offered 99% of what they ask for they still reject it. Any civilian deaths are the fault of Hamas. Hamas insists that they place their terror missiles in the heart of the general population. Israel tells the civilians get out because we're going to bomb, but they don't leave because Hamas doesn't want them to leave. Hamas wants the civilian death count to be high to sway the public opinion of ignorant sheeple who can't seem to see who and what Hamas really is.
  12. To the Palestinians: Any system sustained by hatred, any theology that acts with deliberate cruelty to others and laughs at the suffering it causes, any ideology that marginalizes a group of people based on whom they choose to love is morally bankrupt and not only do I reject it I believe that such a group deserves to be called sub-human and ostracized from decent society.
  13. What a load of crapola. More propaganda tricks from the LWNJs. trying to tie this to the tea party is just silly prevarication. the author is a conservative Mormon who has the right to believe any stupid thing he likes.