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  1. One thing to remember in this current frenzy of who did what with which and to whom is that with politicians there is NO moral high ground. Expedience and hypocrisy are their bywords; morals are incidental. I keep waiting for Rep. Jackie Spier to ID the two incumbent members of Congress she claims tried to diddle her. Taxpayers should be angry about the undisclosed millions of dollars paid out to settle such claims against Congress and its staff. Transparency...Bullsh-t.
  2. Sprightly, I don't know if the new pub will be serving Guinness Stout but if so, give it a try, it's good stuff. I drank my share of it in Ireland years ago and enjoyed every drop. I wish I still indulged but since I don't, I hope you'll add at least part of my share to yours. Slainte!
  3. Guido, you are probably right on target in all aspects. I wonder how Duke, the prosecutor, must feel to see his arguments shot down time and again because he knows he is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shyte -- and nobody's buying it. Same as when Mosby's minions were trying to convict the officers in Circuit Court. When will someone figure out: St. Freddy's demise was an accident, not a crime. And that he may well have caused it himself, especially since the other guy in the van has said it was a "smooth" ride, not a rough one. Some taxpayer group should sue SRB for violation of fiduciary responsibility for being in such a rush to give St. Freddy's family $6 million. This whole thing was a cluster ---- from the beginning and it shows -- once again -- the over-all incompetence of whoever runs Baltimore City at any given time.
  4. It's time for Commissioner Davis to cancel the hearing for Sgt. White and withdraw the charges. Each loss before a court or trial board makes him look vindictive, trying to justify the demand for "justice" for Freddie Gray. The six cops have been cleared by the Feds and then by Circuit Court but he persists in pressing administrative charges -- and losing. This whole charade from day one is a monument to the arrogance and incompetence of State's attorney Marilyn Mosby.
  5. Franken, the liberal Roy Moore. He was a Richard-head before he went into the Senate, why expect he would have changed.
  6. Thirteen, your wife got in under the deadline for the new Federally-mandated renewal system. The clerk at MVA yesterday told me it took effect two weeks ago. Doesn't matter how long you've held a Maryland license (or now apparently any other state) when it's time for renewal you start over from scratch. Your license shows your renewal date so if it's any time in the near future and you don't know where your documents are, it's time to start looking. The clerk told me they do turn away plenty of people who don't have proper documentation. She conceded that, of course, this does not stop them from driving, accidents waiting to happen.
  7. Another case of FEDERAL over-reach, starting two weeks ago, has made renewing your Maryland driver's license a whole new ballgame. No more showing your old license and getting a new one. Among the REQUIRED documents now are a valid passport or an original birth certificate, Social Security card and two documents proving your address, a tax or utility bill.. Even a DD-214 doesn't cut it. My passport expired in July so, under FEDERAL-mandated requirements, it is no longer proof of my birthdate and citizenship. In addition, I had a photocopy of my birth certificate. No dice, originals only.. Fortunately I had my original in the bank and finally got through the process second time around. Then they have to mail the new license to you. Once again, the Federal Government has intruded into a state function. Trump says he wants to eliminate burdensome Federal regulations; this could stand some attention. Wonder how many terrorists this bureaucratic nonsense is going to expose. The immutable Law of Unintended Consequences comes into effect here: Illegal aliens who can't produce documentation will be driving without licenses and no insurance. Going to be interesting in those places where they pass out driver's licenses like candy bars. Good Luck!!
  8. Good. Nat deserves a hitch in an orange jumpsuit. Just think what he didn't get caught doing.
  9. Now that he's running for Governor it sounds like Ben's real name is Envious. Looks like he's going to spout some gibberish about Hogan on a daily basis in an attempt to lift himself above the rabble in the race. Any bets he doesn't get the liberal party nomination?
  10. This is one of the many facets of the Baltimore City school system that nobody wants to talk about because it would be considered racist. However, as they keep turning out functional illiterates there are no jobs for which they qualify but the most menial. This destroys the myth that "if there were enough jobs there wouldn't be so much crime." Rather than take the menial jobs they turn to the lucrative drug trade and the cycle repeats itself year after year. Meanwhile, of course, the superintendent and top administrators rake in big-time salaries while producing a very poor product. Try that in private business and see what happens.
  11. Harvey "The Pig" Weinstein tried hard to cover up his crimes but blood will out. Let's hope the NY DA has the stones to take the case NYPD is making against The Pig to a grand jury, and that the grand jury indicts him for everything in the book. Weinstein will look just stunning in an orange jumpsuit, with steel bling on his wrists, ankles and waist. The Pig has legions of smart lawyers who will fight any charges to the end but if the NYPD gets everything right Weinstein should end up as a convicted rapist. Ronan Farrow, a child of show biz, has emerged as a superb reporter and his New Yorker pieces should certainly put him in line for a Pulitzer Prize.
  12. Nobody said idiocy was exclusive to liberals.
  13. Indeed, a phantasmical fanfaronade !!
  14. I hope this sends a message to Commissioner Davis to drop the departmental charges against the remaining two officers. And it should certainly be the last nail in Marilyn Mosby's political coffin. Her grandstanding and arrogance started this round of judicial miscarriage. It's also a slap in the face of The Sun's editorial board which hailed the departmental trials as the opportunity for "justice" for Freddie Gray. The whole thing now begins to smack of liberal insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. The reported facts of the Gray case have never added up to criminal acts nor to significant policy violations. What the whole fiasco has accomplished is significant damage to the police department. Why should the rank-and-file cops trust their superiors?
  15. Monsieur Dupin, You are absolutely right that the powers-that-be and dimwits like BLM focus on police shootings of blacks (a minute fraction of the whole) because they can create "outrage" at the cops (which then gives the criminals free rein, as we are seeing in B'more) and because the press and TV go along and provide them with oceans of publicity. They don't care one whit how many blacks are killed by other blacks because there is no political profit for them in being "outraged" over it. Only when a cop kills a black is it something to get excited about. It's about as cynical as cynical gets.