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  1. I don't know anyone who is pro-abortion. But I know lots of people who are pro-choice. There is a difference. Many of the hard-core anti-abortion advocates are not women and are politicians or religious people who are trying make either a political or moral point. What would give any man the right to determine what happens with a woman's body which is not his wife's; and she might or might not listen to him? It's a slow process and is taking a long time, but the Irish people are freeing themselves from the stranglehold of the Roman Catholic Church which, IMO, has stifled growth and progress in Ireland for centuries.
  2. Has anyone figured out what the players really gained from their season-long protest besides a lot of bad publicity and empty seats at stadiums? Did they actually change anything? The NFL agreed to put a bunch of money into social programs but was that really the goal of the protestors? Kaepernick still doesn't have a job. IMO it's not because he started the kneel-down but because even if he never did it again he would be a distraction for whatever team hired him. And if there's anything NFL teams neither need nor want is distractions from winning games.
  3. Certainly! And it will be as soon as they figure who's going to make the most money out of it.
  4. No, Mr. Lawman, I quoted -- with link -- an article by two Naval Academy alumni comparing actions by various members of the military with contemporary actions by Mr. Trump. It's pretty clear that you understand very little about newspapers. The editorial and op-ed pages are for opinions, in the case of the op-ed page not necessarily always by professional journalists but by anyone who has something to say and is accepted for publication. Clear, now? PS: What is a "professional news source" in your world?
  5. Scott Shellenberger is a tough State's attorney. I think -- and hope -- he will go for the whole thing. The officer's death occurred during the commission of a felony (burglary) so it's felony murder. The whole idea of "self-defence" is ridiculous on its face. Brown's nonsense that this is not a "hardened criminal" is BS for his city clients. Harris has a significant rap sheet which suggests that he is no virgin vis-a-vis the criminal justice system, even though until now he has been able to avoid any significant punishment for his misdeeds. The other three young criminals may be able to bargain their way out of the first-degree charge but, I hope, only at the price of a very long stretch in adult prison, none of this juvie slap-on-the-wrist-go-home-and-be-good nonsense. That only works for someone who understands what trouble he's in. These kids have no sense of responsibility whatever, or they wouldn't keep committing one crime after another. Juvenile violence has reached new heights in recent years with daylight assaults on downtown streets, carjacking, hold-ups, burglaries, shootings, etc., etc. This can't treated with the old ways; the young people must be forced to accept responsibility for their actions.
  6. That lad definitely needs an attitude readjustment, immediately after his father gives him a good boot up the butt. He gives new meaning to "freeloader."
  7. Stephanie, like Hillary, is a sad little footnote to history; two political accidents who did not emerge with laurels and are best forgotten.
  8. There is no question that young Harris should have the best defence he can get, but there's a strong whiff of headline-hunting in Warren Brown's initial approach to the case.
  9. Warren Brown is playing the race card in his WBAL interview and on his Facebook page in preparing his defence of Dawnta Harris in the murder of Officer Caprio. While it might work in Baltimore City Circuit Court it won't fly in Baltimore County Circuit Court. If Mr. Brown manages to get Harris anything less than life without parole he will have done something most people consider impossible: He will have made chicken salad out of chicken shyte. The cop cam will tell the story and it won't have a happy ending for young Harris who, with any luck, will grow old and die in prison.
  10. This is an excerpt from a powerful op-ed piece in today's Sun. If Trump reads it before he comes to Annapolis to speak at the Naval Academy graduation one must wonder if he will simply stay in Washington and give the spot to someone else or brazen it through. Trump has little advice to offer Naval Academy graduates By Daniel Barkhuff And William Burke I n 1969, after having already been held hostage for four years, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy faced a lonely choice in a North Vietnamese prison camp: how to prevent his captors from using him in a propaganda piece. James Stockdale chose to smash his own face in with a stool rather than give “aid and comfort” to the enemy....... Contrast this to the personal and professional honor of the sitting president of the United States, who time and again makes small choices guided by self-interest, ego, impulse and immediate self-gratification. He could never do what we ask our U.S. Naval Academy graduates to do. He is a physical coward, a liar and no leader at all. It is right and fitting that the president of the United States give a commencement address to a service academy’s graduating class. It is also right and fitting that citizens of the democracy for which these graduates will soon be charged with protecting point out the personal cowardice, narcissism and incompetency of the current president. Those of us who have served in this nation’s wars owe it to our new graduates to point out how better served we would all be if in 2020 our small choices as citizens added up to one big choice — one that will deliver us a leader whose personal choices and conduct are more in keeping with the honorable traditions of our alma mater. Dr. Daniel Barkhuff ( is president of Veterans For Responsible Leadership, a 2001 U.S. Naval Academy graduate and a former Navy SEAL. William Burke is the general counsel for VFRL; he was also a 2001 graduate of USNA and served as a submariner in 2001-2006.
  11. If Pruitt is behind this move, and not just some overly officious flunky, he should be fired as EPA administrator.
  12. Pickle, apparently you haven't been paying attention to the sociologists, child psychologists, etc. who will be quoted -- no doubt by defence lawyers -- about the young defendants. This is neither whining nor hypothetical; we have heard them all before. And you can bet your last bitcoin that we will hear them again. You can talk your way around it any way you like, but the bottom line is that this is a group of young criminals who have crossed the final line and murdered a police officer. We will just have to wait and see the final outcome.
  13. The apologists will tell us soon about how these are just children whose brains aren't fully developed, rendering them incapable of making rational decisions. Also, they are un- or under-educated, impoverished, unemployed or unemployable, lack parents or parental guidance, and altogether are just misunderstood. The only thing to guess about now is the length of their individual rap sheets, evidence of earlier "bad decisions." Our brilliant lawmakers keep making it ever more difficult to apply real consequences to violent criminal actions by young people. I'm always hopeful that a few of the brilliant ones will be victimized by these young criminals. It would focus their attention on reality. Remember the old saying, "How do you make a conservative? Mug a liberal."