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  1. It's been clear since before the election that the "media" has been largely opposed to Trump as candidate and President. The overwhelmingly negative coverage has reflected this to an extent I have never seen before. In turn, this has led to the mistakes Trump seizes on as "fake news." Trump's "Fake News" awards are aimed at the major media outlets but rather than be afraid of him, it should motivate the MSM to be ever more diligent in their reporting and editing to ensure accuracy, not the obvious bias we see on a daily basis. Doing this would deprive Trump of the opportunity to accuse them of faking news and make the "Fake News" awards a bigger joke than they already are.
  2. I doubt that this is a serious candidacy. It's more like a pathetic effort to attract more attention but it would be interesting to see Manning and Cardin in a debate.
  3. Bangers, mash and mushy peas -- with fried onions -- once a week at least. Bangers and baked beans. Roast beef, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pud -- once in awhile. Fish and chips, try Bonefish Grill in Towson. Couldn't acquire a taste for Brussels sprouts.
  4. Do Costco and BJs require a membership like Sam's?
  5. Over the years The Sun has had many clever and amusing headlines but the paper outdid itself today on the Page One lead story: "Assembly is asked to ignore politics." In an election year??????????? That's like asking a cat to ignore catnip or a dog to ignore a fireplug.
  6. Somewhere in University Hospital a head or heads should roll for this shameful incident. The security guards should have protested being asked to dump this woman outside in freezing weather and whoever ordered her expulsion should be fired summarily. What possible excuse can hospital officials offer for such horrific treatment of a patient, any patient?
  7. Hillary waged war on the women who complained about Bill's depredations, doing everything possible to denigrate, defame and demean them. She didn't set up his "dates" (maybe) but she sure tried hard to protect him from the consequences of his actions. Hillary is certainly no one to hold up as a sterling example of a woman's advocate. Any attempt to make her such an icon is pure hypocrisy, nothing more.
  8. There are not enough good things to say about Mr. Young, a man whose live defines American heroism!!
  9. "Its most probable that prosecutors don’t prosecute some people if they don’t think they have enough evidence to get a conviction." Soul, you are right -- unless you are speaking about Marilyn Mosby, author of the St. Freddie Gray police-prosecution fiasco.
  10. If Trump is sitting on the toilet at 5.30 AM tweeting, then there is [excrement] coming from both ends.
  11. Ok, so she wins Elijah's seat and Maryland gets another Democrat loser in Congress, see Anthony Brown, Donna Edwards, etc.
  12. The cease and desist letter will do more for the sales of Fire and Fury than getting it Banned in Boston. Wolff should be on his knees thanking Trump's bruised ego for setting him up for life on one book which may, or may not, have a word of truth in it.
  13. I wonder if you can get twofer deep discount for "Fire and Fury" and "What Happened" as a package?
  14. That's a joke, right??
  15. Nice try, Ode, but just because I quoted a line from Marx that I agree with does not make me an admirer of Marx or Marxists. There is no such thing as a Marxist paradise, only one Marxist hell after another -- and the Lefties who blather on about socialism (like idiot Bernie) are completely delusional. I'm an unrepentant capitalist.