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  1. The Trumps and the Kushners were top-tier wealthy before Donald was elected. Their business interests are widespread and varied so it follows they would continue to earn large amounts of money even if the principals weren't in day-to-day control. Class envy is so obvious around here that it's almost a joke. Trump's tax returns are completely unimportant because we know he was incredibly rich and employed the best tax lawyers to mitigate his tax responsibility -- just like any top-flight investor and business person. Ivanka has been highly successful in business, whether or not Donald gave her the seed money. Jared's family has its own real estate empire. Actually that should be considered an asset to their position because they're so rich they don't have to steal, unlike many others in political circles.
  2. Seems the Offended-Americans are still looking for things to be offended about, even if history doesn't fit their bullshyte ideas. The O-As are worse than cupcakes and snowflakes because most of them are old enough to know better and their manufactured outrage is a crock. If you were to say they believe in quotas they would deny it -- but it would still be true.
  3. Is Sanders going to be the new full-time piƱata? How could anyone want that job, which is difficult enough with any President, but having to try to guess each day what Trump means as against what he says and does makes it impossible. Credibility is the only thing any reporter or spokesman has and with Trump I don't know how any spokesperson can maintain credibility. Look how quickly Spicer lost his and how he became little more than a daily butt for reporters' jokes. Wonder is masochism is a job requirement for Trump WH spokesperson?
  4. If Sessions has any integrity left, his resignation should be on Trump's desk by close of business today, followed closely by Rod Rosenstein's. It becomes clearer every day that Trump has no loyalty to anyone except himself and is perfectly willing to stab even his strongest supporters in the back. Ivanka, Jared, Donald, Jr. -- watch your Six, you could be next. And don't think it couldn't happen to you. Eric, Tiffany, Barron, Melania, you could be on the list.
  5. It certainly looks very bad at first blush. But Commissioner Davis said there are other videos to be studied that may provide a different perception. And the officers' statements have yet to be reported. For the sake of BPD I hope that's true but if the officer did indeed plant the dope, I hope he becomes a guest of the State for a very long time, as a reminder to other officers that you can't do that any more and expect to get away with it.
  6. A lot depends on what the officer's partner says. After all, the shot was fired across him, through the door and into the woman. We have not heard anything from him through a police spokesman or a lawyer. I imagine he was as shocked as the victim, and maybe the shooter. There are lots of questions but so far not many answers. in any event, the shooter's police career is toast, and his community was reportedly very proud of him for becoming a policeman. A tragedy for all concerned.
  7. Eligible for parole in five years, with how much off that if he's a good boy in jail. If his offences were as shocking as the prosecutor said he should do the whole 25 years. That's the only thing that would stop him from starting up again as soon as he's released -- unless he tries it on someone who's carrying and gets blown away. We can only hope. A guy like that is a major public menace and should not be given any shade of opportunity to carjack someone else. This is a case in which the judge's motives should be examined. A serial carjacker does not deserve any slack from a judge.
  8. Yep, deep Democratic field, a mile wide and an inch deep.
  9. My dogs have higher national popularity ratings than either Trump or Clinton.
  10. Is this where we start a pool on how many get killed on Cease Fire weekend?
  11. Maybe Maya should replace Elijah in Congress. She sounds a lot smarter.
  12. Larry Hogan has achieved this degree of popularity because he has turned out to be a fine Governor. At the same time, both Hogan and Bob Ehrlich were the beneficiaries of Democratic screw-ups, nominating really bad candidates, Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who ran on her maiden name, and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who has transferred his incompetence to the U.S. Congress. Uncle Teddy got KKT the shot by strong-arming O'Malley -- even knowing how thoroughly Helen Bentley cleaned her clock in the earlier 2nd District congressional race. Anthony Brown flat-out ran one of the worst campaigns ever seen in Maryland. So two good GOP Governors were elected because the Democrats played intra-party baseball and struck out. The question next year is whether Democrats will go back to just being Democrats or are they smart enough to understand that a good Governor can govern well even if he's a Republican?
  13. I was referring to no Republican votes for Obamacare, which probably should have been called ObamaRomneycare. Now the Democrats are refusing to vote for any GOP proposal. There are enough supposedly "big brains" in Congress that together they can repair Obamacare and pass a legitimate bipartisan alternative and call it anything they like. The problem is not health care but health insurance. If Congress can reach a reasonable bipartisan solution on how to handle the insurance, the rest of the problem should follow right along. If they can't reach a bipartisan solution Obamacare will remain in place. And if it has as many flawa as the GOP claims, it will Indeed collapse of its own weight and the treasury will go broke trying to save it. I'm so old that the worst case scenario probably won't affect me, but I feel sorry for the younger workers and young people who are just coming into the work force. God only knows what they will face.
  14. I want to see McConnell and Schumer working across the same table on behalf of the American people, not trying to score political points for their respective parties. If it were possible to express more contempt for the way our government operates, Congress in particular, I would, but the hall monitor would be on it like a fly on ...
  15. It is time for Congress to stop playing partisan games with health insurance legislation. Health care is a non-partisan issue; when you're sick you want a doctor and you don't care whether he/she is a Democrat, Republican or Independent. Is there a more disgusting institution in our government than Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives? First, the Dermocrats rammed through Obamacare with no Republican input. Now the Republicans are trying to ram through Trumpcare with no Democrat input. Obamacare is replete with faults that bipartisanship could fix without throwing the baby out with the bath water. The GOP had seven years to produce a viable alternative to Obamacare in the event they regained control of Congress. They have control of Congress and they still haven't produced the viable alternative and it appears unlikely that they will.. It's time for Democrats and Republican to knock off their partisanship crap and start working together on behalf of the American people, those deluded fools who elect and re-elect the idiots who are supposed to represent the American people. They won't, however, because they know they won't suffer any retaliation for not doing the job for which they are elected and paid. Trump may have low popular ratings but he has to be miles above the sick joke that calls itself the U.S. Congress.