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  1. The world is a nasty, dangerous place and we need people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to do what needs to be done to protect the U.S. The hacking actions and the recent poisoning in Britain, both seemingly by the Russian government, among other things we don't yet know about publicly give an indication of just how nasty and dangerous the world is. Do you really want Goody TwoShoes running the CIA or would you rather have someone who isn't afraid to kick arse and take names.
  2. Sorry, Zen, good try but no dice. Truman authorized the CIA, and to my knowledge, not LBJ, JFK, RMN, GF, RR, BJC, Bs. or even BHO, did anything remotely like the damage Carter and that crazy Admiral Stansfield Turner did to the agency. Check the record instead of trying to deflect the issue. I don't know if you're among the "dissolve the CIA" crowd or not, but consider what could happen if that were to occur.
  3. The agency, however distasteful some of its activities might be, was created to provide intelligence to protect the U.S. from enemies abroad. From what we know it has had failures over the years but what we don't know much about is many of its successes because they're not talked about. It would seem to even out over time. Consider what could happen if, as some posters suggested, the CIA was dissolved, of if, God forbid, some candyass liberal became director. Remember the damage Jimmy Carter inflicted on the CIA when he purged its ranks and decided sigint was better than humint. It took the agency years and years to recover from Carter's depredations.
  4. Sprightly, the case was solved. The trial was show biz at its worst, with poor prosecutors, sharp defence lawyers and an idiot judge who lost control of his courtroom. Who could forget his collection of sand glasses -- on the bench? The worst thing that happened in that case is that it was allowed to be televised. If it had not been, lawyers, witnesses and the judge would not have played to the camera and a proper verdict would have been reached. Now that OJ is (unfortunately) out of jail, I wonder if he is still pursuing the real "killer" -- from golf course to golf course?
  5. Has anyone seen Warren at a pow-wow, among "her" people?
  6. I'm quite sure that a DNA survey of Britain's royalty and aristocracy would produce some very surprising results, results that could even affect inheritances, perhaps even a castle here or there. Warren reminds me of that woman a few years ago who worked for the NAACP and insisted she was black even though her parents and DNA said she was white.
  7. It's an interesting study with some of the omissions more interesting that the inclusions. For example, Chicago and Los Angeles are not included, nor is Rio, which is becoming increasingly dangerous. Some of the places in Brasil are unfamiliar to me and since we don't know the criterion for inclusion it's hard to say why they are there. However, we can be proud of the local thugs for getting us in at 21. Maybe next time they can get us into the top ten. The city could throw a parade.
  8. Maybe they should skip the field trip to DC and use that $100 K for the health version of gun control -- which also fails.
  9. Baltimore City must be awash in cash: $100K for buses to take students to protest and now Mayor Pugh got approval for another $100K as the city's share to pay lawyers to represent illegal aliens facing deportation. Wonder what her next trick will be. Oh yes, ask the General Assembly to provide more money for services to taxpayers because the city can't afford it. Is this the city with failing schools in a failing school system or with a failing system of water-billing or with hundreds of abandoned houses that are urban blight at its best -- among many other things?
  10. Kang, speaking of "was," I should have mentioned that the KKK was founded by Democrat Party members.
  11. Song, I can't speak for the majority as you apparently can. I guess we'll know a lot more after the November mid-terms when we count the GOP losses. The majority party normally takes a hit at that point, so the size of the hit will tell the tale.
  12. All this sound and fury amounting to zilch doesn't change a thing. At this point in our history, I don't care how many women Trump shagged and how much he or his lawyer paid them. That's between him and his wife. I suspect he's no difference in that respect from a number of past Presidents. I do care that he runs the presidency in a manner beneficial to the country. That's between him and the rest of us.
  13. I believe Kelly accepted it as a duty to the country, not because he loves Trump. I believe he saw a problem, i.e. the White House staff set-up, and took it on try to stabilize the presidency. Whether you like it or not, we must have a President (even one like Trump) and someone has to protect the office. As a retired four-star, Kelly could have had a huge job in private industry or he could have stayed home and played golf or whatever. He saw what he believed was his duty and he's trying to do it, against admittedly pretty tough odds.