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  1. Words cannot describe the embarrassment of the Ravens performance in London.
  2. I guess I've missed something at the Ravens games I've attended. I've seen a huge flag unfurled, a singing of the National Anthem, a military color guard. What is the political component I'm not seeing? I don't regard the military per se as being political. Is that what you think I'm missing? You sound like you are part of the generation that decided that patriotism is a dirty word. I would hope not, but I don't know.
  3. Why is displaying the national flag and singing the National Anthem political? Whether DOD pays for it is irrelevant. Of course I disagree with many things that are done by our government, just as you do; who knows, maybe more than you do. But that does not justify disrespecting our national symbols. Government administrations are transitory, the nation is not.
  4. Banner, I agree with you that some players have done fine work in the community. That still does not justify them disrupting their work day to make a political point. Standing for the National Anthem is not forcing anyone into a patriotic display. It's a sign of respect for the country of which you are a citizen, however much you may disagree with one or more aspects of the society in which you live. You obviously disagree with some things in the country. Do you refuse to stand for the Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance?.
  5. Instead of hurling threats at Kim Jong Un, which only prompts escalation from Pyongyang, I would like Trump to simply ignore him. That would tick Kim off even more. There's no doubt that he is really puffed up because he has provoked the U.S. President nto a slanging match. Kim reminds me of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. iWe must hope that there is enough restraint in both Pyongyang and Washington that a nuclear incident doesn't happen, like the assassination in Sarajevo that triggered WWI. So far, Kim has given no sign that he has any interest in diplomatic conversation and we have already seen that he does not adhere to the agreements he makes. Ignoring Kim might dampen the rhetoric but it would not slow NK's march to nuclear armament. That is a danger the world cannot safely ignore. So what are alternatives if the increasingly stringent economic sanctions don't force Kim to the table. A retired U.S. admiral has suggested a naval blockade of North Korea. Might be a good idea -- if our 7th Fleet weren't already seriously over-stretched with the current operational schedule. It is suggested that reduced budget from the previous Administration has precluded sufficient necessary training and, in turn, contributed to the recent fatal ship collisions. A warning to Kim that the U.S. would attempt to shoot down any new missile fired from NK whether aimed at a U.S. or allied territory or not. He would probably fire a missile just to see what would happen. A black op to expedite a regime change in Pyongyang. Not everyone has the same qualms about such things as we do. While the big brains in Washington mull over what to do, the over-riding consideration, IMO, is to avoid a nuclear confrontation. I don't think Kim really wants one, despite his bluster, and for sure Trump doesn't want one, despite his bluster. Let's hope that neither one makes a fatal miscalculation.
  6. Why do I get the feeling that Ann Coulter was simply needling liberals just to hear them scream?
  7. Banner, please enlighten us about all the wonderful things these players have done that justifies them disrupting the work-day at their jobs? Would your boss allow you to disrupt the work-day at your job because you felt that society was unjust in general? If you answer, yes, you must have a very tolerant boss.
  8. Tom Brady had deflated balls, Roger Goodell none at all. He rebuked Trump only because of the $$$$$$$$$ involved. I don't see those players are principled individuals but rather overpaid, arrogant spoiled brats who love showing off in public and now have found a new way to do it. Ask yourself, what have Kaepernick and the players who joined him actually accomplished -- in the real world -- besides causing a big distraction and further damaging the already diminishing NFL.?
  9. If Kaepernick and other NFL players want to protest, they should do it on their own time not when they are at work -- which is where they are when they take a knee. If you try it at your job I suspect you will soon be like Colin -- unemployed. Only a couple of NFL or NBA players that I'm aware of have ever been in the service; they've been too busy playing a game to earn millions of dollars in the country they so despise -- and which so "oppresses" them. The only uniform they've worn is a jersey with a number on it. One of the major complaints, apparently, is about police killing black men. Somehow, they always conveniently forget that while police kill a few black men, black men are killing other black men (and innocent bystanders) in record numbers across the country, including in Baltimore. It's very difficult to find any level of respect for their protest in the face of such hypocrisy.
  10. This thread has produced some really interesting posts. Blow, you expressed the history very well. IMO, VN was the most managed war in our history, until the current Middle East conflicts. Communications not available in WWII allowed Washington to quickly send orders to Saigon and Westmoreland, Abrams et al were bound by them, whether they made sense or not. Some of the military tactics appeared highly questionable but I'm not qualified to analyze them except to observe that too often they achieved very little except more casualties. I was never sure what the goal was in VN except the idea of preventing the Domino Theory from becoming reality. It certainly wasn't a war for territory because villages were "pacified" by day and VC by night. The hearts and minds doctrine never worked out very well, despite feverish efforts by over-wrought civilian American officials. The cynical view was "grab 'em by the b---s and their hearts and minds will follow." As someone pointed quite cogently, the average VN peasant was uninterested in politics; he wanted his family, his rice paddy, his water buffalo -- and to be left alone. The French tried to re-impose colonial rule after Japanese occupation; when that failed the U.S. showed up bearing the gift of "democracy" a concept the Vietnamese didn't understand. Meanwhile, in the north , communism, camouflaged with nationalism and independence, took a firm grip and, thanks to single-minded leadership, determined to drive the foreign devils out of their country. And we all know how that worked out. Anyone care to predict how it will work out in Afghanistan?
  11. A letter to the editor in The Sun today takes KevKam down quite a few notches, pointing out that he's running for Governor, nor President, so any mention of Trump, Ryan and Sessions is completely irrelevant. Kamenetz is trying to set up a straw man against Hogan so he'll have something to beat on, even though his arguments are hollow. I hope Hogan uses the KK I talk-You listen clip (and that photo) in every campaign ad. Talk about an indelible image!!
  12. Anyone who spent time in Vietnam eventually came to one conclusion: the North was motivated, the South was not. Ho was not Mr. Nice Guy nor was Le Duan, the mastermind, but they had an objective and never deviated from it. Most of our troops were not fighting for some glorious ideal, nation building or democracy, they were fighting to survive and get home alive, with luck, in one piece. Many of them were draftees, unlike today's volunteer force. The Domino Theory was the basis for the US intervention after we made the mistake of backing the French to resume colonial power. Then it became a matter of not being the one to lose Vietnam to Communists. And so a prolonged and wasteful war dragged on until there was nothing else to do but leave. Several posters have noted the parallel with our war in Afghanistan and its inevitable end. IMO, Trump is making a huge mistake by sending additional troops, perhaps 6000, to Afghanistan. He should be recalling 6000. and announcing that he will continue the drawdown until there are no coalition forces in the country. The Afghans have had 13 years to establish a stable government but incompetence and corruption have stymied that objective, just as it did in South Vietnam.. The Afghans are ferocious warriors but the lack of national leadership has precluded creation of an effective national force., Afghanistan has been overrun by conquerors since Alexander the Great but none has lasted with the Russians being the latest to call it quits. We're next in line --as soon as our leaders realize it.
  13. Free chit and more free chit and, poof, there's goes five million bucks.
  14. Yeah, Guido, just a little ray of municipal sunshine!!
  15. One big problem for 2020, Shrillary will still be her her grossly unlikeable meretricious self. She's lost twice and I don't think she is third-time lucky!! At least I fervently hope not, although I don't expect to be here to give a rat's arse.