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  1. Not sure, I heard two players on the basketball team got caught up with authorities
  2. DJ Greg, what's going on with the 2 players at Milford. Will it affect the playoffs
  3. Loyola has no one to blame but themselves, especially not SFA. If anyone should want SFA out the league or have sour grapes towards SFA, it's Gilman. Instead they have taken their lumps and ended up surprisingly competing with them for the title. Loyola is living with their poor decisions right now. If anyone is to blame, it would be the administration of the MIAA, they dropped the ball years ago during the Gilman/McDonogh arms race that changed the league. League officials sat back and watched as FS teams disappeared, JV play was compromised, and schools began fielding teams instead of programs. They watched as a coach funded his start up program/backup plan at SFA. How is a coach at one school, allowed to fund another program in the same league, obvious conflict of interest. They paid SFA's staff that was in place to get down or lay down, inserted his own admissions director, went to Michigan and let his protégé coach until things blew over then came back a year later to assume HC duties. Coach of the Year in the league, I believe. Can't make this stuff up. Philanthropic? I think we see how that is playing out. Maybe some of the MIAA administrators are in his pocket as well.
  4. I agree that the kid has time to improve the skills but the mentality is another thing. My friend, any time you can get me into one of those practices I'm there, always open to learn more. But the asst. coach that recruits Bishop as a HM pg, won't have that job long, he's a bucket getter.
  5. I have his number and I'm sure he'll tell them the same thing I said if they approach him with that eval. This is not even a controversial topic. Bishop is heck of a player, gym rat but not a pg, NC State and Coach Keats is a good look for him. Bishop is similar to Kam, undersized 2, that needs to develop pg skills.
  6. Those college coaches thinking Bishop will be a Top 10 pg next year, probably won't have jobs due to substance abuse. How you turn a 6' shooter with no pg skills into Top 10 pg as a senior is interesting. Ace Baldwin (SFA) will be the best returning player in the league next season as a true HM pg. Bishop is an excellent player in his own right but not a pg. The frosh pg that just moved up is a better pg than Bishop and will probably run the show at MSJ the next 3 years. Chase Drew will be a game changer for Gilman, along with their freshmen. Even though was just fall league, Drew made them legit, they sorely miss his toughness and athleticism so far this season. Look for more transfers to fill A rosters. I hear CHC taking transfers off current rosters right now, big kid from Patterson.
  7. If you think it's bad this year, wait til next year when the 2018 kids leave. A Conference is losing all of it's star power, Locke (Florida), Quickley (Kentucky), Mathis (Rutgers), Stix (Maryland), Adams (Rhode Island), and Andrews from BL. It will be time for the young players to make a name for themselves. SFA will have to carry the league on a national level next year, because MSJ and JC won't have their usual star power and CH is trying to recover from AAU sabotage. It will be an opportunity for the lower tier schools to close the gap with young talent like Loyola, Gilman, and BL, but SFA and MSJ have some nice young guys as well. Enjoy this season, you're definitely going to need team rosters to know who's playing next year.
  8. Cam Briggs is no longer with CHC's team? Big loss if this is true. Gilman loses to Gerstell and McDonogh loses to St. Paul's. Top B's usually are equivalent to lower tier A's and McDonogh has taken a step down from last year. B conference race should be St. P's, Gerstell and Severn. Loyola has some guys now and for the future, not top tier but much improved.
  9. I've watched Booker the last few years and it seems his best year was his sophomore season, beast at tight end and difference maker on D. Will he be better around better players at Stanford because I was not overly impressed by his play the last two years, solid but certainly not dominant considering his physical ability. I do give him a pass because of the conditions he played under, got so bad, this year they had a tear away 52 jersey he could wear as a lineman over the #7 he wore on D. Again no shade, just wondering where he projects in college.
  10. Does Long reach have a shot, looks like things are falling right for MM this season
  11. When I saw Gilman early in the season, they could barely complete a forward pass and the D was clueless. But the old HS adage "coach em up" was exhibited by the Hounds this season, what a turnaround. The coaching staff has done a great job, but the young men should be commended for hanging in there all season thru adversity and believing in themselves. Not sure if they have a real shot vs the best football team in the state, one of the best in the country, but to beat your rivals and make the title game is a great season for Gilman. Excuse my language, but Brandon Madison is a tough MF.
  12. Spot on OLI
  13. No doubt, my wife is an alum of the other school, so it's all love. Except for game day, you know how we roll in the best public high school football rivalry in the country.
  14. Even during Poly/Other School Game buildup, I can't dog my man Daryl, wish him the best during these trying times. Only at the Other School do they hire the same person to coach both major sports AND he doesn't teach in the school. Well, at least we know you guys will still have a great party.
  15. How is Calvert Hall's JV QB performing so far?