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  1. Cam Briggs is no longer with CHC's team? Big loss if this is true. Gilman loses to Gerstell and McDonogh loses to St. Paul's. Top B's usually are equivalent to lower tier A's and McDonogh has taken a step down from last year. B conference race should be St. P's, Gerstell and Severn. Loyola has some guys now and for the future, not top tier but much improved.
  2. I've watched Booker the last few years and it seems his best year was his sophomore season, beast at tight end and difference maker on D. Will he be better around better players at Stanford because I was not overly impressed by his play the last two years, solid but certainly not dominant considering his physical ability. I do give him a pass because of the conditions he played under, got so bad, this year they had a tear away 52 jersey he could wear as a lineman over the #7 he wore on D. Again no shade, just wondering where he projects in college.
  3. Does Long reach have a shot, looks like things are falling right for MM this season
  4. When I saw Gilman early in the season, they could barely complete a forward pass and the D was clueless. But the old HS adage "coach em up" was exhibited by the Hounds this season, what a turnaround. The coaching staff has done a great job, but the young men should be commended for hanging in there all season thru adversity and believing in themselves. Not sure if they have a real shot vs the best football team in the state, one of the best in the country, but to beat your rivals and make the title game is a great season for Gilman. Excuse my language, but Brandon Madison is a tough MF.
  5. Spot on OLI
  6. No doubt, my wife is an alum of the other school, so it's all love. Except for game day, you know how we roll in the best public high school football rivalry in the country.
  7. Even during Poly/Other School Game buildup, I can't dog my man Daryl, wish him the best during these trying times. Only at the Other School do they hire the same person to coach both major sports AND he doesn't teach in the school. Well, at least we know you guys will still have a great party.
  8. How is Calvert Hall's JV QB performing so far?
  9. Exactly HoundsDad, I don't understand the conflict. Gilman was ranked in the Top 20 in the final poll of 2015. The process that he started vs Bear Creek at Unitas Stadium had finally started to bear fruit and run itself. He had a great frosh class and incoming class that would have kept the machine rolling at Gilman. But that wasn't enough! He needed MORE, more studs, more recognition, more control over aspects of his alma mater contradicted the schools mission, even after they had given him and his staff more rope than any coach in the program. Like Daywalker said, they would routinely come up small under the bright national lights. I thought they turned the corner in that St. Ed's loss, that was a legit crew that should have gone undefeated that season. He wanted MORE, Gilman denied, and he bounced. He won Gilman the vaunted 100th Game vs McD and moved to the next challenge. Case closed. My major point of contention with the move was the unethical smear campaign that he and his staff launched on his alma mater on the way out. That whole crew should be persona non grata at Gilman for the way they handled the situation. To his credit, Poggi has a clear vision of what he wants, how his program should look, and how to go about making that a reality. Not to mention, the resources to buy players. He has had the IMG type vision and SFA was more than willing to give him the keys to upgrade their program. Poggi got what he wanted and Gilman got what they wanted. It's just not a pretty transition for the Hounds, especially when unfairly compared to the SFA machine now in motion.
  10. What is going on with Gilman Football? I saw them vs Gonzaga and they didn't even perform like a varsity team. They had some players that played well, but as a whole it was very bad. There was a frosh starting QB on the field, but you wouldn't have known it was the Gonzaga QB, Gilman could barely complete a forward pass. The corners were toast and one is a Navy commit. It seems 13 games and running that they still can't seem to get their best player, Booker, the ball on O. Why didn't they follow Biff with a strong coach instead of this 2 year AD run? The program has been set back further with the success of SFA, makes it looks like it was the staff and not the school that was the reason for past success. Gonna be a long year for the Hounds and help doesn't seem to be on the way.
  11. Smothers was put on a pedestal in middle school, similar to Aquille Carr in basketball. The kid was never held accountable for his books, but his team won games with him on the field. True, at 18-20 these guys are definitely making their own decisions, but what about the adults that were supposed to lay the template for his future success, instead of keeping him eligible to win games. He should have sat a season in HS to help him understand the importance of the academic side, instead of talking to his teachers for help changing grades. To play college ball, you have to attend college, do well in school. Hopefully he will make the most of the JUCO route and be back on the big stage in a few years. He is a special talent, always has been.
  12. SFA football could care less about East Baltimore, they're building IMG East You already know how this crew gets down from their time at Gilman, the pockets are deep, but they outwork a lot of staffs and put those kids where they want to be. Can't knock the hustle MacGregor is the High D1 plug
  13. Any word on the Woodlawn job?
  14. Looks good, maybe they donated some product, jerseys or uniforms. Round of applause for the multi million dollar Baltimore based company, maybe they should relocate now since they've done more than enough in this crime ridden city. Oh, he's building his own city with private funds right.
  15. Woodlawn open again? The curse of Mark Agent, they should have never let him go. What was the issue with the former coach at Woodlawn?