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  1. Reddit has so many sub Reddits This one is entertaining
  2. better yet, you can deport them together
  3. Same here; I prefer brunettes, especially if they're tall and thin
  4. 1. I like this one on Solange 2. If Michelle went Afro, Barack would leave her 4 a white woman
  5. straight line extrapolation is always risky over the long term Hispanic is not a race, a white Argentinian has little in common with a mestizo from Mexico As far as better place, that's to be seen, there might be a lot more MS-13 and Central American type violence
  6. elderly white people... Gaithersburg police said two senior citizens were on the bus when a black woman got on and said she "hated white people" several times. The woman then physically assaulted the elderly woman. The elderly man then stepped in and tried to stop the assault from happening. Police said he was assaulted.
  7. Last time I checked English is the lingua franca in the U.S.
  8. Really? I have never seen so much drama queenery lately The malcontents are hoping if they gin up enough hysteria something will finally stick to Trump; "the children" are just a pawn
  9. It appears the Bushes still haven't gotten over low energy Jeb's thrashing by The Donald
  10. Right on cue the de rigueur hashtag and SJW virtue signalling: " #boycottdunkindonuts hashtag. “I won’t be going to@dunkindonuts until this is addressed publicly and the racist is dealt with,” said @StephSPrice." In the meantime I'll have a cup of D&D coffee.
  11. Happy Fathers day indeed...too bad single mothers are now trying to horn in on the holiday
  12. I wonder how Hillary, advocate for women, would have answered the question.
  13. At Nordstrom's...getting a cup of joe is getting risky Meeting for coffee at Montgomery mall ends in stabbing Police in Montgomery County charged a 32-year-old man with attempted murder after they say he met an acquaintance for coffee at a shopping mall in Bethesda on Sunday and ended up stabbing him in the torso. The victim, 37, was critically hurt and underwent surgery. His condition had stabilized by Monday morning, police said. A more exact prognosis couldn’t be learned. According to police, the two met for coffee at the Nordstrom at the Westfield Montgomery mall.
  14. And yet the racist founding fathers are being enthusiastically portrayed by people of color/colored people in "Hamilton," too, too funny