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  1. It's Christmas in July Merry Christmas all you sourpusses
  2. diversity hire claims its second female victim
  3. with libs you need to distinguish between what they say and what they do
  4. OK, the true believers need to stop patronizing Amazon and Apple
  5. you're still paying for electricity, either to the utility or to the solar panel installer also, who gets the RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) generated, the homeowner or the solar panel installer? if the homeowner gets the RECs they can sell them, although the price for SRECs in MD is not too good recently
  6. want more of that? keep voting Democrat
  7. dicky and creepy Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr., D-Montgomery County and an openly gay member of the state legislature, sent a letter to the governor calling for the ban. A spokesman for Hogan said the governor stopped reading it three sentences in—a sentence that references Hogan’s wife Yumi and her first marriage that ended in divorce.
  8. the old hag needs to go away and let the demolished Dems rebuild VANITY FAIR: CAN HILLARY CLINTON PLEASE GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT? Clinton, who has grown increasingly public and vocal in recent weeks, appears ready to drive the bus again. But do we have to be the passengers?
  9. the losers even have a website in which Hillary won... it's going to be a LONG four years for them
  10. better behave yourself and mind your Ps and Qs, "No Sir," "Yes Sir," "Thank you," etc.
  11. i was in the penny black this weekend and picked a copy--couldn't help notice how slender it was going to miss best of issue and murder ink, brandon's rants not so much
  12. there's that word "smart"
  13. i remember "Harry" from my yute HARRY: Baltimore’s Underground Journal debuts (1969) After 20-year absence, newspaper 'Harry' returns to provide alternative voice
  14. "If you're not inside, you're outside, okay?" Deal with it.