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  1. Ivan is content to let other people fight climate change.
  2. libs "support" the environment as long as it doesn't cost them $$ or inconvenience them
  3. I live behind the Red Hot and Blue on Route 50 and the problem is not lack of bridge capacity but the nutters who cause accidents on Route 50. When there are no accidents traffic flows smoothly.
  4. All this for OC weekend traffic between Memorial day and Labor day?
  5. E K is caught up in the "we wuz kangs" thing
  6. looks pretty Caucasian to me
  7. I thought it was this hamster...but close! Hamster - Used to describe the way that women use rationalization to resolve mental conflict and avoid cognitive dissonance. The core mechanism that allows women to say one thing and do a different thing.
  8. weird how it sneaks up without seeing its tail/fluke moving
  9. seminal...big influences on techno, hip hop, electronic
  10. you need a grandfather!?
  11. Well, Quincy does like his women white
  12. Dreamers? I prefer "deportable alien."
  13. let's not romanticize the noble indigenous peoples.... Brutality of Aztecs, Mayas Corroborated MEXICO CITY — It has long been a matter of contention: Was the Aztec and Mayan practice of human sacrifice as widespread and horrifying as the history books say? Or did the Spanish conquerors overstate it to make the Indians look primitive? In recent years archeologists have uncovered mounting physical evidence that corroborates the Spanish accounts in substance, if not number. Using high-tech forensic tools, archeologists are proving that pre-Hispanic sacrifices often involved children and a broad array of intentionally brutal killing methods. For decades, many researchers believed Spanish accounts from the 16th and 17th centuries were biased to denigrate Indian cultures. Others argued that sacrifices were largely confined to captured warriors. Still others conceded the Aztecs were bloody, but believed the Maya were less so. "We now have the physical evidence to corroborate the written and pictorial record," said archeologist Leonardo Lopez Lujan.
  14. Kennedy sounded like Tootsie.
  15. Sexual harassment has come back once more to haunt Hillary Clinton, that fervent, flawed champion of women. A new report that she refused to fire an adviser accused of sexually harassing a campaign staffer in 2008, against the recommendations of her own campaign manager, recalls her own fraught history with the women who made allegations against her husband. And the episode is a poignant reminder that placing women in positions of leadership does not ensure they will always act to protect other women. Mrs. Clinton has been inhibited in addressing the issue of sexual harassment, during her most recent campaign and afterward, both because of her husband’s behavior and her own response to the accusations against him. As a betrayed wife, those close to her said she believed his denials and thought his accusers were lying for political purposes. His campaign hired investigators to discredit the women.
  16. Wow Hillary responds to accusation she wouldn't fire Burns Strider in 2008
  17. How many blacks are killed by other blacks and how many by whitey?
  18. BHO & Calypso probably bonded over their shared admiration of Islam
  19. No surprise here...Hillary perfected her technique covering for Bill
  20. just entertainment...really? Facebook Knows How to Track You Using the Dust on Your Camera Lens
  21. maybe illegals and so called refugees will think the same thing and stop coming too