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  1. The Hobgoblin isn't even starting. Pitching out the pen now.
  3. I hate day games while i am stuck at work.
  4. Daniel Cabrera like?
  5. Geeeewhiizzzzzzz. what a good start to camp. ><
  6. She had 'no comment' on it. She is a joke.
  7. If i somehow put sod on my roof, to make it a 'green' roof, would i be excluded from this BS tax? We all know the bay wont see a dime.
  8. Yea that is true. But we are gonna run out of things to tax eventually.
  9. I think you can only post once every 30 seconds?
  10. Another great thread.
  11. I would give this the thumbs up if this fourm had the like option.
  12. My team won the superbowl.
  13. I thought this also, until he continued to destroy every team later in the season. And thing with knuckleballers is he'll pitch till he is 45.