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  1. The Hobgoblin isn't even starting. Pitching out the pen now.
  3. I hate day games while i am stuck at work.
  4. Daniel Cabrera like?
  5. Geeeewhiizzzzzzz. what a good start to camp. ><
  6. She had 'no comment' on it. She is a joke.
  7. I think you can only post once every 30 seconds?
  8. Another great thread.
  9. I would give this the thumbs up if this fourm had the like option.
  10. My team won the superbowl.
  11. No. Certain kind of guns take different back ground checks. Hand guns are 7 days. Shutguns and most rifles you can walk out of the store with.
  12. I knew this would turn into a anti-gun thread.
  13. Whats up with China people stabbing kids in school? i remember last year a China man attacked school kids with a hatchet
  14. Baltimore Sun talk forum > Sports > Ravens